A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 5 || What You Wear Reveals Your Despair.

We stood up from our chairs and Emma rushed to the door and opened it, revealing a mildly stressed Noah and a little Gracie with her pink Dora backpack.

Max and I drew closer to the door when Emma made a hand gesture, signalling them to come in.

Gracie and Max looked at each other quietly until Gracie turned around and looked up to Noah. “He looks fine. I think I can work with that.”

Max stood still, seemingly trying to cope with the situation. “She is a girl.”

“Oh and he is smart too.“, Gracie commented as she put all her stuff on our little grey couch in the living room.

“You betrayed me.“, he narrowed his eyes, turning his head to me and shooting an angry glare at me.

“Why did I betray you ?“, I chuckled.

“You lied to me.”

“I did not lie to you. I said that it’s not an alien.“, I countered.

“Girl. Alien. Where is the difference ?“, he shrugged, causing me to give him a nudge in his elbow.

I walked over to Noah who was helping Gracie out of her jacket hastily. “Why so rushed, Evans ?”

“Sofía and I are having a date on the beach and I’m already a little late.“, he responded, gave Gracie a kiss on her cheek and practically sprinted out of the house.

“Goodbye to you too.“, I yelled at the closed door.

Like I said before, these two lovebirds are inseparable. Couples...

My gaze went to Max and Gracie who were awkwardly standing around, obviously not knowing to do which was why I decided to make the first step. “So what do you want to play ?”

“I want play with my barbies.“, Gracie held one of her barbies up in the air, causing Max to give me an annoyed look.

“I want to play with everything but barbies.“, he spun around on his heel, went upstairs and came back with a boy of little cars.

“You know.“, he started as he took his cars out of the box. “Only little cry babies still play with Barbies.”

“And only childish little boys still use the word cry baby.”

“I don’t like you.”

“I’ll get over it.“, she replied indifferently as she brushed the hair of her barbie.

Wow, I can already hear the wedding bells ringing. Apparently, my hopes were too up high that a boy and a girl in that age could actually get along with each other. I should have known better...

“Okay, I will go take a quick shower and be back in no time. While I’m gone Emma will take care of you.“, I received a quick nod from both of them and I rushed in the bathroom.

I was relieved when I felt the lukewarm water running down my body. The scent of my coconut shampoo spread in the room and may body relaxed with every breathe I took. That all round cleansing was definitely more than necessary since I felt like my body didn’t come across with surfactants for a long time.

I grabbed a tower, lying on the storage tray next to the sink. Wrapping a towel around me, I made my way to my room to get dressed. Being the lazy person I am, I decided to go for a plain black leggings with a mint green shirt.

Strolling down the stairs, I almost tripped over my own feet because I was walking really slowly.

Wow, I even manage to suck at the most basic human activities existing.

As I had reached the last step of the stairs, Gracie was the only one in the room. I looked around the living room but Max and Emma where nowhere to find. They must have probably went into the garden.

“Hey, little girl.“, I greeted Gracie who was occupied with her dolls on the floor and seated my on the couch next to her. “What are you doing ?”

“It’s tea time. We are having a little chit chat.“, she answered without looking at me. A few dolls were arranged around a little blue table, sitting on pink chairs.

“Thank God, because I heard that Barbie and Ken have some sort of crisis.“, her head turned to me as her eyes widened in surprise. “Really ?”

I nodded. “I heard it directly from Nosy Nancy. Apparently, Barbie caught Ken how he tried on her underwear. I told her so many times that your boyfriend should never walk better in high heels than you do.”

“I just met her yester day at a party in her dream house but she didn’t mention anything. She must be really devastated.”

“Sure. Look at her. Never trust a woman who can’t wear baggy clothes.“, I shook my head.

“In all honesty.“, she started as she pretended to pour tea into a cup of one of her dolls. “His name is Ken. The drama was predestined.“, she continued as she put a plastic cookie on the dolls plate.

“True.“, I smiled at her comment. Although Gracie seems to be a little girl with her barbie obsession, she is still smarter than most of the girls in my age.

The smile faded as my thoughts went back to Alex and Jayla. Speaking of being smart...

“You look sad.“, Gracie remarked as she turned into my direction. “What’s the matter ?”

“Nothing.“, I smiled again, causing her to look at me sceptically. “You are lying and you aren’t good at it.”

“I’m the grown up and you are the child. I shouldn’t burden you with my problems.”

“It’s alright.“, she intervened. “I want to become a psychologist and you seem like a good practice.”

I’m not sure whether I have just been insulted by a five year old or not.

“Release your soul, my child.“, she looked at me expectantly.

“It’s just about a boy I like and his stupid girlfriend. Nothing really special.”

“Do you want to him to be your boy friend ?“, she asked.

Her question kind of got me off course because I honestly had no answer to that.

“Uhm. I don’t know.“, I uttered, receiving a pensive look from Gracie.

“Then you should find out what you want first. If there is nothing broken, there is nothing to fix.”

I’m really weirded out by Gracie’s psychological skills but at the same time I was really impressed how helpful her statement was. “Thank you, I guess.”

“And if you want him to be your boy friend, the only thing you can do is wait. If she is stupid, he’ll realize it. Except when he is stupid too, then you are screwed.”

I laughed at her comment but simultaneously hoped that the latter wouldn’t apply to my current situation because the accuracy of what she just said was frightening.

Suddenly, Max appeared in the living room and made his way towards us. “Is she still playing with her annoying dolls ?“, he raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Although, Gracie was pretty tough, being constantly insulted by someone wasn’t something that she was able to ignore. A little tear rolled down her cheek as she stood up and walked to the right corner of the room with her had hanging forward. “Great. Now she is crying.”

“Yeah and guess who is responsible for that.“, I glared at him. “Why are you so mean to her ? She didn’t do anything to you.”

He rolled his eyes and try to leave but I grabbed his hand and dragged him to me on the couch. “You are not going anywhere, little man.”

“Listen to me.“, I stared at him to get his full attention but he refused to look at me and stared blankly into the room.

“Although girls say they don’t care about boys opinion, they mostly don’t really mean it. Words are very powerful, Max, and now you must decide. You either use that power to make her feel miserable about herself or you use it to make her day. Do you really want to be responsible for someone feeling unnecessarily bad about themselves ?“, the offended expression on his face slowly faded.

Looks like my little speech set him thinking...

After a little while he stood up from the couch and walked over to Gracie who was sitting in the corner with her head buried between her knees. When he stood in front of her, he turned around his head, looking at me nervously.

I gave him an approving look and he turned back to Gracie. “I’m sorry. Your barbies are not stupid.”

Gracie put up her head and wiped the tears out of her face with her hand. “I know that you just say that because you feel guilty.”

“No, I mean it.“, I said as he took a seat next to her. “Normally, every girl likes me right away but you didn’t and that is why I was so mean to you. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s ok. I’m not mad at you anymore.“, she smiled at him.

“Should we hug ?“, he asked her hesitantly.

“I think I’m not ready for that kind of intimacy yet.“, Max’ gaze went across the room to cover up the embarrassment he must have probably felt right now in the moment. “Okay, then let’s play something and you choose.”

Gracie jumped up from the ground before Max finished his sentence and walked over to the couch, being followed by Max. She took two little blankets from the couch and handed him one. “Put it over your head.”

He did as she told him and by now both of them stood in the middle of the room, completely covered by the blankets. “Booooo.“, Gracie put her arms up in the air.

“This is stupid.“, Max mumbled, still motionlessly standing on the same spot. “It’s not stupid. We’re ghosts.”

I let out a chuckle as somebody behind me called my name. “Jessica ?”

“Yeah ?“, I stood up from the couch to see my sister standing right next to it.

“Dad just texted me that he wanted to remind us that his new girlfriend and her son are visiting us next week and we’ll have dinner together, so we need to buy groceries to prepare dinner. He said that he has something to tell us but wants to wait until we are all gathered together.”

Right, I completely forgot. Our father has a new girlfriend and he talks about her all the time, yet we haven’t met her once. All I know that she is from Britain and that her son studies medicine at Columbia University. How extra...

I already have so much hyper intelligent people around me, I definitely can’t deal with another one.

I guess we have to wait and see...

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