A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 7 || How To Dwell In Hell.

Time flew by as slowly as my will to keep living on this planet. My level of concentration was as low as it could get which didn’t surprise me in the least because math periods were annoying the crap out of me.

Since I didn’t understand what my teacher was talking about most of the time, I decided to stare out of the window or let my mind wander to places which were definitely more pleasurable than solving equations.

“Does anybody of you know the answer to that problem ?“, my math teacher turned away from the board.

“Yes, Summer.“, she pointed to the girl in the front with straight brown hair put up high into a ponytail, wearing a beige skirt and pullover and the most ugliest shoes you could ever imagine.

Sweet Lord Baby Jesus, not again...

“The answer is Jesus because Jesus is always the answer.“, she giggled stupidly and smiled at my teacher proudly.

Let me introduce you to another precious treasure the world decided to gift us with.

Summer Hastings.

Her father is the pastor of our town church and the honestly the nicest and kindest person you could ever imagine. Always being ready to help others, no matter what skin color, profession, religion or origin. He has never been treating disrespectfully or was being prejudiced towards anyone.

That is exactly the reason why I deny any kind of relation between them because Summer is the exact opposite.

She is a real fanatic when it comes to religion and has the natural habit to believe that she was chosen by the Lord himself to tell other people how to live their lives.

One day, I went to my locker after the last period and found a piece of paper with fifty reasons why I will go to hell written on it.

How did I know it was her, you might ask ? Because she and her insane best friend signed it with their names and a pentagon which, according to her, stood for Satan’s approval and anticipation to pester me in hell.

I rest my case.

“Summer, for the last time.“, Ms. Ewing started. “We are here in math class and “Jesus” is not a valid answer in any kind of way.”

Right after Ms. Ewing finished her sentence, her best friend Kelly raised her hand and the whole class sighed including Ms. Ewing. “Yes, Kelly.”

“The Lord can hear everything we say, Ms. Ewing, and he will punish you for your ungodly words. He is almighty and is more powerful than you will ever be.“, my teacher cocked an eyebrow at her, giving her the most furious look I have ever seen on her face.

“Maybe but I have the power to make you repeat senior year if you keep being rude like that.“, she scoffed at her, causing Kelly to sink in her chair.

Smack Down.

Ms. Ewing is actually one of my favorite teachers and I feel bad for her because I don’t really pay attention because the lessons with her are always fun but the problem is that most of the topics are quite sobering.

The bell finally rang, signaling me to leave this terrible place as soon as possible. Just as I was just a few inches away from freedom, I heard Ms. Ewing calling my name.

“Jessica, would you be so kind and come to my desk. I need to talk to you.“, I turned around on my heel and walked over to her desk.

“You probably know what this is about, Jessica. You failed the last test completely and your pop quizzes were mostly below average. You might scrape through it but would be such a shame if you wouldn’t make it because you aren’t a bad student and actually one of my students around here.“, she explained. “I have talked to other teachers and they told me that your grades were pretty good but that won’t be enough to compensate your math grade if you keep up the current level of effort.”

“I know but it’s really hard for me since I am really bad at math and I try to improve somehow but it’s so hard to pay attention and understand this stuff.”

“Don’t worry.“, she smiled at me, opening a drawer of her desk and revealing a piece of paper. “Have you ever heard of the America’s Future program ?”

Unfortunately, I did...

I just nodded my head and Ms. Ewing continued. “We have some kind of cooperation where college students from that program come here to our school three times a week after school and get together with our high school students like a class. I think this would be perfect for you.”

“If you say so. At what time ?”

“All the information you need is written down on the sheet.“, she scanned the piece of paper as her eyes widened slowly.

“They forgot to put the name of the tutor on the sheet. Wait, I’ll tell you in a moment.“, she rummaged around in her drawer.

Please don’t let it be Alex. Please don’t let it be Alex. Please don’t let it be Alex.

“Arielle Blondeau.“, I sighed in relief as the words came out of her mouth.

I quickly took the piece of paper from her desk, waved her goodbye and rushed out of the room.

The fact that I am not a genius when it comes to math, isn’t something I am completely oblivious to but I didn’t think I was that bad.

My drive home was rather a risk venture than a casualty since I couldn’t really bring myself to concentrate myself.

Finally having reached my house, I spotted two people making their way up the stairs towards my door. I pulled in my driveway, got out of the car and sprinted up to my door as I saw that those people were, in fact, Kyle and Sofía.

Confusion took over my mind but then I realized that we were supposed to have a sleepover. My mind is way to occupied regarding the fact that I do literally nothing all day.

“Sofía !“, I yelled as I approached the stairs. They turned around, not expecting me to be home after they arrived.

“Where the hell are you coming from ?”

“I still had a little discussion with Ms. Ewing.“, I stated as stepped up the stairs.

“Did anything happen ?“, Kyle raised an eyebrow at me. “Nothing that I can’t handle.”

As I opened the door I saw my sister standing in the kitchen while my dad sat on the kitchen table, reading the newspaper as per usual.

“Jessica !“, my sister shouted as she caught sight of me. “Good to see you because I need to talk to you. Max is having a play at his school and I need you to help me with his costume.”

“Are you serious ?“, I whined at her. “Have you forgotten what happened at the nativity play last year ?”

“I didn’t but this time he is actually excited about his role.“, Emma replied as she put the plates from the dishwasher into the cupboard.

“What did happen ?“, Sofía asked curiously.

“He wanted to play Joseph but since the father of Jimmy was the director of the play, he obviously got the role. Max got to play the hostel warden and since he wasn’t very pleased about it his enthusiasm level was not that high. Right before the actual performance the father of Jimmy told him to take his role more seriously because he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of the parents of the children and that was what he did.“, I bit my lip, cringing at the thought of it.

“So ? What was the problem ?”

“He took his role a bit too seriously. He demanded twice as much money, wanted to see their ID’s and the paternity test because he said, and I quote: ‘these hoes ain’t loyal’. We really need to delete the Chris Brown songs from our phones.“, I shook my head.

I couldn’t even finish my sentence when Kyle and Sofía broke out into laughter. “The parents of the children didn’t consider it that funny because he literally ruined the whole play.“, my sister added.

“How was school ?“, my dad interrupted our conversation still being hidden behind his newspaper.

“Boring as usually. Kyle, Sofía and I are having a sleepover today, is it okay for you ?“, I asked him with my nicest voice possible.

“I don’t know if I appreciate a boy, crawling around in your bed.“, he said in a serious tone.

“I’m gay, Sir, the fear that I’d be crawling around in your bed rather than in hers would be more plausible.”

“Kyle !“, I exclaimed as I realized what he said. I looked over to my dad as he lowered his newspaper and...chuckled ?

“Sarcasm. I like that.“, his serious faced softened. “Can we go now ?”

“Not so fast. What kind of shows are these ?“, he pointed at the shoes from my sister, lying next to the couch.

“Those are fake Prada ankle strap pumps. Why ?”

“It’s fine you can go now.“, he pointed at the stairs.

“Are you serious, dad. Why ?“, I crossed my arms.

“This was a test. A straight guy would have simply said black shoes.“, he vanished behind his newspaper again.

That just surpassed all the dad jokes in the whole planet...

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