A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 8 || Coming In.

I have never really been a fan of sleepovers because I’d rather sleep alone in my comfortable bed then being forced to stay awake for the sole reason of others not being sleepy yet.

I remember my first sleepover like it was yester day since it was one of the most annoying things I have ever experienced in my life. It was Alex’ tenth birthday and I was the only girl staying over for the night along with four other boys. It was just horrible, inexpressibly horrible.

All they did was talking about Dragonball and excluded me since I was a girl, although I understood everything they were talking about because Alex would never stop talking about it. He was the true personification of a nerd, he still is.

Admittedly, I really do miss spending time with him but some things are just supposed to stay in your childhood.

The worst part was that one of his friends tried to kiss me when I was alone in the kitchen, needing a little rest from the male overload.

Surprisingly, I enjoy doing these stay-overs with Kyle and Sofía. I guess how you spend your time is not important, but the people you are spending your time with.

My mind was still occupied with the traumatic experienced which happened years ago that I was barely aware of what happened around me.

“Earth to Jessica.“, a sudden hand appeared in front of my face , almost snipping my eye out. “What ?”

“What are you philosophizing about ?“, a big smirk spread on Kyle’s face. “It is Alex, isn’t it ?”

I was too annoyed about admitting he was right that I chose to say nothing and just shook my head. Not convincing enough, judging by the faces they made. “Don’t worry. Maybe you can cheer yourself up a little with your future step-brother.“, Sofía joked.

“Ew.“, I made a disgusting face, not even trying to think about it.

“A guy is coming to this house ? Why do you never inform me about thing like that ? Listen up, ladies. I don’t think I can continue this friendship while you withhold important information from me.“, he snapped his finger like the diva he is and put a pillow behind his bag to make him sit more comfortable on my bed.

“Yeah, he is coming tomorrow but I’m not really looking forward to it. I met him once, he is okay but not really my type.“, I said.

“I swear to God, Jessica. If he is hot, I will freak out. Every hot guy around me is hetero and it’s really getting my nerves.“, he complained.” I don’t get why you girls say that all the hot guys are gay. If that was the case, I wouldn’t be polishing your nails at five o’clock in the afternoon, but something different if you know what I mean.”

Unfortunately, I knew exactly what he meant and I wasn’t really pleased about it. “I think you are really doing a good job.“, I said, examining my perfectly polished red nails.

“Why are you even complaining ?“, Sofía intervened. “I thought you had something going on with a guy.”

“Yeah, Honey. Had. Past tense.“, he sighed dramatically. “I thought as well that there was something between us but then he left me for a girl. There are some things you believe only happen to straight.“, another dramatic sigh left his mouth.

I was about to comment that when I saw the screen of my phone brightening up. Grabbing it, I saw that Alex’s name appeared on the screen. “Speaking of the devil.“, I turned the screen to them.

“What do you think he wants ?”

“Let’s find out.“, I said as I swiped the green button to the left and put him on loudspeaker. “Hello ?”

“What’s up, Spring.“, Alex’ voice sounded from the other end of the line.

“I told you to stop calling me that.“, I rolled my eyes in irritation. “And I told you that I would never stop calling you that.”

“Okay.“, Kyle intervened. “Someone needs to explain this insider to me because you say that every time you see her. Why do you call her spring ?”

“Because that is her name.“, Alex replied dryly.

“Wow, thank you. That really helped me.“, Kyle replied sarcastically and waved his hand in front of his hand, stressing the lack of usefulness in Alex’ statement.

“You know.“, I started to explain. “My mom’s family was Jewish and pretty religious which means she wanted all of us to have Jewish names. My full name is Jessica Aviva Weathers. The word Aviva is Hebrew and means spring.”

“Awww.“, Kyle and Sofía said in unison which caused me to mouth some words, telling them to shut up.

“Anyways, the reason why I called is that the Americas future program is having its annual gala in two weeks. The main purpose of this important event is to basically build connections and improve your chances to get a scholarship, money from sponsors etc. which means everyone participating in the program needs to attend this gala. We are allowed to bring one to two people with us and I wanted to ask you guys to join me.“, Alex described.

A gala ? I’m honestly not really the type of girl who likes the company of rich snobs who complain about their butlers, not knowing the difference between a Picasso and a Rembrandt. I tried to think of something that will save my sorry ass...

“What about your girlfriend ? Is she ok with that because we don’t want to cause any inconvenience.”

Yeah, Jessica, you totally got this. I will woo him and confuse him so that I don’t have to go. I never knew I was that brilliant.

“Actually, it was her idea.”

And I spoke to soon...

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one in this room feeling a bit weird about the fact that his girlfriend suggested to take us with him, at least that was what I could gather from Sofía’s and Kyle’s facial expression. Like she’d care about us...

But if everyone needs to attend it, it means that Jana will be there to which is one person in addition who can save me from America’s high society. Maybe it won’t be as bad as I assume it to be...

“I’m down for it.“, Sofía interrupted my thoughts. “I mean, if you want to go.“, she added hesitantly.

Kyle and looked at me questioning until I gave him an approving nod. “We’ll come.”

“Great. I will send you all the relevant information later.“, Alex voice sounded rather concerned that actually happy about us attending the gala. I honestly don’t want to know the reason for that.

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll just ask Jana since she’ll be there too.”

“About that.“, he cleared his throat. “I don’t think that she will come.”

“Why not ?“, I asked him confusedly.

“I think you should ask her. It’s not really my place to tell.”

“Spare me with your diplomacy.“, I hissed. “Just tell me.”

“Fine.“, he let out a sigh. “You probably know that her family isn’t that wealthy. You are obliged to wear a formal dress which can be sometimes a bit expensive and she doesn’t have the money for that because she saving everything she has for college. For her spending a hundred dollar is like spending a thousand for you. Please don’t tell her I told you that because she doesn’t want anyone to know the real reason why she can’t come.”

“I won’t.“, I promised, told him goodbye and ended the call.

Sofía looked at me in sympathy and Kyle was rather pensive. “Do you think the same thing as I do ?“, Kyle and Sofía grinned at me.

“Call her.”

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