A Sass a Day Keeps the Bad Boy Away

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Isn’t it funny when you believe that you got everything planned out and then a tiny thing happens and everything you planned on doing or not doing disappears ?

We always think that we control our lives and we are the ones who are responsible for own destiny. Let me tell you: it’s simply not true.

We are so focused on the big things that happen or don’t happen to us and do not really pay attention to the little things and yet those are the things that have a huge impact on us, more than we ever dare to believe.

That one encounter, that one time you forgot to use contraception, that one thing you didn’t do because you were too scared to. Sometimes we are so stuck on our beliefs and even prejudices that we don’t realize that there is sometimes more to a person, a situation or a behavior, than we can imagine.

Sometimes people wear a mask, show and tell you the things you want to hear because it’s much easier to go with the flow than to face reality. Just because you should not trust someone easily that doesn’t mean you should completely shut down. Trust in peoples actions, not in their words.

The mind can tell you everything but the heart can only show you the truth.

Nowadays, most of the people are so focused on what people say that they forget to pay attention to what people do.

For example the girl who desperately wants her boyfriend to tell her that he loves her but he doesn’t. Instead he shows her a hundred times. But the girl does not see it because she is too focused on the fact that he did not say “I love you” and it’s the same thing the other way around.

A boy tells his girlfriend a hundred times that he loves her but treats her like shit and doesn’t even care about her. Again the girl doesn’t see it because the only thing she cares about is that he said “I love you”. She is so caught up in the illusion that he created that she doesn’t realize that he isn’t good for her.

People say that “hate” is such a strong word and should not use it too easily but so is the word “love” and people keep throwing it around like a boomerang.

We live in a world where loyalty is just a tattoo, love is just a quote and lies are the new truth. Pay attention to what happens around you and do not trust in everything everyone says.

If you don’t make your own unbiased judgments, you’ll become oblivious to things that are more important than you believe.

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