Benjamin Ulysses Maitland-Abyss & Chips BOOK SIX

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Chapter 11

Ben woke up with two dogs in his bed, one ghost family and Agnes all watching him in his room waiting for his eyes to open.

‘Ben, get up. Aubrey is on the phone downstairs laddie,’ said Mr Dunmour in all urgency and Ben was up like a rocket on its way to another solar system. So much so he sped into the bathroom and closed the door. The whole gang stood there and counted while they waited for him to recognise his mistake about being in the bathroom instead of the hallway and stairs to the Reception office.

‘3..2..1.’ counted Agnes and then sure enough slowly out he came, a bit embarrassed but then he sped up again through the Dunmours and down the stairs. Both Hambone and Lamb Shanks jumped off the bed and gave pursuit to their friend who was coming down the stairs so fast his legs were a blur. He burst into the office and saw the phone sitting on its side and he lifted it up to his ear calling into it, ‘Hello Aubrey...Aubrey can you hear me darling?’

There was nothing happening on the other end, it sound like someone was breathing far too heavily into the phone. ‘Hellooooo,’ Ben called out again.

And then the words that made him freeze in his tracks...........‘Da Da.’

Goosebumps broke out on his arms and legs. Zara had just called him Dad.

‘Hello Ben, did you hear that?’ said Aubrey happily.

‘Yes I did Aubrey that’s amazing, how are you and how is Zara?’

‘We are both good and we miss you so much,’ her voice was that of genuine concern and heartfelt honesty.

Ben was listening with tears in his eyes. He was so glad she rang.

‘All is okay here and I miss you both so much too. Not long now and you will come home. How are your mom and dad?’

‘They are well and good and send their love, please look afte....’ and the line went dead. Suddenly a Scottish voice echoed in Ben’s phone.

‘I’m soo sorry Bun I appeared to have lost tha line.’

Ben put the phone back down and went out to the reception area and yelled... ‘ZARA CALLED ME DA DA ON THE PHONE FROM AUSTRALIA!!

This was cause for a bottle of good red, not great red, but good red wine to be opened and shared amongst the house guests and staff. Ben was so happy he called Peebles to let him know the news as well and then it was about 30 minutes of delay until a smiling Peebles sauntered up the stone steps. He accepted a glass of red wine from his friend and they toasted the health of baby Zara and her continuing linguistic skills.

A good time was had by all.

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