Benjamin Ulysses Maitland-Abyss & Chips BOOK SIX

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Chapter 19


Two and a half weeks into Aubrey and Zara’s holiday down under.

Aubrey was checking her phone for messages.

There were none from Ben whereas for days he jammed her phone with so many messages it was like reading an emotional step by step book into someone’s life and feelings.

Nothing! Nothing replaced so many text messages and this worried Aubrey.

What was Ben doing? Why wasn’t he sending messages and what’s more, answering the ones Aubrey was sending to him?

Aubrey looked at Zara playing on the floor and started to have serious concerns for the absence of news from her husband and her best friend.

(If only Aubrey knew what he was doing I am sure she would be on the next flight out and giving him a piece of her mind.)

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