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Chapter 21

Raphael was the first to sense that something was wrong on one of the boats because he whipped around and pointed himself at the front door and bought it to the attention of the Dunmours behind the mirror. Zara floated instantly outside and looked for Ben on the surface of the water and all that she heard and saw was D-Mac’s boat and D-mac swimming around trying to get back in and someone pushing him underwater with a long pole and swearing in a different language. Zara was worried. No Ben, and a potential drowning about to take place. The whole scene was very disturbing. She floated into the water and into the Dx4H to see if she could see Ben or see the bubbles from his underwater tanks.


Nothing caught her highly tuned ghost like senses at all to the whereabouts of Ben in the water other than that of the exhausted cries for help from D-Mac who was tiring from his constant submersion into the freezing cold loch water. Zara floated deeper into the Abyss and was able to see one distant green light that was floating over the hull of the submarine. The closer Zara got to the submarine the more lines of rope and chain she was able to see attached to it and every so often a series of intense bubbles. This was Ben attaching the ropes and checking the position. As Zara approached the Merrows attaching the ropes and checking all the chains sensed her being they swam back into the dark away from the lantern that Zillath was holding. Ben turned under the light of the lantern and he heard Zara say underwater that there was trouble on the surface with D-Mac and his passengers.

Zillath held the lantern up so as to see Ben’s ghost friend and did not retreat to the safety of the dark like her fellow Merrows. She stood her regal ground next to Ben under the water and held the glow worm lantern aloft so as to see Ben’s friend. At once her fellow Merrows came back toward the light. Ben looked at his watch and he only had 6 minutes of air left, just enough to get to the surface and help D-Mac. He bowed at Zillath who returned his courtesy and proceeded up to the surface with the boats and his friend.

Zara floated up with him and guided him to the area that D-Mac was being tormented. It was close to the ledge that the sub would have as its final resting place so Ben undid his air tanks and let them fall to the ledge to give him better swimming skills to help his friend. Ben swam to where he could see D-Mac failing to stay afloat as Verandah prodded him under the icy water. Ben swam directly to his side and swam with him under his arm back to the stone steps ducking a long gaffing pole that was hurled by Verandah as he swam. Zara watched on as Ben saved his friend from certain death in the freezing waters. Once he sat him on the step, he called for Zara to let Agnes know about where he was so he could go and save the Crushed Asian from endangering his plan to save Queen Zillath and her Merrows.

Ben swam as quietly as he could back to the swearing on board the Crushed Asian. It seems that the two brothers were releasing the fishing nets into the water and were trying to lasso the sub as well for their own evil gain. Ben swam into the back wash of all the boats and got their attention. It was time to start to gently raising the sub with each boat pulling that same speed. It would also mean the boats would have to separate as the sub approached the surface and four boats would have to go one side of Amazing and Graceful with the other four going the other side. If all went well the sub would come to rest on the ledge where he used to tie up the Lil Oz.

Ben told the boats to all increase the speed of the boats on his mark to 5 knots and with Zara coming to the surface much easier than he ever could, she was able to tell Ben of the progress made under water of the subs ascendance. Ben now turned his attention to the Crushed Asian and its two ratbags that had thrown D-Mac over board to the mercy of the sea. Ben swam in stealth to the side of the boat and listened as the two brothers swore at each other as to means of releasing the nets overboard in their strange Middle Eastern language intermixed with swear words he understood. Ben was still in his wetsuit with no way other than his fists of being able to defend himself against these two ruffians and he was just thinking of climbing up the rope dangling on the side of the boat when two faces he knew came up next to him and smiled at him in the glow of the starboard light on the boat. It was Cleodora and Lanthe. It seems Zillath had sent them to look after Ben is case anything went wrong.

Things weren’t going wrong, the sub was inching its way to the surface but these two evil doers had his friend’s boat and he wanted to get it back for his friend. Cleodora and Lanthe joined arms together and that allowed Ben to stand on their arms to gain entrance to the boat and he could surprise the two brothers. By now Ben was thinking he should just let the men take their chances with the bodyguards in the water and his main concern was to get them into the water as quickly as possible. Before he jumped into the boat Zara appeared out of nowhere and frightened Cleodora and Lanthe under the water.

‘Ben the nets from this boat are wrapped around the nose of the submarine and its hooked on a sharp jiggered edge so close to the top of the ledge, you will need to cut the net to get it up on the ledge.’

Ben nodded and Cleodora and Lanthe came back tentatively to his side without smiling at Zara at all. ‘Join arms ladies, I remember were a knife is on the boat and it’s only about six feet away from where we are right now. Let’s fix this once and for all.’

Cleodora and Lanthe joined arms and lifted Ben out of the water and up to the edge of the Crushed Asian with such ease. Ben looked up and down the inside of the boat and couldn’t see the knife. Suddenly a white arm came out of the deck of the Crushed Asian and a finger pointed to the knife that was tucked out of sight in amongst old bait bags in front of him. Ben smiled and grabbed the knife then went to turn around to be lowered back into the water and he came face to knees with Verandah.

‘We gut the fugging sub wid our nutts so back the fugg orf yoo fugging insuct.’ He lifted his leg to kick Ben and was unpleasantly surprised when a very firm webbed hand grabbed Verandah’s hand and lifted him clear off the side of the Crushed Asian with no noise at all and into the water.

Never to be seen again.

One down, one to go.

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