Benjamin Ulysses Maitland-Abyss & Chips BOOK SIX

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Chapter 22

Now that one of the bad brothers was gone Ben had to deal with Sorehead who was holding the wheel of the Crushed Asian and revving the net engine to retrieve the sub. This was never going to work! And then his language turned colourful and he swore at Verandah. When Verandah didn’t reply he cut the engine for the nets that was running at peak capacity so he could hear some sort of reply if he missed it over the noise. There was nothing to be heard but the sounds of the boats off in the distance trying to bring the sub to the surface. Sorehead let go of the wheel and went to investigate. It was then Ben snuck down the other side of the boat and sat next to Gotcha in the crab pot and just waited. He knew that Sorehead would come back and he was hoping he would fly at him in anger. Sorehead did come back but didn’t look Ben’s way at all he just revved the machine pulling on the nets to melting point.

Ben looked out the back of the boat and saw Cleodoara and Lanthe both smiling back at Ben and then they raised a hand that once belonged to Verandah and waved it at Ben. These girls were not to be messed with. When Ben turned back to look at Sorehead he was cursing the net machine and the angle that the boat was now leaning. Something was wrong.

The boat was leaning heavily to the left and getting closer to the water’s edge every minute. Ben was concerned now that these, I mean one idiot had lassoed the sub and now the net was hooked on a rocky crag underneath the water which was stopping it from coming to the surface ...and the other boats from being able to do their job as well. Ben was thinking about how to correct the problem when Zara popped up and whispered to him all that he already knew about what was happening to the sub below the water. He had to stop that net engine.

Cleodora and Lanthe had stopped playing with Verandah’s hand long enough to look at Ben and the tilting boat to guess that Ben was about to make his move. Ben still had the knife in his hand and he tapped it onto the crab pot. That was enough to make Sorehead turn around and look at Ben with a Middle Eastern 1000 yard stare.

‘Get ready my friends because here comes number two,’ was what Ben said over the side of the boat and Cleodora and Lanthe at once bared their menacing teeth and held some wicked shaped knives out of the water. Ben did not have to wait long because as predicted, Sorehead came flying at Ben screaming in a high pitched howl. It gained height and pitch as he went over the side of the boat and saw for a split second who was waiting for him as he hit the water....never to be seen from again.

Two down and now it was time to save the sub and cut the nets.

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