Benjamin Ulysses Maitland-Abyss & Chips BOOK SIX

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Chapter 23

For a split second Aubrey stopped drying the plate she had in her hands and knew that something was wrong with her husband because distance was not a deterrent to feel what her heart told her brain in that split second.

Zara was sitting in her crib and at once said, ‘Dadadadadadadadadad’ with porridge and honey slipping out of her mouth.

She knew as well that something was about to happen back home or was happening as Aubrey dried her plates and Zara was eating. Love connections such as Ben and Aubrey had was a very strong one and no distance or time could impede these feelings. Aubrey put down the plate and tried to ring home at once.

She was unsuccessful in her attempt to be connected due to heavy weather over Europe and her mother and father did not have internet with which to join the 21st century. Aubrey’s dad always said he didn’t want to put his banking details on there because ‘some bugger could steal them’, to coin his conservative phrase, so Aubrey was left looking into the face of their daughter as she ate her food and played with little plastic animals on her high chair.

She knew that Ben was in trouble or about to be and all she could do was send her thoughts back to him across miles of ocean, hills and mountains and hope that he stayed safe and in good spirits.

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