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Chapter 28

The drive back to the hotel was just as cold as the way to it with the back windows open and both dogs slobber flying out the back of the car. Lamb Shanks slobber stuck to the car whereas Hambones went straight through it. The benefits of being a wee ghost doggie. In between the dogs were books Ben had on making a kiln, firing up metal to melting point and making casts out of things. Seems like Ben was going to give the local jeweller a wide birth and do it himself. All he had at home would just about do it. He just needed a big gas bottle so while he was in town he took a visit to D-Mac to check on him and ask him to drop two huge gas cylinders off for him seeing as he saved his boat an all ...and some fire proof bricks to Amazing and Graceful the next day. Of course D-Mac wanted to know why his right eye was closed and he had stiches so Ben told him Verandah came back for some more punishment and this only added to the already blown out of the water stature Ben had with this man.

The following day the Crushed Asian bleated it’s ridiculous sounding horn at the hotel and Ben took possession of all the things he bought in town. He neatly stacked the fire bricks inside Lamb Shanks kennel and removed its roof. He then placed a very thick iron beam across the top of the kennel and dangling from that was a cast iron dish like wok that could be used for cooking. He removed the chain links until the bottom of the wok was only 7 centimetres from the 4 huge cooking elements that used to be in the old kitchen. Ben was good at putting things together quickly when he had to. Then he attached the two huge gas cylinders to the elements with a bit of welding here and there.

All this time Zara, Hambone, Agnes, The Dunmours and some of the guests watched on as Ben turned Lamb Shanks home from a kennel into a blast furnace all in the vicinity of three hours. Ben fired up the furnace and at once the wok got bright red then yellow in temperature. He asked, for safety reasons, for everyone to go back inside and they did at his request, all except the Dunmours, Hambone and Zara who were very keen to see what he was going to do. Besides, how can you kill a ghost?

Ben took out a pair of barbeque tongs and grabbed the gold coin with them. He then leaned over and put the gold coin into the wok. It didn’t take long and Hitler melted away into a gold puddle. Now this is where it got tricky. In order to keep the gold in its molten form the flame still had to burn and Ben had to tip the wok on its side for the molten gold to enter the little cast he spent most of the night before making. Ben turned down the gas and the wok still shone red hot. His cast was in a certain spot that he had measured out by grabbing the wok earlier to practice pouring into a cup, with cold water. This was a different thing now he was using molten gold and he could not miss the spot.

Now apparently ghosts don’t feel incredible heat either. Why???? Because they are dead ...and ghosts that’s why, so Zara used all her skill to line the cast up with what Ben was about to pour into it. Ben’s tongs were bending it was so hot. The molten gold filled the cast and stayed on the ground next to the elements that were pouring out the gas to heat it all up. It was very warm. Ben turned all the gas off and guests came back out to see the wok slowly go from bright yellow to a deep red colour and finally down to just its old grey/black colour.

Ben had done it.

Now to get the casting and break it open to see if the gold inside turns out how he imagines it would and that it didn’t need much work with the files and specialised tools he bought the day before to make it wearable? Once again the barbeque tongs grabbed the small casting from inside the kennel and it was taken down the stone steps with a handful of ardent admirers at Ben’s tenacity to make something handmade for his wife.

Ben released the casting on the first stone steps and listened to it sizzle as the last of the heat was drained into the cold water on the first step. Ben pulled out a very small hammer and chipped away at his casting. In no time at all it cracked in half and the handmade gift for Aubrey landed in the puddle of water on the first step. Everyone cheered at his accomplishment and the first of many creations was made.

(Go on...say it....I can hear you saying it from here. WHAT WAS IT??????....You will just have to wait. It is important and special and she will be home in a week so wait okay! AND.......NO JUMPING CHAPTERS TO SEE WHAT IT WAS EITHER OK!!!!!)

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