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Change my past one last time

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Chapter One

So, he was a cop, but didn't look like one. He had all the signs of a cop – the car, the badge and the so-not-awesome uniform. He stopped the car and looked at me, waiting for an answer.

"Uhm, I´m going home. My house is just down the street, don't worry I can walk." He smirked.

"Can I see your ID please." Oh no, I was afraid of that.

"Why, am I in trouble?" I asked him, before I started to look for my ID.

"Well, if you show it to me, then there is no need to cause a problem, or is there?" I knew I have to show it to him, so I did.

"Here, feast with you eyes." I handed him my ID.

"So, you are Stella Pammy Smith, or as your friends call you, Stemmy." He looked at me.

I was really confused, how did he know my nickname. I knew I was not drunk enough not to remember telling him that.

"How, do you … Khmm … How do you know that?" He opened the car door and stepped out, he leaned against the car.

"I know everything about you."

I grabbed my ID from his hands. "What? No you don´t. You just say it to freak me out." He laughed.

"No, I really do know everything. I know that you have a tattoo on the back of your shoulder; I know that when you were seven years old, you had your first kiss with Harry in the playhouse. Plus I know, that you got your scar, that one on your knee, when you were running with heels. See, I do know everything."

Okay, I have a stalker. I dared to walk away.

"Stay away from me!" And as I was walking away, he followed.

"Don´t you even want to know where I know those things?"

"Umn, you are a crazy stalker, who has been following me for like 12 years?" He laughed,

"No, I´m not a stalker, but I must say, that when your bedroom walls were green, it looked better, not that pink barbie color, it makes you look like a five-year old."

Okay, He really is a stalker. "You creep!"

"Wait, I´m not a stalker or a creep or even both. I´m a fixer, I fix peoples mistakes in the past!"

I stopped walking away, the distance between us must have been 3 or 4 meters. And I guess he was more drunk than me or even high on something.

"Oh really? So if you can change the past, then why are so many people homeless or killers or even both?"

He looked at me like a asked to most stupid question ever.

"I change the past two or three times, but if they make the same mistake over and over again, then there is no point on continuing that pattern. For example, if a rapist rapes a girl, and I change that, he just finds another girl and so on. Once a rapist always a rapist."

For some reason I even started to believe him, why, I don't know "You do know, that people can change. Or don´t you believe that?"

"I do believe that, if a man makes a mistake once, and no more, he can change; if a man makes the same mistake more than once, it's a choice and people don´t change their choices so easily, if they like them, they suppress them and wait for the explosion."

He looked at me with his intense eyes. Wait, I just remembered something, Selene once told me that she has a brother that likes to make people look like a fool. I must be the next lucky victim.

"Show me your ID, you cops have one." He dared to laugh.

"I just told you, I´m no cop."

"I don't believe you! I showed you mine, now return the favor." And so he did, still laughing.

"Here you go."

As I looked at the ID, I realized, I am a fool. This one is a fake, and you don´t have to be a genius to know that Will Ferrell is no cop, but an actor.

"Will Ferrell, really?"

"I told you, that the ID is fake. And when it´s a fake, then why not make a laugh out of it?"

I handed the ID back to him, and walked back home. He did not follow me this time. Only shouted - "If you open your door, you´ll find proof that I am not liar!"

Yeah, like i´m going to believe that this guy can jump from one time to another. There is no way that this is possible, he has seen to much of Harry Potter. I looked through my bag and found the keys; I opened my door and stepped in.

"Finally! I thought that you passed out or something." Selene told me while grabbing my hand and pulling me through the drunk, dancing people. I was back at the party, I left there an hour ago, or something like that.

"You okay?" She asked me.

"Yeah, I think I passed out or something. I thought that I left the party and some guy told me that he is like a wizard of Oz and can travel through time or something." She looked at me with big eyes and really confused.

"I´m drunk and did not understand a thing you just said."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, neither do I."

We walked to the drinking table and made us some new drinks, although I was drunk enough to see fake cops calling themselves Will Ferrell, but it´s all a part of the drunken-experience. Why not go with it?

"You stay here and guard our drinks, I´ll go and find Tom, he has my phone," Selene told me and left. After some while I was alone, until I heard her.

"Stella? You need to see this!" Selene called me. Although I tried to ignore her, I could not. So, I put my class down and followed her voice. After walking like a meter, I found myself in trouble to stand up straight. Finally I reached her.

"I have a serious Deja Vu and I do not see what you want me to see."

"Put your glasses on and look!" She told me again, even louder.

As I put them on, I did not miss a thing she wanted me to see. It was Tom, my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend. He was with another girl. This seemed to familiar, have I seen this before.

"Oh no, he didn´t!" I shouted and walked up to him. I pulled him away and watched the girl fall on the ground.

"Babe, I can explain." I looked at him, even this seemed familiar. " Yeah, you were just testing your love..?" He looked surprised, like i knew what he was about to say.

"Yes, babe, yes, you see my drift." I did not know what to do, for a second I looked left, and down the street was a cop car and a man smiling at me, I knew him.

"This can´t be true." Tom took my hand.

"Babe, whats wrong?" I stepped away from him.

"You're jerk with a small penis, this is a second time you have done this to me!" I hit him right in the face and this second first time I did not miss. He fell next to the passed out drunk girl and looked really confused. People around me laughed, I was happy and started to walk to the fake Will.

"You now believe me? And I must say, the second first blow was a lot better." He laughed and opened a door for me.

"Shut up, I just saw my boyfriend cheat on me twice. But thanks, the second first fist to the face action was better, it felt better." I stepped in the car and so did he. Soon I fell a sleep as he was driving, where, that I didn't care about, I was drunk and sleepy, that was all that mattered.

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