Change my past one last time

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Chapter Two

I woke up, the radio was on and a disturbing song was on. It sounded familiar, and weird and full of steroids – it must be Bieber; and I was correct. I looked around to see where we are and hopefully recognize the place, but sadly I didn't. I stepped out of the car and saw Fake Will sitting on a big rock.

"Hey, what took you so long?" He asked.

"Oh, I don't know, my drunk head?" He looked at me with a serious face.

"You´re funny." He said so sarcastically that I almost believed him.

"Where are we? And do you have a ….. „ Aspirin, he handed me aspirin. I guess he does know the future, or the past or both, or he knows how it feels in the mornings. I´ll put my money on the last one.

"Thanks," he nodded and looked at a paper he was holding. He stood up and asked me a question I believe he wanted to ask me for some time.

"Do you want to make things right or not?" It was a stupid question and the answer was too easy to say.

"Yes, why you ask?"

"Because I will not fix them for you. You are. Consider it as a gift, a generous one." I looked at him with a serious face, I could not believe what I was hearing. First, he is the fixer not me.

"Why should I fix them, if it is you job to do it." I stated, and felt quite proud, because I thought that I made a good point.

„Well, mainly because I have been fixing peoples problems for a thousand and more years. I have enough of it. So you and another lucky five can see the fixing first hand. I´ll tell you what you need to do and how many times you can actually fix things." I thought about it, and I agreed already in my mind. Just imagine, I can fix so many problems, Tom, my moms wild new husband and maybe even my father.

"Okay, explain. I´m all ears." He didn´t seem so suprised when I told him that I´ll do it. He had an expression which stated that he already knew my answer, but had to be sure.

He started to walk to the car, stopped and looked at me.

"Well, are you coming, we haven´t got all day you know. Time is priceless."

So I hurried up, sat in the car and was ready for the up coming. "So, where are we going?" He smiled and answered right back. "Somewhere I always wanted to go, but never had a chance." Hmm, it made me think, maybe a strip club? He is after all a man and to be honest, quite and handsome one.

He stopped the car.

"Here we are." He stated. I looked to the building a saw a sign. "The wonderful Ice land! You must be kidding me. We are going to and building in ice. Why do you want to ice skate?"

Sadly he just walked ahead and did not answer me back. He opened the doors, went and took some skates, put them on and told me to do the same thing and I did.

"I never had a chance to skate, I have just seen other people do it." I believed him, because he was no ballerina on ice. He had this happy kid look on his face and looked as if he never been so happy. He stopped and started to do the moon walk, well he tried. „Look, i´m walking on water."

"You must be Jesus," I said right back, without thinking.

"You know, you don´t have to be this sarcastic."

"Yeah I know."

After an hour of skating we finally sat down.

"So, I´ll tell you a story; you´ll have to listen, because then you´ll know what do to and how to do it. Okay?" He looked at me with serious eyes and was waiting for me to say my yes-word.

"Yes, I´ll listen." He nodded.

"Good." He took a deep breath and the story began.

"Well, like I said, I have been fixing peoples mistakes for a thousand and more years. But recently I have been wanting a life, a real life, with a wife, kids, the whole shebang. And for that, I need to fix my last six lives. You and five others. So, you have four chances to make four of your mistakes right again. But, only four. And that means, that you must think really hard on how you are going to act." When he said that I have only four chances to make some of my mistakes right again, I started to make a list of my worst days, what I would love to change. "

How will I get to those moments? I mean what will I be fixing." He smiled.

"Oh, that will not be a problem. I´ll just send you to your first one and when you are done, you´ll just go to another one, poof! Like magic. And if you are making a list, don´t even bother, the list has been made for you." He stood up, handed me a bag of clothes, "Hurry up, the sooner you start the sooner we are finished."

I took the clothes out of the bag, looked around to make sure, that no one is there to spy on me, and when I was certain that I´m, indeed , alone. I changed my little black dress to some jeans and a white top with a black word on it - Fixer. Really? He wrote Fixer on the top. I walked out of the large building, looked for Mr. Fake Will, like he should be named, after all, he used Will Ferrell's name.

"Hey, Fake Will! Nice clothes, did you pick them out, or was it your inner Gok Wan?" Fake Will looked confused.

"Fake Will? What? I´m sorry, but since when are we giving each other nicknames?" I walked next to him, blocking the sun along the way.

"Well, Fake Will, because you used Will Ferrell's name and it is your nickname because I don´t know your real name." He smirked. "My name is Nick."

"Hmm. Nice name, but, I do like Fake Will better. It has that special ring to it."

"Okay then, cupcake."

"Cupcake? What? How is that related to me?" He looked at my face and pointer at my nose.

"When you were young, you loved to smell cupcakes. You stuck your nose in the cupcake and, well, tried to smell it." Huh? Oh yeah he knows, he knows everything!

"I was a dumb kid, and it was just one time!"

"Wrong again, my cupcake. You were seven , eight months and five days old. Plus, you smelled six, no more, no less." He laughed at me. Well sad part is that, he did, with a cupcake part of my life. "Fine, I´m a Cupcake. At least you are Fake Will." I gave him my hand to shook on it, he agreed. Now I am Cupcake and he is Fake Will, we are sooooo original, it´s embarrassing.

"So where is my first destination? Wait … let me guess." Fake Will looked amused, he knew that I would never figure it out.

"Oh, be my guest." I started to think about my most worst days. The more i thought, the more I had nothing.

"Well, have you figured out?"

"Sadly no, I have nothing."

"Yeah, that´s what I thought. Are you ready to see it yourself and fix it?"

"Wait, how will I know what to fix in that moment and how to do it?"

"Don´t worry, my little grasshopper, you´ll know."

"Thank you oh Master Fake Will, your words have helped me a lot." I said back with serious face.

"Okay, you just take deep breath and close you eyes and just stay still."

"What? Why should I stay still and close my eyes?"

"Well, there is no reason, I just always wanted to say something like that. But you have to take a deep breath and remember, that You can only move to another moment when you have fixed your problem. And here is a little necklace; and as you can see, there is a number 4 on it, when you fix your problem, the number will change from 4 to 3 and then it takea a minute before you go to another problem. Got it ?"

"Umn, yes, i got it."

"Okay. Good luck."

"Wait, what if I need some help?" I asked, hoping he´ll say that he´ll help me.

"Stella, you don´t need help with that, you are an amazing artist, and please open your eyes, you can´t color with your eyes closed," said a gentle voice.

"What the fu.." I opened my eyes and who I saw was not Fake Will. It was Wilma, my first teacher. So, which means, that I must be in first grade.

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