Change my past one last time

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Chapter Three

Okey, don't panic, find my inner Yoda. Well, one thing is sure, seeing Wilma made me sober, no more inner spelling mistakes!

"Stella, are you listening to me?" Wilma asked me, sitting in my level. Damn I was short, well, young and short.

"Yes...." She looked at me like i made something weird, ate glue or, well, Tom ate glue when he was young. NO NO ! Tom is dead to me with a matchbox instead of a penis.

"Umn .. Miss Wilma, i believe i have finished my art.... Can i go home?" I asked as I stoop up. "Stella. My sweet, why are you talking so weird? And you know you have one more class." Really, one more... Okey. "Stella?" she asked again. Oh yeah, why I speak weird. "Mom and dad were watching some big people movies, I want to be a big person when i grow up!" As I said it, I looked at her wanting to know what her response is. "Haha, Stella, you will be a wonderful big person!" Then she gave me a big hug and patted my head. I can't believe she actually believed me. I spoke like a stupid person. Wait, I was that stupid person. I took a closer look at my necklace and the number 4 was still there.... I wish it would have like a bright word next to the number, a clue what I should do, like DAD, GLUE or SLEEP. Yes, some sleep would be nice.

The bell went off and all the young people and as it seems young me went out side. I totally forgot that we had our classes in the same building as the older kinds. Oh, I need some grown up talk.... I walked behind to older girls, and when I say older, I mean, They were freaking 19! They where me!!!! And talking about some subject they have to do, oooooH, cant find anything about Marilyn Monroe, she has no history! Really, are they stupid? Marilyn Monroe isn't her real name. Okey, not my life not my problem. They sat down and looked at me. "Hey kid! You want to sit next to us? Be a big girl?" I looked confused, why are they talking to me like i'm a child, wait .. I am.

"Yea, sure, that would be swell !" why did i say such a douche line?

Some boys also joined, I know one if them. He's hot now and is hot in my time ..

"Hey, Grace and Amy! What are you up to?"

G and A told him their problem, even he doesn't know .. Really ? no one knows? Okey, I have to do something, save myself from brain damage.

"Marilyn Monroe, true, isn't someone with history." They looked at me, confused, I think I used too big words.

"Okay, first of all, her real name is Norma Jean Baker. Monroe is her grans name. And she wanted to be famous or something, but some important dude who slept with her told her to change her name, 'cause Norma is not sexy."

OOh, they looked at me like i'm an alien. Then finally one of them spoke, and it was the dude. "You know you don't act like a kid."

"Yeah, no shit Sherlock, have you seen those kids? They eat glue, like glue! That's not normal."

They laughed, but not the good laugh, like I was a small person trying to behave like an adult. I have no time for this.... Suddenly I felt someone pull me away, Fake Will !

"Sorry Ladies and dude, I'm going to take her back to class."

They laughed.

"Why did you do this? They think I'm some stupid kid, who wants to be their gang member." I put my hands in front of me like a cross. Fake Will looked at me with hes eyebrow raised, okay, I did behave like a kid. But only now.

"You have to make a mistake right again."

"But I don't know what! How do I know! You have to help me, you said, that my life was yours to fix, but you are tired, boohooo, so tell me what I need to fix!" I'm sure, that from afar it seemed like a grown man is getting scolded by a kid.

"Okay, I'll help you when you need it. And this time I'll tell you exactly what to do."

Jaaash! I win, i have to, my life. Okey, what went wrong that was sooo important.

"See that girl? That one with long brown hair?"

"Yes? Is she going to kill me or push me of my chair, or worse, pull my hair?"

He looked at me with anger in hes eyes, like he's pissed off.

"Behave, she has no friends, and you almost became her friend, but went off wondering. Don't know where. She will be your best friend, like for life. Your BFF motto will apply on her. But if you don't want to be friends, then she'll grow up with no friends and kill her self. But if you are going to be friends, then, like I said, BFF and she's going to save your life and help you through some serious crap. And for you to believe me, the killing part, her name is Emma, but you know her as Mouthy-Emma."

He walked away and left me in the middle of the grass, looking at Emma, as she sat alone on a rock. No one even looked at her. She was Mouthy-Emma, she was famous in my school as .. well ... as a girl who took a drip to down under with many guys, even a teacher. Well, so I heard. And now I know that I am the reason why this happened. Oo No! I can't have that on my conscience.

"Hey, I'm Stella. Do you want to sit next to me in ..umn .. next class?" I don't even know what the next class is.

She looked at me and smiled. "Yes, I want that!" She stood up, stretched her hand. Like a grown-up, damn.. "I'm Emma." So I stoop up, I took her hand just said "we're are going to be friends." She looked at me, happy, happy as a kid on Christmas eve. "Friends?" with a hopeful voice, "Yes, best friends!"

I have never seen anyone so happy to be my friend. And to see Emma like that. She must have some sad life, like back home... Oo dammit, this moment even made me almost cry, like almost.

We both walked to class and sat together, and I found out it was math. I hate math. Even when right now it's only 1+1 and 100-10. Still not fun. After the class her mom arrived and before she went with her, she hugged me, "thank you, i always wanted a best friend!" and ran away.

Before my dad, who is still in the picture, i think for like 3 more years? Well, before we went home I heard Wilma tell him, how sweet I am to become friends with Emma. I heard that her dad killed himself and no one in their last home wanted to play with her after that, because her dad killed himself in the yard where all the kids saw that. Small kids started to pick on her, that she did that. No wonder Emma was so messed up. But, I'll make things right, I have to.

"Okay kid, go in the car!" Okay, this is actually exciting, going to see my old room and my mom and Spike, my dog. But as I sat in the car, I heard a voice.

"Good job Cupcake. I though it would take much longer. But as you were in charge and actually wanted to make a change, things are fixed faster."

And I was back in my life, today ... my time.

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