Change my past one last time

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Chapter Four

After I met Emma for the first time, and that was the second time... Although the system i have mapped down, go back and make right. But to think that I already had a chance to make Emmas life worth living. I have never felt so much pressure on me.

Now that I have been in my world, but as Nick .. Khmm.. Fake Will .. No, Nick, I can't call him like that after knowing what he has to do. Well, Nick said that somethings are different and new memories will come in waves, if he had been the one to change then I wouldn't even notice it.

I took my phone and started to look at the pictures I have made this summer. And I saw Emma, she was beautiful, not like I had remembered her. We really seemed like best of friends. I started to laugh and just read through all the texts. Why didn't i see that in her? Now I can live my life one day at the time, it's all I can do.


Emma wrote me. She want's to go and get a tattoo, she has been talking about it for years! Wait, do I remember my life with her, Nick was right, new memories will come.

"Hey love, mom said yes, finally ! Come with me :) " she wrote.

"You know it! Hell yes ! Pick me up, I'm home." and send.

Shes here! I just ran to her and hugged her.

"You okay?" She asked with a laugh.

"Yeah, I am... Don't worry, I just thought that ... Well, no, I have nothing."

"Your weird, anyways, you ready?" She jumped in the car and just looked at me like i'm some kind of a weirdo, a potato, I looked like a potato.

On the ride there we laughed and talked about everything. Amazing !

"So what are you getting? Some broccoli? A dark box? Wait I know... Deer lord?" I actually thought those would look great on her.

"Deer lord?"

"Yeah .. Google it."

She got out of the car, I just need to take my phone and go, get some ink the skin. And As I opened the door, no tattoo shop, no Emma ... Nick .. I should have seen this coming.

"Hello Cupcake!" He cheered.


"Wait, you said my name? Why such a sudden change?"

"No reason... "

"Okay, but you're not leaving the sarcasm?"

"Oh hell to the no! Santa has hes beard and I have my sarcasm, and admit it, you love it."

"No, I love sunshine and puppies, I don't love that."

I put my sunglasses on and said "deal with it". I hope he got it. Does he even know what it is. He can't be this old...

"So, you ready? And since you called me Nick, my name. My only name. The name of the brother.." he looked at me. And I just looked at him like the idiot he is. Why .. Why .. Why didn't they send me Morgan Freeman, The man, The myth and the Legend!

"Just tell me."

"Okay, you are going on a date!"

Date ? Wait .. He's looking at me like I'm seeing Tom. No, I am.

"I swear if it's Tom, You are the mistake someone is sending me to kill."

"This isn't Terminator and go deal with it. Don't kill him, just don't let him make a fool out of you."

And so there I went. As I opened my eyes I was right where we were 2 years ago. The bowling alley. He got the tickets for free, as I later found out, but at the time I loved the idea, it seemed like super original, but seeing all the old movies, it was basically every How To Date 1.0.1.

"Stella, hey. You look amazing." He said. Looking all dreamy and cheaty.

"Oh, Heeeey. Thanks. You too," asshole, you moron, I hate you, i wish I could kic... "I like this place." ...k you in the face!

As he was telling me all about hes hobbies and how he liked my dress and bla bla bla ... Well, I tried to think of that moment where he played me. Because I remember the date like it was yesterday, I mean .. I thought he was the father of my future babies.

I only remembered that he disappeared for and good half an hour and said it was an old friend he hadn't seen for some time and I believed him. But because I really didn't want to deal with him, I just got up and ... Well just left.

"Stella, where are you going?"


"Why, I thought you liked me." He looked confused. I saw that look, looks like that's the look he knows best.

"Because I have a potato at home and it needs feeding."

Now he had a serious case of wtf. Happens to the best of us.

Nick was waiting for me and tried to convince me go back in. Finally I made my point clear and and he accepted it. Although he had other ideas on how to fix it. He took a deep breath and looked at me.

"Want to go ostrich riding?" He asked me. The question was too easy.

"I thought you never ask. You know I wanted to grow up to be a ostrich rider, I had everything it took."

"And what was that?"

"No future, but then I met you. My savior!"

He rolled hes eyes and snapped hes fingers and just like being on a date with Bill Cosby, as I opened my eyes, I didn't know where we were and to make things even more real, my head was dizzy.

"Hey, ostrich rider, find your bird and mount the beast!"

And so I went. To ride on a big chicken.

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