Change my past one last time

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Chapter Five

Ostrich riding ... Ostrich ... Why did I do that .. Every inch of my body hurts. Like needles and pins ?? I think there is a saying like that when you feel like, well, broken.

Nick just sits on my bed, looks at me eats my secret chocolate i had hidden under my pillow.

"You hurt?" with a grin on hes face.

"Yes, what do you think. And where did you get this idea?"

"Well, I thought that since i'm already breaking rules I just ...Well, let's say go with it." again, grinning.

"What do you mean?" I tired to sit down, felt like a pregnant woman with old people bones.

"Well, we, as in my job, aren't supposed to hang out with our jobs....."


"What?" He knew what I meant, but chose to ignore it.

"Okay, for this weekend you can just hang out... let all the new memories sink in. Emma, for example and Tom. And before you ask... No, you did go out again with him and ended up in the same position, only better.... Emma was there for you and after you hit the guy, she did the same also."

Really, i felt proud of Emma, didn't knew she had it in her. I turned around to get my socks of and as I was about to ask him something, he was gone .. With my secret chocolate ...

After an hour of Netflix and no chill, mom game home.

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