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For the past few years, finding love has never been my priority. I thought that family, education, and career are the most important thing in this world. But today, I realized that I'm terribly wrong. I'm a 37-year-old virgin, never been kissed or even touched. Perhaps the most sensual kiss that I experience is a smack on the forehead from my male colleague, Ross. The man who frequently calls me Gran, Grandpa, and worst Grandpops. At this age, and now that I wanted love so much, will I ever find it? Or is it that, the person meant for me is just a few steps away and that we both have no idea that we're actually meant to be?

Humor / Romance
gretchen geralde
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Chapter 1. bench


I sat on a bench inside the campus. I’m currently waiting for Moniera who’s been an hour late. Yeah, she’s always like that. She doesn’t have a sense of time, but still, I loved her for who she is.

She’s my best friend. A perfect companion. Well yeah, her lateness has busted my nerves for so many occasions, but I don’t have much of a choice, it’s hard to find a worthy replacement.

I let out a heavy sigh as I glance at my watch. God, it’s past an hour, yet still, there are no signs of her. I fished my phone in my pocket and dialed her number again. It keeps on ringing, but she’s not picking up.

I jumped when I felt someone sat beside me. It’s Raffy my ex. We broke up months ago.

“Hi.” He greeted me enthusiastically. I pursed my lips while throwing his right arm which he vehemently anchored on my shoulders.

“Hey.” I choked.

“We need to talk, Lee.” He murmured sadly.

Well, my full name is Michelle Miaka Lee. Lee is actually my last name, but since there are tons of Michelle in school, people call me Lee instead. Which is a good thing because I don’t wanna be called Miaka either. “About what?” I responded with a hint of annoyance.

“About our break up.” His voice is hoarse and full of emotions. He sounded like he's holding back something.

“Yeah. What about it?” I shrug my shoulders. Pretending that the whole break up doesn't affect me is the best line of defense.

“You can’t just end everything between us. I didn’t do you any wrong.” He yelled at me, tears fell from his eyes.

“Listen, RAff, I already explained that to you last week. Everything between us is impossible. I have priorities, and you’re not one of them. I’m sorry.” I know I’ve been terribly rude to him, but it’s hard to nicely explain why you want to break up with a person. There’s just no nice way to do it.

Yeah, he’s right. He’s been nothing but sweet to me. I don’t want to hurt him, but we’re too young. I can’t settle down yet, not at 17 or even 35, not before I fulfill my dreams or be successful in my chosen career. We’re still on senior high, obviously, we’ve got a long way to go.

I felt his hand next to mine. I glared at him. Why can’t he just move on? My anger faded when I took a closer look at his face. His eyes are swollen. It’s quite obvious that he’s been crying for a long time.

My gazes lowered, fixing towards his body. His bulging muscles are officially nowhere to be found. Were they kidnapped? Or worst assassinated? Or perhaps, it was I who did this to him. God, what have I done? I felt guilty. I gulped the lumps forming in my throat. “Ahm, Raff, do you want me to buy you food?”

He furrowed his brows. He looked really puzzled. “Food? For what? I'm not starving.”

“You looked malnourished. Aren’t you eating these past few days?” I asked him with loads of compassion.

He plunged his gazes into mine while his large hands are both holding my shoulders. “I can’t chew a single food, Lee.”

My heart skipped a beat. “Really? Why?”

“Because every time I chew them, I remembered you. Everywhere I look, I’m seeing your face. In the leaves of trees and plants, at the sky, the clouds, everywhere, even in my underwear.” He proclaimed and I've gone nuts.

My face in an underwear? What the heck? My eyes grew wide. I hold my breath and instantly pulled away from him. He’s gone mad and it’s my fault.

I stood up and walk away as fast as I could. heard him calling unto me hysterically. I never looked back, I need to flee while he's still a little sane. God, I’m too afraid that his parents are gonna put me in jail for starving their son or worst for wrecking his brain.

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