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The OddKidz: Misfitz

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Nico was having the shittiest day possible. But hey; days like his were regular. He was going to Luce High; where you're judged on how you look and how rich you are. Because that's all that matters.

Humor / Drama
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In a school called Luce High, stereotypes are taken seriously. High Schoolers are divided into different categories such as Cheerleaders, Geeks, Emos etc. But there is a group that stands out; a group that is not a stereotype, filled with people who don't belong. They are called the OddKidz, and this is their story.

Well, part of it anyway.

Nico was having a shitty day. First, he got up late. Normally he would set his alarm the previous night, but he had forgotten that he had thrown it out the morning before.He missed breakfast. One thing you should know about Nico: he loves his morning coffee. It keeps him in a good mood. To meet him when he missed breakfast and his morning coffee. . . well, it wouldn't be pretty. Nico is filthy rich, but he doesn't like to dump all his problems on the maids. Anyway, on the way to school, there was a ton of traffic. Some random guy's car just decided to breakdown.

Now, on a good day, Nico could have navigated his way out of the traffic jam with his black motorcycle, but there were cars everywhere. That amount of noise did not do good to his massive headache. And to top it all off, he had forgotten his lunch at home. Yeah, he was having a pretty shitty day. So learning that there was a new student enrolling in Luce High was not what Nico wanted to hear right now.

"Listen, Bianca; I wouldn't give a shit if Obama was transferring here. As long as the new guy-"

"Girl. It's a girl, Nicky."

"-stays out of our way, he can do whatever the hell he wants. How many times do I have to tell you to not call me that, Ev?"

Eva rolled her sea blue eyes and shrugged.

"I dunno; a few?" At that, Bianca giggled.


Someone cleared their throat. The trio of friends turned to face the front of the class, where the teacher, Mister Bowen, was standing, glaring at them fiercely from behind his green rimmed glasses.

"Ms. MacIntire, Ms. di Angelo and Mr. Larson, why are you three speaking during my lesson?" he asked.

"Why are you teaching during our conversation?" replied Bianca smartly.

"Oohhhh. . . " the class exclaimed. Mister Bowen spluttered.

"Yeah, it's not like we asked you to come and teach here. No offense, but you're really boring." said Eva.

"And you yourself said that you'd rather jump into a boiling chasm of acid than spend another year lecturing us. Talk about bad sport," Nico commented. The class laughed. "No wonder your wife left you."

The students waited for their short-tempered teacher to explode, and were rewarded when he started spluttering incoherent words which made the class roar in amusement. The bell rang, and the pupils piled out of the classroom in a haste to get to their lockers, pushing past Mister Bowen and not even giving him a chance to dish out the homework.

The three OddKidz totally ignored him when he tried to give it to them, and took their leisurely time to get to their 'place,' for the bell that signaled the end of third period and the start of the thirty minute break had just rung.

Nico groaned internally. 'Let the half hour period of hell commence.'

Nico, Bianca, Eva and the rest of their Clique (Dez, Evan, and Niall- Maggie was sick so she didn't come to school) were sitting in the gazebo in the school's gardens, enjoying their snacks in silence. They didn't need speech, just being in each other's presence was enough communication for them. Plus, they knew Morse Code.

Tap tap-tap.- 'Have you heard?'

Tap tap. Tap. -'About the new girl?'

Tap tap tap. Tap-tap tap. Tap tap-tap-tap. Tap. Tap. -'Yeah. It's kind of strange that she transferred in the middle of the semester.'

Tap tap tap. Tap-tap tap tap tap tap-tap. -'I heard she's Italian. Looks like Bianca's got somebody who can understand her rants.'

Tap. -'Finally!'

Tap tap tap tap. Tap-tap-tap tap. Tap. Tap. -'Am I the only one who just found out about this? Seriously?'

They laughed out loud at Nico's misfortune.

"Face it Nicky-"


"-you're slow."

"I'm not slow. I just. . . get information later than everyone else."


"I'm serious!" He crossed his arms and pouted. Bianca stared at him with her eyebrows raised, amusement clear in her leaf green eyes."Aren't I supposed to be the immature one?"

". . . .Shut up."

They snickered at his slightly pink cheeks once again

"But seriously, why haven't I heard about this new girl?" Nico questioned.

"Probably because you don't believe in gossip. And because everyone else is too scared to be seen talking to you."

He scowled at the truth in Dez's words. He truly detested the stereotypical behavior of his school, but sadly, he couldn't do anything about it.

"She's hot, though."

The group turned to face Niall in shock. "What?" he asked.

"You're. . . not into girls," stated Evan bluntly. Niall rolled his eyes."Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I can't appreciate beauty. Like how I know Eva's hot in a sexy way, whereas Maggie looks better natural. Bianca too; she has that innocent look going for her."

"You mean faux innocent look. Have you seen this girl in lingerie?" snorted Eva.

The boys choked on their own spit at the mental image and Bianca's cheeks were redder than the blood from a girl's period. (Wait. . . that was a disgusting comparison. They were redder than a fire engine. Right. A fire engine.)

"Y-you said you wouldn't say anything!"

"I didn't say 'anything.'"


". . .Sorry?"

"Can we see?"


"Could you guys be any louder?" a new voice butted in. The OddKidz whipped their heads towards the front entrance of the gazebo to see their final member standing in the doorway. She was wearing dark blue denim shorts, black combat boots and a white varsity t-shirt with a black and red plaid shirt tied around her waist- her regular look. This time, however, her blond hair hung to her shoulder blades.

"Maggie!" Eva exclaimed.

"What's up?" Maggie asked as she took her seat next to Nico.

"Nothin' much," he shrugged, leaning back into his seat and putting his arm around her.

"Aw!" Bianca squealed. Nico rolled his eyes. No matter how much he and Maggie denied it, Bianca was convinced that they would make a perfect couple.

Okay, yeah; she was his best friend and she was hot, and she understood him and has always been there for him and he trusts her with his life and she can read him like an open book that has all its words bolded and enlarged and he might've had a teensy, tiny little crush on her last year, but that didn't mean that they were crazy about each other, right? Right?!

"There's a new girl, though. I thought you were sick?"

"Was fakin' it. Didn' want to get that Pop Quiz in second period so I waited till Rush Hour to come inside. And I already know about the new girl. You're late and slow." Nico pouted and the rest of the Clique laughed.

Ah yes, the infamous 'Rush Hour.' It wasn't anything special, just 600+ students rushing out of their classrooms and into the hallway in a haste to get to their lockers, guaranteeing injuries. The reason? Oh, that was simple: the Populars, more commonly referred to as the Royals.

Who were they?

Only the meanest, nastiest human beings Nico ever had the pleasure of meeting. No, they weren't humans. They were vile, bloodthirsty creatures that got anything and everything they wanted. They practically ran the school; even the teachers were afraid to upset them. They were made up of some of the richest people in the States, so the teachers didn't want to get them angry in fear of losing their jobs and everything they owned.

You see, approximately five minutes after the bell for Recess would ring, they would strut down the hallway and you just had to look at them. If you were opening your locker the same time they were walking down the halls, you would get shoved into it- male or female. Apparently, it was a sign of 'disrespect.'

"How do you always know when there's a Pop Quiz?"

"It's like a sixth sense. Oh!" she snapped her fingers. "I almost forgot; new girl's in the infirmary."



"I don't care." They rolled their eyes at Eva's response.

"Rush Hour, obviously. Wasn' prepared for it," answered Maggie. "And Mister Bo wants you to go check on her, Nicky." Maggie was the only one- besides his mom- that could call him 'Nicky' and get away with it.



"I don't care."

Evan flipped his twin sister the bird, to which she replied with sticking out her tongue at him.

"Wow, real mature, guys," scowled Niall.

"Why me?"

"I dunn0. He said somethin' 'bout bein' a bad sport."

"Damn it."

"What's with the country accent, Mags?" asked Bianca.

"Finally! Thanks a lot, Bumble Bee," she sighed in her regular voice. Bianca blushed at the childish nickname.

"What did I do?"

"Janine told me she'd pay me a thousand bucks if I kept a country accent until someone asked about it." She took out an ear piece from her ear.

"Screw you, bitch! I win!" she screamed victoriously into it before throwing it away. "You leavin' already, Nico?" She peered up at him through her lashes as she spoke. "Rush Hour still ain't over yet, y'know."

"Yeah," he sighed. "I know. But the infirmary is all the way over to the left wing of the school. Gotta leave now if I want to get there before break is up. See you guys."


"Later, Neeks."

"I'll kill you later, Ev. Later."

Walking in on an incredibly sexy girl changing was not what Nico was expecting when he opened the door. She wore nothing but a leather skater skirt over black tights. In her hand was a lacy white bra, which left her chest bare for him to see. Now you know, as a hormonal teenager, her. . . mounds of flesh was the first thing he looked at. ("Oh, shut up! You would have done it too, guys.") He tore his eyes away from her small, soft looking breasts and erect nipples ("I was cold!") to her heart shaped face and his heart nearly stopped.

She. . . . she was beautiful. Not hot, beautiful. Long, curly locks of caramel cascaded down to the small of her back. She had the cutest ears; they were small and pointed, like an elf's. Her eyebrows were a slightly darker shade than her hair and were elegantly sculpted. Thick and spidery eyelashes shaded the strangest eyes Nico had ever seen.

They were mismatched, like God couldn't decide if he should make them blue or green so he put both. Her left eye was blue and her right, green. Both housed a ring of gold around their pupils and flecks of different hues of blues and greens with hints of silver in their irises. He and the unnamed girl- the half naked, frozen unnamed girl- held eye contact for a few moments, but it was broken when Nico averted his sight because her eyes unnerved him. He focused on her other features.

There were freckles splattered across her perfectly proportioned cheekbones and tiny button nose. Her pink, pouty lips were parted slightly and glistened with moisture. Nico was sure it was love at first sight. He was also sure that those delicious looking lips of her would look excellent wrapped around his-

"Eep!" She let out a high pitched squeak as red flooded her cheeks. In seconds she crossed the room, and before he could even blink, she slapped him across his face so hard his neck made a cracking sound as his head snapped to the side.

"OW!" Nico exclaimed in pain as he held his throbbing red cheek. She looked him in the eye and shrieked again, this time kicking him in his. . . lower region. Nico howled and fell to the ground holding his crotch. His face was just inches away from the door when she slammed it shut, and he even heard the tell-tale 'click' of the doorknob, signalling that it was locked. Through the bottom of the door, he saw her sitting- probably holding her knees to her chest that she left bare for him to see.

Nico was left there, lying curled up on the floor whimpering in pain, clutching his balls.

"My testicles. . ." he moaned.

"Damn. You really gave it to him, girlie," mused Nurse Baney as she examined his cheek.

"She kicked me in the balls, too," he muttered.

"I-it was your fault!"

"My fault? How the hell was I supposed to know you were changing?!"

"Ever heard of knocking, dumbass? You know, I never would have come to this school if I had known it was full of perverts!"

"I'm not a pervert!"

"Oh yes you are! Who else stands there and ogles a girls' nipples?!"

With that, Nurse Baney burst out laughing. Nico and the unnamed female stood there- well, sat there, in Nico's case- and stared at her blankly until she calmed down moments later. She wiped tears from the corners of her eyes.

"'S been a long time since I've gotten entertainment like that Y'all are like an old married couple. Whew." She grinned at them, showing rows of pearl white teeth. "Anyway," she sniffed, "I'mma go get the ice pack." She stood from her chair and disappeared into the other room.
There was an awkward silence, in which Nico took that time to survey the room (read: glare at everything until the girl apologized, because there was no way he was saying sorry for getting kicked in the balls). It was fairly big, with grey and white spotless tiles and red curtains. The walls were a beige color and there were seven very comfortable bed that occupied the room, with a nightstand next to each of them. It always smelled like homemade soup because there was a kitchen in the other room and Nurse Baney loved to cook.

He glowered at the ceiling as he silently cursed the girl who assaulted him. She sighed.

"Look," she started. Nico switched his focus from the ceiling to her. "I'm. . . I'm sorry for slapping you. And kicking you."

"And slamming a door in my face," he added bitterly. She smiled

"Ah, sì. And for slamming a door in your face." She looked at him and he saw sincerity in her mismatched eyes.

"I guess it's kind of my fault," he admitted grudgingly.

"Kind of?" Her tone was one of amusement, which made Nico's lips twitch upward.
"Shut up. I'm trying to apologize here." She laughed. "I'm sorry too. You know, for. . ." He scratched his neck awkwardly. She blushed and cleared her throat.

"Y-yeah, that."

"Truce?" He stuck his hand out, but she just stared at it blankly. "You're supposed to shake it."
"Oh. Then yes, truce." She shook his hand, and Nico internally marveled at how soft her hand felt and how it it into his perfectly

"So you guys made up already?" They jumped and pulled away from each other, both blushing. "Aw, relax. Here's your ice pack." Nurse Baney threw a cold grey packet of ice to Nico, who caught it with one hand and put it on his cheek. He moved to get up but one push from Baney had him sitting once again. "You ain't goin' nowhere till that bruise goes down."
"But that could take all day-"

"Well then let it take all damn day! Man, you kids are weird as hell! What kind of teenager passes up a chance to miss school? If it were anybody else they'd be celebratin'! In all my years. . . "

The girl giggled at Nico's pouting face. The bell rang.

"Well, I better get going," she said, waving goodbye. Now that they weren't screaming at each other, he recognized the lilt in her voice. Her accent sounded like Bianca's when she was tired.

"Wait!" She turned around and looked at him quizzically. "Um. . . I never got your name." It was lame, he knew.

"Marìenne Valez, but I go by Maria." I'm the new transfer from Italia."
"I'm Nicholas Larson, but everyone calls me Nico."

"I'll see you around, bello. "

"It's Nico." She laughed and left the room. Nico frowned.

"You think she got my name wrong o purpose?"

"Bello means handsome in Italian, kid," she replied, not even looking up from her magazine.

"But why would she. . . unless. . . . . . oh."

Yeah, maybe he was a bit slow.

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