The Junkyard Ghost

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Bay finds out a shocking truth and wants to be left alone. However, his sanctuary is soon filled with annoyances. Can he rid himself of his new problem? The truth of Bay's existence shocks him to no extent. Bay, never one for people, thinks he might have finally found solitude. A place to deal with his new found issue. It's not long before he's interrupted. Now, he is at a battle of wills that he must win in order to have his peace once again. He wants nothing more then to walk among the quiet again.

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Dead and don't know

This is a story about a man named Bay Smith he lived a while back. He had died but he didn’t know he was dead. He didn’t know what to do or where he was. He just figured that something was wrong with everyone else. He got mad because of this and left the world of people and decided to make an old junk yard his home and he did just that.

He found an old junkyard and he liked it so he sat up house. He had found him an old car with the doors still on it and the seats were there and he called that his home.

In the next few months he roamed around the junkyard and would find all kind of things that he had uses for. He found an old pot, an old chair, a blanket, and a lot of other things he had thought he might need. He then went to his car home and tried to lay down and go to sleep, he had yet to find out ghosts do not sleep. He found out rather quickly. He was so bored from nothing to do. He wandered around looking for a little mischief to get into. Although he wasn’t able to find any. This went on for months.

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