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Break in and Life Savers

Sam and Rose exit the tree cautiously.

"Hey, Rose, let's go back to my home, I created a new invention and I would like to have it tried out," Sam says.

"Ooh, so you are an inventor as well as a thief?" Rose asks.

"Yep! I sometimes steal parts to invent things to help myself out. I'm not all bad..." Sam says, taking Rose's hand and leading her on.

After a while of walking, the two kids exit the woods and enter the main city.

"Where is this place...?” Rose asks.

"This is the biggest messiest city known in our world. Quick, pull your hood on..." Sam says, pulling his hood on.

"Okay... I don't like this place... The air is hard to breathe and it feels like it's dirtying my clothes..." Rose says and then she pulls her hood on too.

"After living here for so long, I've gotten used to it. Now, just follow me and don't look any cops in the eyes," Sam says.

Rose obediently follows Sam, a few robots fly over head. Sam goes into a dark alley way and uses a random wrench from his left pocket to lift up the lid to the sewer entrance.

"Oh, gosh! We have to go down there?!" Rose asks.

"Yep! You're coming, aren't you?" Sam asks.

Rose sighs, "Fine..."

"I knew I could count on you!" Sam says and jumps into a flowing stream of sewage.

The sewage splashes up and almost hits Rose. She holds her nose and hops in as well, ruining her clothes.

"Yucky! Hopefully this experiment is worth my time..." Rose says.

"I assure you it is! If the thing works, we can have fun and have an advantage against the ones who stole our adoptive parents," Sam says, winking.

"Is there anything dangerous down here besides sewage that I should know about?" Rose asks.

"Nah, nothing I can't handle. I'm sure you'll be fine too," Sam says.

As soon as Sam says this, a giant sewer rat leaps up at them. Rose screams and Sam hits it over the head with the wrench that he used previously to open the sewer. The rat screeches and runs off.

“See? I told you I could handle it!” Sam says, twirling his filthy wrench before sticking it back into his pocket. Rose sighs.

After that, Sam and Rose trudge through a foot or so of sewage until reaching a door, this time without any interference from rats.

"Alright, now just to open up this door. My home and work area is just behind it," Sam says, grabbing the knob and turning it.

"You didn't lock it before you left?" Rose asks.

"Nah, I don't have the actual key. If I do lock the door, I have to pick the lock to get back in," Sam says.

"Oh... I see..." Rose says.

The two enter the home and find a few tables of stolen goods and two tables with dirty cloths covering whatever is on them.

"Are these the things you mentioned?" Rose asks, approaching the lumpiest one first.

"Ah! Yes! Don't lift that cloth! That's my job!" Sam says, rushing over and taking hold of the cloth.

He removes the cloth to reveal three pairs of what looks to be regular sneakers. There is a red pair, a blue pair, and a green pair.

"Great. Sneakers… I prefer boots," Rose says, frowning.

"They aren't just sneakers though... They are a wonderful creation!" Sam says, "But I warn you, for a first time use, you should probably wear a helmet..."

"Are you implying that I can't walk in sneakers just because I've always worn boots?!" Rose asks.

"No. These sneakers are hard to control. They are super speed low friction shoes in case you happen to run fast enough to catch fire," Sam says, rolling his eyes.

"Super speed shoes...? Why didn't you just tell me in the first place?!" asks Rose.

"I tried, but you didn’t let me..." Sam says, sighing.

"I'll take the red pair," Rose says, taking her boots off and slipping on the pair of sneakers. She sets her boots down in a relatively clean spot in the room.

"I'll take green, then," Sam says, smiling.

"What else do you have?" Rose asks.

Sam goes to another cloth, revealing some sort of toy gun looking contraption, "Here we have a Lifesaver gun! You load it up with some Lifesavers and shoot! Hard candies flying at a high speed are very dangerous!"

"Where did you get the candy from...?" Rose asks.

"Uh... Well..." Sam says and makes an innocent face.

"I'm gonna guess that that means you stole the candy..." Rose says.

"Nah! I bought the candy!" Sam says, "With money I stole!"

"Ack!" says Rose, jumping in surprise.

Sam laughs and says, "Yeah, the store owner never knew! He was all like ‘Have a nice day, kid!’"

"So what are we going to do with these guns?" Rose asks.

"Invade the main building of this city and take out any suspicious robots or people!" Sam says.

"I think you count as a suspicious person...." Rose says, laughing a little.

"I'm on the good side though," Sam says, eyes closed and pointing.

"So, what are we waiting for? Let's get going!" Rose says, picking up a Lifesaver gun.

"I'll lead the way. The only way to get in is to sneak through the air vents, which I just so happen to be great at," Sam says, "The main entrances will be blocked by robotic guards and they will lock you up if they see you."

"Got it!" says Rose.

"We'll also see how good you can run in the sneakers," Sam says, taking off running much faster than any normal human could ever go.

Rose zooms away as well almost crashing into pretty much everything before catching up with Sam. They run back through the sewer, up to the street, and all the way to the center of the city where a humongous building is.

"This is the place!" Sam says, "Good thing I stole these worker gloves so I can remove the air vent grate!"

"I know you've been helpful...but can't you just ask to borrow stuff rather than steal it?" Rose asks as Sam removes the grate.

"Nah, that's how it used to work...but now everything must be bought or stolen, there is no borrowing," Sam says, climbing up into the vent.

Rose sighs and climbs in as well just as a helicopter flies by with its search light. They remain silent for a moment until it is safe.

"That helicopter almost caught you, Rose... Now that would really ruin our plans. I would go save you though, no way would I let them hold you prisoner and torture you to death," Sam says, looking into Rose's eyes.

Rose blushes and says, "Thanks Sam... Now, which way do we go?"

"Uh... Let's see... We go down the left tunnel!" Sam says, starting to crawl through the left most tunnel.

"Are these air vents safe to travel through? What if they turn on the air-conditioner while we are in here?!" Rose asks, slightly scared.

"It's safe enough for me..." Sam says and keeps on going.

"Well then..." Rose says, following him.

Eventually they come to a vent leading into a room. Music is coming up out of there.

"Sssshhhh... Come look at this..." Sam calls to Rose.

Rose manages to get next to Sam and peers down the vent. In the connected room, a man is dancing around with a bunch of guard robots.

"You see that man? He's the one in control of this building and the capturing of innocent people. His name is Mr. Badgeye. He does all that, and now look at him, dancing! You wouldn't expect such a serious and evil person to be dancing around with his own guards..." Sam says.

Rose laughs and then places her hand on the vent, causing it to open up, and then she falls through the vent to the ground right in front of the man.

"....uh... Hello sir, how are you...? Heh heh heh...." Rose says, obviously frightened.

"Rose! Fight him!" Sam calls out from up in the vent still.

Before Rose can react, Mr. Badgeye grabs her and hands her to one of the guards.

"Take her away! She's a threat to our plans!" Mr. Badgeye says.

"Oh no you don't!" says Sam, pulling out his candy gun.

Hard candy bullets come flying down and hitting the robots, causing them to fall. Each candy making a resounding “ping” noise as it hits. Rose runs and kicks Mr. Badgeye's legs. Sam fires the candy at him and he stops trying to grab Rose, giving her a chance to escape back up into the vent.

Rose sighs, "Thanks Sam, you're a real Lifesaver!"

Sam laughs, at first Rose doesn't realize what she has said, but then she thinks about it and begins laughing.

"Come on, now, Rose. He knows of our existence and we took down a few bots, that's enough for today," Sam says.

"Really? Okay," Rose says.

The two kids start crawling back out the way they came, being careful not to be nabbed by more guard bots.

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