The Search

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Green Thing and Lost Become Found

As soon as the two kids get out of the vent, they feel a strange fizzy sensation and are teleported away somewhere.

"Ah!” Rose cries out, “What is going on?!"

They get placed inside a cave. This is rather unusual considering that they have never in their lives seen an actual cave.

"Well, looks like somehow we got teleported..." Sam says, "There is a light on down there... Let's go to it."

"Alright... What if a monster gets us though?" Rose asks.

"Monster? Hah! There aren't any monsters!" Sam says. He speeds away to see what the light is coming from.

Rose sighs and follows him. They end up entering a room full of books, kind of like a library, and in one chair is a slimy green thing reading a book.

"Ooh! This is a good story so far! I really wonder how it will end!" the green thing speaks, chuckling and rocking back and forwards.

"Uh... Hello sir, we kinda got teleported here and we have no idea why..." Sam says, approaching the creature.

"I thought you said there were no monsters?!" Rose whispers to Sam.

"I don't think he's a monster..." Sam whispers back.

The slimy green thing looks up from his book, "Ah! You have finally come! I was expecting you!"

"Really? So then, why are we here?" Sam asks, getting closer to a shelf.

"I have been watching the two of you, I have a bit of information to share with the two of you," the slimy thing says.

Sam steals something from the shelf and sticks it in his right pocket since the left one still has the wrench.

"There is some kind of link between the two of you. It wasn't a coincidence that you guys met," the green thing says.

"Oh? Well I do know Sam is pretty handsome, but, a link? Really?" asks Rose.

"You have the right idea of showing love to the lad, but you seem to be giving the wrong kind of love," the green thing says.

"Oh no... How could I not see this coming...? Is he related to me or something?" Rose asks.

"I also must mention, using those sneakers and those candy guns is a good idea, but sometime soon you may find yourself needing something stronger," the green thing says, ignoring Rose's question.

"Something stronger?” asks Sam, “What stronger thing could I make from the scraps I have?".

The green thing pauses and takes one of the lifesavers out of the gun and putting it in his mouth. Rose stares at him, wondering why he just did that.

"Around your necks is all you'll need," the green thing says.

Rose and Sam take off their necklaces and study them.

"You see, hidden within the charms is great power, you just need to learn how to activate it and how to control it," the green thing says.

"What are you reading?" Rose asks, changing the subject.

"A very interesting book I found on my bookshelf. It's called, 'The Search'" the green thing says, chuckling.

Rose and Sam both fall silent for a moment.

"It's not quite as bad as it sounds... Don't judge a book by its title," the green thing says, winking.

"Oh, okay. We're supposed to be out looking for our moms, maybe we'll come back later," Rose says.

"When you do come back, perhaps I'll have more information to share with you," the green thing says.

"Say, you never told us your name, what is your name?" Sam asks.

"My name?” the green thing asks, “I guess you could call me Emerald." He grabs his book with his gooey fingers and hand.

"Alright then, bye for now Emerald!" Rose and Sam both call out and exit the cave.

Upon exiting the cave, Rose hears a child's cry for help. The cry was most definitely coming from a child younger than even them.

"Sam! Hear that?! We have to help her!" Rose says, pulling on Sam's sleeve.

"Where is it coming from?" Sam asks.

Before Rose can speak, a search robot appears in the sky, most likely also headed for the younger girl.

"We have to hurry, Sam!" Rose says, taking off after the sound of the girl's cry.

Sam follows Rose, being careful not to be seen by the search robot. They come to a dry bush and find a young girl laying there crying.

"Hey, are you lost?" Rose asks.

The younger girl nods, sniffling She pushes her bonnet out of her face.

"We're going to need to get you out of her super quick. If that search robot sees us, we will be captured," Rose says, picking the girl up.

"Where are we going?" the girl asks.

"Somewhere safe," Sam says.

The search light from the robot shines onto the three children and an alarm goes off.

"Oh…flopcakes..." Sam says.

"Watch your language around the kid!" Rose snaps.

"Sorry... I didn't know flopcakes was a bad word..." Sam says.

"That's because it isn't. It's just the way you used it," Rose says.

"You make no sense," Sam says.

"You know what else doesn't make sense?" Rose asks.

"What?" Sam asks.

"The fact that we are just standing here when they are about to capture us!" says Rose as she takes off running with the girl. They just barely manage to get away.

Sam, Rose, and the new young girl arrive at Rose's tree base.

"So, what's your name, kid?" Rose asks.

"My name is Lola," the girl says, "but my parents called me Beatrice..."

"Okay, I'll call you Lola. I'm Rose and this is Sam," Rose says.

"Rose and Sam?” Lola asks, “Those names sound familiar to me... Perhaps I knew people with those names..."

"Rose and Sam are common names," Sam says.

"How old are you, Lola?" Rose asks.

"I'm seven years old..." Lola says.

"Really? Well, then you’re only three years younger than us," Rose says.

"Can I stay with you guys? My parents are gone..." Lola says.

"Of course, we'll keep you safe! Also, you can help us find our mom, since I just about figured out that Sam must be my brother..." Rose says.

Sam frowns, "Well, that's kinda good and kinda upsetting..."

"Hey! We are too young to be in love anyways, brother," Rose says.

"I suppose so," Sam says, turned the other direction.

"Sam?" Rose asks.

Sam turns to look at her, a mangled piece of meat dangling from his mouth.

"SAM! WHAT IS THAT?!" Rose asks, backing up.

He pulls the rest of the meat into his mouth, chews it up, and swallows loudly. "Meat," he replies.

"Where did you get that from?! I don't recall us having any meat earlier!" Rose says.

"I stole it from the library..." Sam says, head down, "Want a bite?" he holds up a chicken leg bone with some meat left on it.

Rose face palms.

"Is he always like this?" Lola asks.

"Yeah..." Rose says.

"Our next mission will begin tomorrow morning at dawn, I plan on actually doing some damage this time," Sam says, lying down on a pile of leaves and grass.

"Alright Sam, goodnight..." Rose says.

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