The Search

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Lola and Mr. Badgeye

The next morning, the twins and their new friend Lola head to Sam's base from Rose's base in order to pick up the third pair of sneakers which would most likely need to be adjusted to fit her feet since they are smaller.

"You're gonna need a pair of my super speed low friction shoes if you want to keep up with us," Sam says, "And make absolutely sure that you aren't caught by any of the robot guards or Mr. Badgeye himself."

Lola smiles, "Alright."

"Perhaps Mr. Badgeye has our mother locked up currently, we'll never know until we get in there," Rose says.

Sam makes the adjustments to the pair of blue sneakers and hands them to Lola.

Lola gets on her new sneakers and smiles, "Thanks Sam, these are comfy!"

"Ready to go then?" asks Sam.

"I am! I'm ready to help you guys find your mom!" Lola says.

Sam, Lola, and Rose exit the tree only to find that a guard robot is right there watching the tree.

"Human targets spotted, two girls and one boy, must bring back to Mr. Badgeye," the guard robot says, a light flashing frantically on its head.

Sam and Rose run away, but Lola stands there, frozen in fear.

"Must bring back to the boss," the guard says, coming closer to Lola.

"No! Lola!" Rose cries out and runs to Lola's rescue.

The robot lands and instantly starts break dancing.

"Uh... What?!" says Rose, surprised.

After the robot finishes dancing, it grabs both Rose and Lola.

"Gotcha," the robot says and starts flying off.

"Rose! Lola!" Sam calls out, racing after the girls.

Sam follows the robot all the way back to the big city to Mr. Badgeye's dungeon.

"Well, this is one way to find the dungeon I guess..." Sam says.

The robot flies into a high up window.

"I guess I have got to use my brain now... Otherwise it may be too late..." Sam says, looking for anything to use to get into the window before guard robots spot him.

His first idea is to use a vine as a grappling hook. He tosses the vine and it actually lands in the window. He begins to climb the vine, but since it isn't secured, it ends up falling out of the window and he lands on his bottom.

"Ouch! Well that didn't work... What other options do I have?" he asks himself.

He looks in his pockets to see if he has anything useful on him currently. He finds nothing that can be used for climbing, just some stolen money, a few candies, an apple, and a dirty wrench.

"Well, in that case, I guess all I can do is try to run up the wall..." Sam says.

He backs up to gain speed, but ends up crashing into a guard robot.

The robot flashes an alarm, "Intruder alert!"

"Great... I guess I'll be taking a ride into the dungeon like the others..." Sam says.

The robot flies him right into the window.

"Thanks for the ride, bucket of wires!" Sam says and thrusts a pocket knife through the robot's main circuitry board.

The robot stops working and lets go of Sam.

"Rose! Lola! I'm coming to rescue you guys!" Sam calls out.

"Please hurry!" Rose calls out.

Sam speeds down the dark torch-lit hallway towards the sound of Rose's voice. Because of his super speed shoes, he finds the right room quickly and breaks down the door.

"Ah hah! The second big brat is finally here!" Mr. Badgeye says, "Care to join these girls in the chains?" He waves his hand towards where Rose and Lola are chained to the wall.

"I won't let you get away with this!" Sam says.

"Oh? But I already have!" Mr. Badgeye says.

A robot comes and grabs Sam, chaining him to the wall.

"It's all over now!" Mr. Badgeye says, "You will never escape!"

"Hey Rose..." Sam whispers.

"Yeah...?" Rose asks.

"I have an idea, but we have to work together..." Sam says.

"Alright, we have to do anything to get the three of us out alive..." Rose says.

Mr. Badgeye is doing a very obnoxious victory dance which includes twirling around and slapping his butt.

Sam swings his body towards Rose.

"Grab my necklace with your mouth, if you can," Sam says.

"Uh... Okay?" Rose uses her legs to pull Sam closer to her so she can grab the necklace.

Lola sneezes loudly and Mr. Badgeye turns around and stops dancing. At this point, Rose has managed to connect the two charms by sticking the end of the lightning bolt into the space between the lumps on top of the heart.

"Oh shoot... So you guys are those kids..." Mr. Badgeye face-palms, "As if your mother wasn't bad enough!"

Both Rose and Sam glare. Their connected charms start glowing. Mr. Badgeye opens his mouth to say something, which is actually a very bad idea. A stream of water propelled by a gust of wind ends up going into his mouth. As the stream continues, Mr. Badgeye swells up like a water balloon. Lola laughs in amusement.

The guard robots rush to his rescue, get soaked, and gain circuitry damage. The stream continues on and then stops.

"Will you let us go now?!" Sam asks.

"Never!" says Mr. Badgeye.

"In that case!" says Sam and he lets the stream continue.

Mr. Badgeye closed his mouth so this time the stream just slowly pushes him towards the door. His keys end up landing near the kids and they unlock themselves and run free.

Lola kicks Mr. Badgeye and he spits up the water, propelling himself up and away through the roof. Rose, Sam, and Lola laugh and make their get-away.

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