The Search

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The Final Piece of the Puzzle and Irony

Again, after stepping out of the building, they are transported to the library cave where Emerald is waiting for them.

"Emerald, uh, hi? Why did you bring us here again?" Rose asks.

"I just wanted to congratulate you guys on your latest victory! Seems you guys have figured out how your charms work," Emerald says and chuckles.

"Thanks, how has your book been?" Sam asks.

"It's been very good, I'm just sad that I'm almost to the end..." Emerald says, "By the way, did either of you happen to steal my chicken leg lunch?"

"Uhhhh.... No...?" Sam lies, sweating nervously.

"That's alright, maybe I ate it and forgot," Emerald says.

"Do you have any new information on our mom?" Rose asks.

"Why, yes indeed! Mr. Badgeye knows everything. He is way away from here now and I can give you a map to his location. Let me just tell you, your mother may not be who you think she is," Emerald says.

"Oh? How so?" asks Rose.

Again, Emerald doesn't answer. Instead, he makes a map appear and hands it to Sam. Perhaps he prefers Sam to Rose.

"I know you guys can get the information you need to find your mother. I believe in you guys!" Emerald says.

"Alright! We'll get started!" Rose says and heads towards the exit.

Sam and Lola follow.

"I'll return you guys here when you have things figured out," Emerald says and waves a slimy hand to them.

"Sam, why doesn't Emerald answer my questions?" Rose asks her brother.

"I don't know... Maybe he doesn't want to give us the answers directly," Sam says.

"I'm hungry!" Lola whines.

"Well, looks like we'll have to stop and eat before we can continue on," Sam says.

"I'll pay. Just don't order too much," Rose says.

"But I have plenty of stolen money!" Sam says.

Rose glares.

"Fine..." Sam says.

The trio walks through the woods to a little building with an 'open' sign.

"This is a restaurant? I expected more than this..." Sam says.

"Anything with food," Lola says.

"Sam, you act as if you expected me to take you to a five star restaurant," Rose says.

"No, not really," Sam says.

They enter and take a seat on some faded and cracked blue chairs at an old table that needs a new polish job. A waiter comes and gives them menus.

"I have a feeling that not many people come here anymore," Sam says.

"It was more popular before Mr. Badgeye's robots came and kidnapped lots of people," Rose says.

"Oh... I guess that would be the case for a lot of places around here..." Sam says.

The three kids order their meals and wait.

"So, how are we going to make Mr. Badgeye give us the information we are looking for? How do we know he's still in the area shown on the map? He could have moved by now," Rose says.

"We tickle him!" says Lola.

"How will tickling help?" Rose asks.

"I don't know..." Lola says.

"Because if we tickle him enough, he'll be willing to do anything to get us to stop, including give out information about our mother..." Sam says.

"I got a feather!" Lola says, giggling and taking a feather out of her pocket.

Rose smiles, "I guess we have what we need!"

The waiter brings out everyone's meals and they begin to eat up.

When lunch is over, they head back out and are on their way to meet with Mr. Badgeye.

"I wonder… how does Emerald always know everything?" Rose asks.

"I guess he's magical or something," Sam says, shrugging his shoulders.

So they continue on for a long time, following the directions on the map.

"Are we there yet?!" Lola asks.

"Not yet, but we should be soon," Rose says.

"Well I'm tired, I can't go another step! Can we at least sit down for a moment?!" Lola asks.

"Alright, but after that we need to get there as soon as possible," Rose says.

Sam sighs.

"Sam, can you get us something to sit on?" Rose asks.

"I guess so, but don't expect anything too comfy," Sam says and speeds off to find anything worthy of becoming a seat.

A few minutes pass and Sam comes back holding three large stones.

“Before you say anything, I must say that this was hard work! Now, I could have just stolen some chairs from that restaurant, but those chairs aren't worth my time!" Sam says, setting the stones down.

"Well then... At least you didn't steal. Let's get sitting!" Rose says, sitting on one of the larger stones.

Lola sits on the other large stone that was meant for Sam.

"Uh... Okay..." Sam says. He pauses reluctantly before sitting on the smallest stone.

They sit for a few minutes in silence before Rose speaks.

"Hey Sam, there is something odd about this map..." Rose says.

"Oh yeah? Why do you say that?" Sam asks.

Lola is kicking her legs and singing little kids songs like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

"The map didn't look like this before... The X is now over the area we are in instead of in the far corner..." Rose says.

"Seriously? Give me that!" Sam says, snatching the map.

"...Next time won't you sing with meeeeeeeee!!!!" Lola screeches off-key.

"Well, well, well, look who I've run into!" a voice calls out.

Sam and Rose look up from the map and find Mr. Badgeye staring at them.

Lola stops singing, "Ready guys?"

Before Mr. Badgeye's can react, Rose and Sam tackle him, making him fall to the ground. Lola pulls out the feather.

"Oh no! You won't get away with this!" Mr. Badgeye says, struggling to get free.

"Well, we already have!" Sam says.

Lola runs up and pulls Mr. Badgeye's shoes and socks off revealing his bare sensitive feet. She begins tickling the feet with the feather.

Mr. Badgeye kicks and screams, "Stop! Stop! No more! Ack!"

"Do you surrender?!" Sam asks.

"Never!" screams Mr. Badgeye.

"Then we won't stop!" Sam says.

Lola continues tickling his feet. Mr. Badgeye continues to struggle.

"I can't stand it anymore!" Mr. Badgeye cries out.

"Then tell us, where is our mother?! What did you do with her?!" Rose demands.

"Your mother? I turned her back into a baby seven years ago! Her new mother most likely aborted her so she no longer exists!" Mr. Badgeye says.

"Seven years ago? I'm only seven..." Lola says.

Mr. Badgeye glares at her for awhile.

"No... You couldn't be her could you?!" Mr. Badgeye asks, scared.

"And what if I am?" Lola asks.

"That would mean that these fools have been walking around searching for someone who has been with them most of the time!" Mr. Badgeye says, "And that I have to put up with her again!"

"Is it true? Is Lola really out mom?" Rose asks.

"Yes, now let me go!" Mr. Badgeye says.

"I don't think so!"Sam says as a random police car drives over.

"Your time of destroying our world is over!" Rose says.

The officers get out and arrest Mr. Badgeye, taking him away.

"Well then, looks like our family is back together again!" Rose says.

"But wait... Where is our dad?" Sam asks.

The End

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