A Drifting Kick

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This is my first story which is humorous......... Sometimes reality will be so funny and will have a great impact on us.... So here is one such story which is funny and my real experience... A Drifting Kick

Humor / Adventure
Poorvisha Vasanth
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Chapter 1

It was one of the tragic phone call I got early in the morning, at 6:00am ,reporting me that we had a serious Football Match today at 9:00am. So all the players were informed as soon as possible, after the Match was fixed .

Everyone including me got ready quickly. But we weren’t fully sobered because of the party last night yet we were better and just got ready as quickly as possible and went to the ground.

It was really one of the hottest sunny day. We hadn’t practised from the past few weeks so we were scared thinking How we were going to play? That too with a strong opponent...

The Match began, the commentators voice were really bold and were encouraging both the teams,with their little speeches .....

The referee blew his whistle.

The sound was choking our ears yet we started to play....

The opponent team scored the goal one by one, one by one. Their score reached 5 while ours was 0.Then it was the middle of the Match, the Referee blew his whistle instructing both the teams it was a break time and then we went out and had ourselves occupied in the room given for us , planning about very essential tactics and tricks in the group discussion and tried the best not to give up in the Second Half and wanted to defeat the opponent team with all our team spirit.

Break time was over, the Match began again .This time we were successful in scoring 5 goals too..

Now the real spice of the Match arrived since we both were in a tie, just one goal decided the future of both, the winner and the runner team...

We just had mere seconds left to prove ourselves.....

The ball came quickly in contact with me and my team mates as soon as the Referee blew the whistle , then at last I Made it an easy game to our team ,by nearing the ball up to the opponent’s goal post , and I was under the pressure of 25 seconds time, my team mates cheer shouts and the howling crowd yet I was aiming the goal and concentrating.....

I kicked the ball very hard, with all my might ,force and my every possible aspects such as my strength and my total energy too, it resulted in a Drifting kick to my surprise.....

Then the sound of whistle was suddenly fading away and my Leg was hurting a lot especially my toe. Tears Ran down my cheeks indicating pain my mom who was sleeping beside me on my bed , brought me back to senses saying that it was a dream yet my leg was hurt kicking strongly to the bed post that I kicked very hardly , assuming it to be the football in my dreams ....

“A drifting Kick ” I mumbled and chuckled on the following night ,and laughed at myself for kicking the bed post ....

Realising it was just a dream ,I closed my eyes and had my sweet sleep again.

- The end

Neva Vap

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