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Chapter 2

‘A CONTRACT MARRIAGE?’ I almost yelled at him

I was shocked and anger welled inside me.

Here I was for a date with my fiancé and I had this whole date on my mind since the day we decided to meet. From nearly a week I had been waiting for this day, ignoring the fact that I had to literally take an appointment to meet my own fiancé like literally had to talk to his secretary for that!

I spent my days going on shopping for the dresses I would wear for this ‘special’ date, spending my nights thinking about what we would talk about. This whole time I had been waiting for him to at least look and compliment me and after a long silence, this guy here hands me a file with a contract. And the only thing he says in this whole date is “A CONTRACT MARRIAGE??!”

More than anger there was something else going in my heart.

I was...hurt?

Yes, I was hurt by his step. I didn’t care about this whole marriage is a part of a deal as long as we could work it out.

From when I was a little girl, I had everything like expensive toys, good foods, good clothes. But, what I longed for was love and I thought I will get married to a guy whom I love and who loved me. But when I realized it’s not possible I tried to see my prince in my fiancé. I really thought that today we’ll talk about us, our likes and dislikes. I wanted to make the best effort to understand him better. For me marriage is for a lifetime period with the one you love, spending every day with that someone special, well at least for me it is! But this guy here offers me what? A contract marriage? for just a year?

After a long stare, he casually continues.

“Yes, a contract marriage. Because more than 1 year I don’t think you can stand me and I won’t be able to tolerate you either.” He says scanning me from top to bottom.

He rolls his shirt up and looks at his watch.

“Well looks like our time is up, Miss Scarlet. I have an important meeting to attend. Nice to meet you, you can give me your answer through my secretary.” He says as if he was here to complete a business meeting which was now completed and he walks away. WHAT THE HELL?

I was there shell shocked, unable to move. I was shocked to see his bluntness. Tolerate? Ouch! That just hurt my pride now. Okay, he’s handsome, rich, and also the no. 1 bachelor every girl wants to date and marry, but hey, I am also not so random girl. I am good, beautiful, and smart and also the girl every guy is dying to date. He doesn’t have the right to look down on me like that!! He doesn’t have the right to look down on anyone!! That jerk! How dare he insult me like this?!!


Rina’s house:

“HOW DARE THAT GUY??!! THAT JERK!!” I yelled, sitting in the bed having a bucket full of chocolate chip ice-cream from Baskin Robbins. I usually do this to relieve my stress. And I’m so damn pissed right now.

“Teresa, you’re going to blow my eardrums someday,” says my best friend Rina sitting on the couch changing the T.V channels.

“Can you actually believe this Rina? This guy... He... URGH!” I stuff a spoonful of ice-cream in my mouth.

Rina suddenly puts on the channel in which that jerk’s interview is going on. That jerk was just insulting the reporter, making fun of him. That poor reporter’s face was red due to embarrassment and he was giving him, his ‘I’m so perfect’ look.

My blood boiled with anger.

“This... this jerk what the hell does he think of himself? Just because he has money and a good face, he has the right to insult the whole world??” I scream as I stand up on the bed and point the spoon in my hand towards the T.V screen.

“Teresa, he has lots of money... like lots! And a very handsome face.” my best friend teases me.

“Oh please! Nothing gives him the right to insult the reporter in front of the camera, in front of the whole world just because the reporter called him the 2nd richest businessman of Asia.” I roll my eyes.

Yes, guys, this is how money-obsessed and self-centered bastard he is!

“And dear, you’re going to marry this hot and the richest guy in Asia. Lucky you!” she winks at me.

“Rina!! You’re not listening to me, are you? Because if you did you would know that I’m so not getting married to this jerk. I mean look at this, a contract! Rina! A contract! I don’t think we call it a marriage. Humph!” I twisted my face handing her the contract papers. “That guy, he doesn’t know how to talk to a girl, doesn’t even have a look at the girl during the whole date let alone smile at her. Oh wait, I’ve really never seen him smile... Does he even know how to smile? Hmmm...” I thought seriously, trying to remember if he did?

“Nope, he doesn’t!” I conclude after a minute of thinking.

I looked at the contract papers which read: Falling in love is prohibited.

That guy where does he get all this over-confidence from? I wonder!

“So, Rina! I am not getting married to this guy, as simple as that!” I said nodding my head.

“Oh no, babe! You’re so going to get married to this guy.” She said teasingly.

“Wait, you traitor! You’re my best friend or his?” I asked pointing my finger towards her.

“Obviously yours, dear, but you know I’m just stating the fact here.” she teases me further.

“Oh no! miss intelligent! I’m going to call my dad right away and will cancel this stupid marriage.”

I take my phone out from my bag and just when I was about to call him, my screen flashes Dad calling…

Wow just perfect. I smile widely.

“Yes, Dad” I answer cheerfully.

“Did you meet him?” He asked.

“Umm yes, dad” I answer now gone the cheerful voice replaced by a dull one.

“You’re getting engaged tomorrow and you’re marriage has been fixed a week from now. Your mother in law is going to contact you for your wedding shopping. Go with her and get whatever you need to.”


“Make sure you behave well.”

“Okay,” I say in a sad tone, my voice barely audible. Saying that he cuts the call and I stare at the blank screen of my phone.

“So you’re getting married?” Rina sighs.

“Yeah,” I reply in a monotonous tone.

“See I told you, Teresa." She rolled her eyes. "Okay, BFF, jokes apart, are you really going to get married to this guy? Like seriously?"

I hung my head down, “Seriously?” she narrowed her eyes. “Should I go and beat some sense into your stupid fiancée who offered you a contract marriage, or should I go and beat up your dad for not listening to you? You can't and you’re not getting married to this guy! It’s a big NO!”

“It’s okay, Rina.” I smile at her.

“It’s not okay. Why can’t you say no to your dad? It’s always been like this, whatever he tells you, you follow him blindly. For god’s sake Teresa it’s about your marriage! You need to decide it for yourself and that jerk offering you a contract marriage; you should throw that on his face!” She shouts in anger.

Well, it’s always been like this, when it comes to my dad, I can’t do anything except for keeping quiet and go along with it and Rina gets mad at me every time I do that.

“You seriously are not thinking about considering this marriage right?” She narrows her eyes at me. “Just tell me you aren’t!”

“Hmm…” I take a deep breath and look at the contract again.

Falling in love is prohibited.


Hehe...Suddenly something strikes my mind. I take the contract paper in my hand and point it in front of my best friend.

“I’m gonna make him fall in love with me.” I declare.

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