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Ryouma's P.O.V

Ryouma, 25 years old, young businessman. He is rich, handsome, and a totally perfect guy. His life had always been perfect and he always had the best education, the best facilities, and a perfect loving family. Loves to race the cars and bikes flies planes and loves to enjoy life to the fullest. His family moved to the States when he was 12, and now they’re moving back to their homeland.

Graduated from Harvard University at 21, within 4 years, he managed to build his own business empire on his own and now is among the world’s top businessmen. He always knew and got what he wanted. In short, he’s a perfectionist with a perfect life. He, who had always lived his life his way suddenly gets to know that he’s going to get married, to a girl he doesn’t know?

Ryouma’s P.O.V

I stormed into my dad’s cabin and demanded an answer to my question.

“What the hell dad? What’s the meaning of this?” I asked him throwing the newspaper on his table while he was comfortably leaning back on his chair, reviewing a file with his glasses on.

“A newspaper?” My dad looks up at me, then at the newspaper on the table, and shrugs his shoulders.

“Come on dad, it’s not funny. You know what I mean. Why the hell am I engaged to some girl whom I don’t even know and why am I the last person to know this?” I tried not to yell.

“Don’t overreact son.” He said with a calm face.

“Overreact, dad? I’m engaged and I don’t even know that? I get this news from Rihito and a moment later I see the news, published in a bloody newspaper and you’re telling me I’m overreacting? Bloody hell?!” I shouted banging my fist on his table.

“Mind your language, son,” he warned me with a stern look on his face.

“Sorry dad, but I need an explanation on why the hell I am engaged to a girl I don’t even know?” I asked lowering my voice.

“You know her son. She’s Eren’s daughter, Teresa. You guys used to play together when you were young and you recently met her last week at their company’s anniversary party, remember?” he tried to remind our meeting.

I get a flashback of a little girl holding on to my shirt and crying when we were moving to the US, I shook my head to get it out of my head.

“That’s not the point here dad. Why am I engaged without my knowledge? You should have asked me before doing this.” I angrily pointed the newspaper at the table.

He sighs as he takes his glasses off and places it aside on the table, “Well your mother and I asked you about this and you said you have no problem with it.”

“What? When did you ask me?”

“The day after the party in the dining table while we were having breakfast,” he answered with a smile.

“At breakfast? Wait, you guys were just talking about how Teresa has grown up and become beautiful and bla and blah and I didn’t even say yes. I just nodded. That is not even a reason to get engaged. What the hell?” I complained. Just then my cell phone rang. It was my secretary.

“What?” I shouted.

“Sir, the clients are already here and they’re asking for you.” He answered without hesitation without getting flustered by my tone, well he’s gotten used to me and my anger. He works efficiently and he’s the only secretary that lasted for three long years while none lasted more than a month.

“Make them sit. I’ll be there in a minute.” I hung up the call and looked back at my dad.

“I’m not getting married to her!” I announced it loud and clear and walked out.


After a day, I got a letter and again I stormed inside my dad’s cabin.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. What the hell is this?” I showed him the letter.

“Sorry son my hands are tied. Your mom wants you married to Teresa and she has given me the responsibility to make you agree for that.” He said looking helpless.

“It’s my life, mom can’t control me like this and you can’t do this to me dad, it’s not fair. This is the company I worked hard for and brought it up to this position. How can you threaten me like this? Don’t forget dad I merged my company with yours and you can’t bring me down from my position, I’m the C.E.O.” I yelled at him.

“I know son, it’s your hard-earned company and I’m proud of you. But you know how scary your mom can get when she’s angry, she gets what she wants by hook or by crook. I really had no other choice and I really don’t see any problem with why you don’t want to get married to Teresa. She’s beautiful, smart, and meets every criterion to be your bride plus she’s your childhood friend. I don’t see any reason to reject this proposal.” He got up from his chair and turned facing the window. “I also don’t want to say no to Eren, we met after 11 years. I still remember…” His eyes focused at far distance reminiscing his good old days.

“I and Eren met at the first day of the college and we became rivals at the first sight, but eventually we became best friends to woo your mom and Eren fell in love with her best friend, your aunt Melissa, we got married to our beloved at the same time. We started the business together and built the house next to each other, promising to be best friends forever.” His smile was replaced by sadness as he continued further, “But then we had to move to the U.S, leaving our country behind and the most painful part was to leave my best friend, my brother Eren behind and your mom cursed me because she had to leave Melissa. After we moved to the States, we lost contact with Eren and it was a miracle that I met him again at a conference. Such a fateful reunion!” He smiled looking at me.

Before we left the country I had to look after Teresa. Why? Because my mom used to threaten me to be friends with her! That girl used to stick around me all day, annoying the hell out of me and now they want me to get married to her?

“Unfortunately, Melissa passed away after a year we moved, and now since the day your mom saw Teresa she’s decided to make her daughter.” He added.

and among all this I’m trapped! I rolled my eyes.

“But dad...” I tried to protest.

“Son, please you’ll have to get married, one day or another. Your mom wants Teresa as her daughter and I’ve also promised Eren to make Teresa our daughter. As far as I know, there’s no other girl in your life and if you’re worried if she won’t be able to meet your expectations, you don’t need to worry about that, she’s raised with proper manners and etiquette and trust me, son, she would be the best wife to you. I’ve talked to her and she’s really very smart not among the dumb girls’ that you hate. She has impressed your mom and me and I’m sure you’ll be impressed by her too.” He delivers a blackmailing speech.

I sighed.

I guess I don’t really have a choice. Even after a long argument I know I can’t win against my parents and I’ve already received a threat to my position. I really don’t have a choice. But if she rejects this marriage proposal, I’ll be free! I smirked at the thought.

After a day

I met my fiancée and great she doesn’t remember me nor my family! You were the one crying and holding on to me remember? No, she doesn’t! I hand her the contract. Yes, a contract marriage! Sorry dad but I’m also my mom’s son. I’ll have things go my way, one way or the other. If I can’t reject this marriage, she will. I’ve made sure to hurt her pride and I’m sure the rejection should be reaching my dad’s ears anytime by now. I smiled proudly sitting in my office.

Just then entered my best friend Rihito, I met him in the U.S and we’ve been friends for 12 yrs now.
“Congratulations buddy.” He walked up to me and hugged me.

I knew it! The marriage’s been canceled. Yeah! Great job, Ryouma! I smiled.

“I’ll make sure to throw you a huge bachelors’ party, dude.”

“What bachelors’ party?” I questioned him.

“You’re getting married, dude. I can’t believe it,” he said, his voice reflecting amusement.

“Wait! What? My marriage didn’t get canceled?” I asked him shocked.

“No, Look I’ve even got your Engagement Card.” he held a white glittering card on his hand, “And tell me is this Teresa that Teresa?” He asked excitedly, his eyes glittering.

“Shut the hell up!” I snatched the card from his hands and open the card, what the hell?? I’m getting engaged after a week??

What sort of idiot is she? I don’t believe dad called her smart, she’s nowhere near it! In fact, she’s the dumbest girl I’ve ever met!


Day of the wedding

It’s true; my fiancée is actually quite a beauty. I never noticed her until this day. As she walked down the aisle, she looked stunningly beautiful in her white gown. Standing at the end of the aisle I stare at her dumbstruck.

“Someone’s love-struck!” Rihito whistled by my side.

I turn my head and glared at him! “Hell no!”

She stood next to me and the priest began the wedding ceremony. During the whole time, I couldn’t help but stare at her. Is she really the girl I met at the engagement? How come I didn’t notice her until now? Oh, I remember because that day I was so pissed off to notice anything because my mom was in clouds nine and irritated me the whole afternoon. Well, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s dumb and I hate her.

“Do you Ryouma Carlton, take Teresa Scarlet to be your lawfully wedded wife for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do you part?” I was dragged out of my thoughts by the words of the priest.

“I do,” I answered.

“Do you Teresa Scarlet, take Ryouma Carlton to be your lawfully wedded husband, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do you part?”

She paused for a moment. Is she reconsidering her decision? I got nervous. No, I’ll actually be happy if she is. But she could have just refused it before this, she can’t be doing that right now in front of everyone right?!

“I do.” She replied and I unconsciously sighed with relief.

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” The priest announced.

I turn towards my fiancée, now my wife.

She stared at me dumbfounded.

Then suddenly she widened her eyes, probably just realizing what’s going on? Airhead!

I looked at her in amusement.

I lifted the veil, she squeezed her eyes shut, tilting her head a little backward.

I chuckled and gave a peck on her lips and she opened her eyes, flustered with a totally red face, challenging even the tomato.

This is going to be interesting, I smirked.

It’s not that bad, getting married. As I’ve noticed her for quite a few days she is very submissive and I think I can get along with her. I thought.

But little did I know that she’s going to prove me wrong, Very soon.

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