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Chapter 5

I felt the glare of the sun directly on my face,

“Nmm…” I covered my face with a pillow.

*knock* *knock*

“Nmm..” I rolled on my bed and *dang* “Ouch” I lazily pulled myself up and sat on the floor, rubbing my eyes, I slowly open one eye and assessed the unfamiliar room.

Hmm, this isn’t my room, where am I? Now my both eyes open, they wandered around the room.

Suddenly, the whole wedding events flashed on my mind.

Ugh! So it wasn’t just a nightmare huh! I’m actually married? Mrs. Teresa Carlton! I sighed slumping my shoulders.

*knock* *knock*

I got up from the floor and looked at the empty king-sized bed, then the couch, the bathroom, huh? He’s nowhere!

I looked at the black clock, hanging on the grey wall, it’s already 11 am. “Ah! His meeting!” I nodded remembering last night.

*knock* knock*

“Just a minute!” I shouted out to the person on my door.

I covered the bed and pulled on the curtain hiding my bed, whoever it is on the door, they’re not supposed to see this! I hurriedly comb my hair with my fingers and walked to the door.

When I opened the door, my mother in law stood in front of me with a bright smile on her face.

“Good morning, mom.” I greeted her with a smile. “Good morning, dear.” She wished cheerfully.

“Well, well, look who’s here.” She said with a big smile.

Raising my brows, I looked behind her to find none other than my dear best friend Rina!

“O my god! What a pleasant surprise!” I hugged her excitedly.

“Sorry for intruding your sweet time with your husband.” She teased me with a wide grin on her face.

“Oh don’t worry about that bestie, he’s gone for a meeting.” I pinched her arms, my eyes shooting glares at her.

“and I told him to take a leave from his work! I can’t believe this workaholic son of mine! How can he leave so early in the morning?” Mom complained, with a huff.

“That’s okay, mom.” I smiled at her thinking it was good that I didn’t have to face him early morning.

“Have a talk and I’ll send you your breakfast here.” Mom waved at us and turned to go downstairs.

“Thank you, mom.” I hugged her from behind. She kissed my cheeks and waved at me and left for the kitchen.

I let Rina enter and closed the door.

“A cool mother-in-law, I must say,” Rina said patting my back.

“I know right! She’s such a sweetheart.” I boast proudly, grinning ear to ear.

I looked back at my best friend who now had a weird mischievous smile on her face.


“So, how was your 1st night?” she teased me poking my arm.

“Please Rina.” I rolled my eyes and walked to the bathroom, I need to freshen up first. She very well knows about our contract marriage but still decided to pull my leg.

“Okay okay! Don’t get angry, but tell me, I’m your best friend.” She teased me again.

“Rina!” I shout from the bathroom.

“Okay fine. But...”

“Stop it, Rina. I’m not in the mood to joke.” I shout coming out from the bathroom, with a toothbrush in my hand… She was sitting on “his” bed.

After I freshened up I told her about the night’s incident.

“O wow you get your own bed, how sweet of your dear husband.” She taunted me as I showed her ‘my’ bed, her face telling, ‘I told you, it was a stupid decision to enter this contract marriage.’

“I just fell off that stupid bed. Humph!” I crossed my arms and pouted.

“Aww, but isn’t it big enough.” she patted the mattress.

“My dear best friend, compare it to my bed at home and his king-sized bed, it’s small. I mean, of course, it’s big enough to accommodate me but I am not used to it yet. When I woke up, I didn’t even remember that I’m not in my home and I rolled on my bed just like I usually did and then dang. I was on the floor. I can’t believe that I’ll have to spend a year here.” I complained.

“And yesterday he blamed his parents for this marriage. I mean look at them, they’re so sweet, best parents one could get. Mom has considered me her own daughter and she loves her daughter-in-law so much there’s no way that she’ll threaten her own son to get into a contract marriage right? Such a liar and also a big jerk! Urgh! I HATE HIM.” I punched the pillow hard and threw it on his bed.

“Calm down Teresa. Here have some chocolate therapy.” she takes out the chocolate from her bag and passed it on to me.

I took the chocolate and angrily munched on it.

“But I swear I’m not letting him off so easily. First I’ll get into his good books, pretending to be his cute little wife and then have him fall for me and after a year he’ll cry and beg for me, for my love but then I’ll walk away with my nose up high. Hahaha.” I let out an evil laugh. “Falling in love is prohibited! My foot!”

I looked at Rina but she’s not paying attention to my great evil plan. Why? because she got a call.

“Hey, baby.” She answers the call.

Oh god no it’s her boyfriend! Eros, the gross! God! How much I hate this guy!! He’s the biggest jerk!

Eros, actually his name should have been gross that would suit him better. The cunning manipulator! I’ve lost the count as to how many times I tried to break them up but Rina is soooo in love with that jerk that it’s already 6 months they started dating and I’ve been tolerating that gross I mean Eros for past 6 months in my BFF’s life. I’ve even planned 1000s of times, how would I kill him in 1000 ways, maybe I can even write a book on it. A Thousand ways to kill the gross, Eros! Ah well, I don’t even know what Rina saw in him that she loves him this much. He’s such a flirt, I’ve seen him with don’t know how many girls and he’s together with Rina cause she’s rich and gullible but still Rina pays no heed to my warnings, my dear friend is just soooo in love! She met him when I was out of the country for a while or else I wouldn’t have let that fly around her.

“umm, today? yeah… okay.” I heard her speak in a disgustingly sweet voice. Can’t help it, she’s totally into a wrong guy!

No! There he goes trying to steal my friend on my day, but no, he isn’t!

I snatched her phone and shouted, “She’s with me and she already has plans for the day. So, no she can’t meet you today! Just back off jerk!” I cut the call.

“Teresa!! I need to talk to him.” She shouted at me as she tried to snatch her phone back, but now she isn’t getting it!

I tried to use the boring party, which is going to be held for the business partnership of my dad and father in law, as an excuse to keep him away from her, but that’s not really an excuse, I actually need her there with me.

“Oh no, you don’t! Today’s important for you to be with me and you’re staying here, are you going to leave me alone in that boring party?” I gave her an accusing look.

“Teresa, you have your dear husband now! I can’t be with you forever.” she tried to protest.

“Hey, don’t forget the party is also to celebrate my wedding along with that! My best friend has to be there! Ai is also not here and you’re going to ditch me too? Do you plan to leave me with that devil husband of mine? Do I really have to be bored during the whole party? Leaving me with a devil, who glares at me every time I talk to him, who looks like he’s going to eat me up? So cruel, Rina! And you call yourself my best friend what a shame, Rina! What a shame!” I faked a cry.

“Alright my drama queen, you win! I won’t go anywhere alright and I’ll stick to you the whole evening and if your devil husband tries to eat you up, I’ll deliver him a free punch and a free-kick! Happy?” She sat on the bed crossing her arms.

“Really? I knew you wouldn’t ditch me. Love you, BFF!” I exclaimed happily as I hugged her.

“Love you too. Now, please return my phone? Um?” she extended her hand.

“Oh! Oh! Very smart are you? Sorry, but you’re phone is confiscated because I know if he calls again you’ll go running to him within seconds. So, you’re only getting it after the party.” I seize her phone inside my purse.

“No!!” she tried to protest.


Like I’ll let you go to that jerk, I bet he called her only because he needed money.

At the party

Just where the hell is this girl?? Just as I thought I shouldn’t have returned her phone! Now looks like I’m really ditched. Do I really have to spend the whole evening flashing fake smiles at the guests I don’t even know? Mom’s also busy greeting her guests and I’m so freaking tired and bored! Well, I’m not literally alone here though I have this idiot/stupid/annoying monkey/husband of mine standing with me but is too busy talking business with umm someone? Seriously he can start anywhere. I bet even when he’s hanging out with his friends he would gladly discuss business. O wait does he even have a single friend? I bet he only has business associates, no friends. But the point is being with him is the same as being alone and given a choice I still prefer to be alone, that would be more comfortable.

Finally, I see my BFF entering the hall, who I supposed betrayed me and went off somewhere with her dear gross umm I mean her dear Eros.

I excused myself and ran to her.

“Thank god, I really thought you ditched me.” hugging her I sighed with relief.

“Of course I’ll never ditch my dear bestie.” She said hugging me back, her face finally lit up with a smile.

Something was off with her. Did that gross ruin her mood?

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Nothing’s wrong.” She shook her head.

“Did that gross said something to you?” I asked.

“No and Teresa for the last time its Eros!” She replied, somewhat irritated.

“No, he’ll always be gross for me.” I stuck my tongue out. “But seriously what happened?” I asked her again.

“Nothing just met a pervert outside. But of course, he already got what he deserved.” She flashed a bright smile showing her fist.

Did I tell you she’s a black belt?

“Aww! poor guy! Messed with the wrong girl!” We laughed, giving each other a high five.

I then see my husband coming towards us. “What does he want now? If he’s coming to take me back to that boring space where I just have to stand and flash fake smiles then I’m not going there!” I crossed my arms.

“Tell me if I need to punch him anytime soon. I’ll gladly help you.” She smiled at me.

“Haha! Don’t worry if a time like that comes, I won’t hesitate to ask you.” I winked at her.

To tell you the truth, I myself want to punch this guy. Turning his beautiful eyes black and blue would rather be a good sight because he’s been treating me like I’m some sort of slug and I thought after yesterday night we could get along. Don’t tell me he’s going to give me a silent treatment every day ignoring me? Then how am I supposed to accomplice my plans? Bringing him on his knees?

When he was just about to say something, a tall, fair-complexioned, slim built guy in his mid-twenties with round, playful chocolate brown eyes flashing a wide grin showing his white teeth, dressed in a grey suit, interrupted him.

“Oh wow you’re more beautiful in person,” he said kissing the back of my hand.

“umm Thank you?” I blinked at him in confusion. Now, who the hell is he?

“Get your hands off her, pervert!” Rina shouted at him, snatching my hand. “Looks like you want another punch, huh?” she glared at the guy.

Is he the one she talked about just a moment ago?

“Oh we meet again, beautiful.” he flashed a bright smile totally ignoring her threat.

Looks like he’s actually asking for a punch here and Rina is going to perfectly deliver it, was what I thought, but is interrupted by the monkey!

“You two know each other?” Mr. Monkey asked.

“Not really just a pervert I met outside, he even entered the party, following me? Are you sure your security is functioning well? Letting such cheap people in?” she taunts the monkey, I mean my husband.

“You’ve been mistaken as a cheap pervert now, not that I disagree but how many times have I told you to control your habits? Rihito!” he taunts the guy.

“Hey! You’re insulting your own best friend in front of your wife?” The guy, Rihito complained to which Ryouma rolled his eyes. “I apologize for my friend’s behalf.”

“Oh, so this pervert is your friend? People say that we can know a person by looking at their friends. My my, such a friend you have. I pity my friend to be married to a guy like you. Well, you already showed you were a jerk, offering her a contract marriage.” Rina mocked him.

He glared in my direction.

She’s my best friend and I don’t keep secrets from her! I glared back at him.

“Of course an idiotic friend who willingly and gladly entered the contract,” he replied with a sarcastic smile.

Both my husband and my best friend glared at each other!

Oh no, I do not like where this is going. God help me!

“Oh what beautiful eyes you have dear, but don’t waste your beautiful glares on this idiot here. He just doesn’t know how to talk to a beautiful girl like you and to tell you the truth your beautiful eyes are shooting cupid’s arrow at my heart.” Rihito winked at her.

There goes another idiot! He’s just provoking her!

“Want me to hit a dagger in that perverted heart of yours and make it stop beating.” she now shifted her glare at him.

“Ok now let’s cease-fire, shall we? I really don’t want this party to turn into a battlefield?” I plead.

“You should listen to your friend here, now you don’t want her special evening to be ruined right? Your friend won’t be happy seeing you frown the whole evening plus it ruins your pretty face.” he smiled.

She looked at me and I plead with puppy dog eyes.

“Fine!” her face lighted up with a smile as she nodded at me.

“Wow pretty smile you’ve got there.” he winked at her owing another glare from her.

“Whatever! I’m out of here! After you finish your talk, call me.” She walked away stomping her feet.

“Oo! angry young lady!” he comments.

“Will you stop it?” I glared at him.

“Sorry, I was just trying to lift up the heavy atmosphere,” he replied in his defense as he ran his hand on his short curly brown hair.

“You just made it worse.” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m extremely sorry.” he bowed deeply.

“It’s okay.”

“Am I forgiven?” he looked making puppy dog eyes.

I couldn’t help but smile at him, “Yes.” I replied.

“Thank god or Ryouma would have killed me for making his wife upset.” he looked at my husband.

The monkey rolled his eyes.

“By the way, Rihito.” he extended his hand.

“Teresa.” I smiled at him as we shook hands.

“Sorry for the late intro, but you see I’m your husband’s BFF, brother, mentor, father, mother, well almost everything. We’ve been friends for 12 years and now he’s so useless without me, but now that he’s got a wife, finally, I can get rid off of this guy and also I’m handing my headache to you.” He gestured his hands at my husband and then at me. “I feel like the father of the bride, oh! I can’t stop my tears.” he wiped off his fake tears. I tried to suppress my laugh as Mr. monkey glared at us both.

My god! Ever heard of a drama king? Well, I can see him right in front of me!

After talking to Rihito for a few minutes, a doubt popped in my mind.

Rihito, this guy isn’t that bad and when his flirting is off he’s quite a nice and funny guy but how the hell is this guy with Ryouma and since 12yrs?? They’re quite a mismatched pair. One is nice, funny, and charming and well any girl would love to hang out with him and the other rude, arrogant, stern-faced, and doesn’t even know how to talk to his own mother and wife!


“Oh no!” his smile disappeared and he suddenly hid behind the pillar behind me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“You see that average looking girl in the white gown coming over here?” He said pointing at a direction.

I ran my eyes through the crowd.

“Well I do see one but she is more than just an average I believe!” Well, she looks like some kind of a model and this guy calls her average?

“Do me a favor, if she asks for me tell her I’m not here, ok? Look straight, pretend I’m not here!” He goes back to hiding himself.

“Sure, but why are you hiding from her?” I asked turning my back against the pillar.

“Well she’s my ex-girlfriend, actually ex-ex-girlfriend to be exact. We broke up a week ago and if my current girlfriend sees me with her, it’s over!”

Ex-ex-girlfriend? Broke up a week ago?

“When did you break up with another one then?” I asked him, almost turning towards him. “Don’t turn around!” He whispered. “a few hours ago.” he added.

“Huh?” I frowned.

“Answer to your question!” He replied.

A few hours ago? Seriously, what’s with this guy?

“If you’re already over with her then why are you hiding from her? Just tell her you’ve got another one, simple.” I suggested shrugging my shoulders.

“It hurts to break a girl’s heart, you know.” He clicked his tongue.

Seriously? Didn’t you already break it?

“Just don’t tell her I’m here, please.” he pleads.

I nodded.

Suddenly Rina popped out of somewhere and approached the girl, “If you’re looking for your boyfriend there he is.” She pointed her finger towards where Rihito is.

“Thanks.” The girl gleamed a bright smile.

“Oops!” Rina gestured me, keeping her finger on her lips ‘Shh!’

“Here you are, baby. What are you doing behind the pillar?” She asked grabbing Rihito by his arm.

“Of course waiting for you to come and find me.” He replied sarcastically.

Hearing his answer, we couldn’t help but laugh.

He glared in our direction.

“Sorry. It’s just...” I tried to suppress my laugh.

“Well then enjoy the evening with your dear girlfriend, Mr. Pervert.” Rina cut me off.

“Sure, thank you.” He let out a mischievous smile as we BFFs stared at each other ‘what?’ He winked at us as he got dragged by his girlfriend, I mean ex-ex girlfriend.

“Oh poor him!” I clicked my tongue. Tch, tch.

“What poor him? he is a perverted jerk.” my best friend glared at me.

“He’s not that bad you know.” I elbowed her.

“Why are you taking his side? Traitor!” She glared at me.

“I’m not taking anyone’s side here.” I defend myself.

As we argue, she gets a call from her bf and again she needs to go.

“Now who’s the traitor?” I accuse her.

“hmm… Teresa… your party’s going to end soon too. Please! pretty please!” She pleads me with puppy dog eyes.

“Ok fine, go.” I smile at her.

“Thanks.” She hugs me and goes out.


Parking lot, Ryouma’s Car.

It’s been 20 minutes since we abruptly left the party hall and by my side, sits a devil, looking like he’ll actually murder someone.


As I was sulking in a corner, a guy approached me. He introduced himself as the monkey’s cousin and unlike the devil, this guy was easy to have a conversation with and I was thinking that maybe these two got switched at hospital and maybe this guy is mom and dad’s son because my devil husband who has such cheerful parents has not inherited a bit of their sweetness.

As I was talking to Sam, suddenly I felt my arms grabbed. I looked at the person and it was none other than the devil himself.

“Stay away from my wife,” he shouted and took me away from there.

Flashback end.

I want to ask him what’s going on but he looks like he’ll murder someone right now and I seriously don’t want to be killed by my husband just the day after my wedding. So I decided to wait until he speaks up himself.

But I really can’t stand this deadly silence, it’s already been 20 minutes and not a word from him.

If I say something I know I’m going to be killed but the silence is doing no good either. So I decide to risk my life and talk to him. Yes, I can do this. I’m sure he won’t kill his wife, would he?

“May I ask what’s wrong?” I mustered up the courage and ask him.



“May I ask what’s wrong? my answer no.”



“It’s just..”


“Just listen..”

“God shut your mouth, would you?” he shouts.

This jerk! How dare he shout at me? He brought me here, literally dragging me out of the place and now I can’t even question what’s wrong? I knew this won’t work out, you want to fight? fine then!

“Look Mr. I can’t stand this situation ok? I have lots of questions in my mind and if I don’t get to throw these questions I’m going to explode because unlike you I don’t have the ability to store everything in my head and not letting out my thoughts okay?” I rant.

The car halts and thanks to the seat belt I wasn’t thrown in front.

He gives me a death glare.

“and also stop giving me those looks. I won’t stop until I get my answers.” I manage to shout at him while fearing him deep down.

“So you won’t stop eating my head until you throw your questions at me.” His eyes shoot daggers at me.

“Yes,” I answer, glaring back at him.

“Fine shoot!” He faces forward.

Is this for real? The great demon-lord Ryouma-Sama allows me to speak? Wow!

“Why did we leave the party like that? You dragged me out of that party. I was talking to your brother I couldn’t even take my leave properly, what must be they thinking? Is this the way you always behave?” I shout in one breath.

“Done?” He asks me with a sarcastic smile.

What the hell? Now, this guy has gotten me mad! At first, doesn’t let me speak and now that I asked him several questions, Done? is how he answers me. Idiot! jerk! donkey! monkey!

“Just what the hell is your problem? Why is it so difficult to make a conversation with you? Are you always a jerk or is it just me? Oh, wait you were a jerk to your brother a few minutes ago.” I shout at him.

“He’s not my brother and how I talk to him or treat him it’s none of your business, did you forget the contract? Let me remind you, Rule no. 2 do not interfere in my life and you don’t need to talk to him or have anything to do with him got it?” He hisses.

This jerk! Seriously, I’m going to kill him someday!

“What? I was just having a friendly talk with him. I don’t inherit your ability to ignore someone like thin air! I can’t ignore someone when he comes to talk to me. Plus he’s family.” I shout at him.

“Whatever. Don’t forget that this is a contract marriage and there is, of course, no need to try to act friendly with anyone especially with a guy like him. Stay away from him as far as possible!” He warns me.

“Firstly, you don’t tell me what to do! God! You’re such a jerk! There he was talking all good about you and look at you I can’t even find a tiny bit of goodness in you. You’re just a selfish, arrogant jerk and you’re telling me he’s not a good guy well this much I know that he’s at least better than a jerk like you.” I yell at him totally losing it.

“Really? then what are you doing with this jerk in his car.” He leans in close.

“W-what do you mean?” I raise a brow.

He gets out of the car, open the door and pulls me out.

w-what the hell?

“So if I’m rude, arrogant, and jerk and if he really is a prince charming, your knight in the shining armor then why not go to him instead?” He grabs my arms tightly.

“Look Mr. I only said that he looked a nice guy to me. No one said about being a prince charming or knight in the shining armor or anything where did that come from?” I say lowering my voice trying to hide my anger because something tells me I should do this right now, I’m not liking my situation here.

And wait, at a closer look.

“Are you drunk?” I ask him.

“oh, now you don’t like a drunk husband, my dear wife? then just go and tell your prince charming to drop you home ’k?” He leaves my hand and sits inside the car.

“Wait.” I try to open the door but he has locked it.

“Hey! Open this damn door. Y-you’re really not leaving me here are you?” I look at him in horror.

“Good night, dear wife. Have a safe trip home with your prince ’k?” He waves at me.

“Hey, mad man! Just open this damn door okay. It’s a bad joke, a very bad one.” I yell at him.

“I don’t joke.” and with that, he drives off.

“Hey, you jerk! hey!” I shout running behind the car but he pays no heed and leaves me alone in the middle of the night in the middle of an unknown road.

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