The Contract Marriage (Completed) #sample only

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Ryouma: I heard you’re getting your own book.

Rihito: Of course I’ve got lots of fan. Girls just love me. *wink* *wink*

Ryouma: Oh people will also get to know what a jerk you are.

Rihito: Hey, you’re just getting jealous of my popularity. Right Aaron?

Aaron: Don’t even think to involve me in any of your stupidities. By the way why am I even here?

Rihito: Don’t say that my dear best friend! whom will I spend my time with? Our dear Ryouma has his hands full with his wife. I need some company no?

Aaron: Don’t eat my head. I wouldn’t even have become friends if not for Ryouma and you think I’ll waste my precious time on you? How do even tolerate this guy, Ryouma?

Rihito: Oh please guys if I wouldn’t have been in your life, your lives would be so boring! I mean Ryouma’s always busy with his damn work and throwing icy glares at everyone. And you my friend, forever alone with that frown on your face. I’m the only one who spices up your lives. And by the way, I’m the one tolerating you guys, you guys are just enjoying my company.

Ryouma: Don’t worry Aaron, even he’s going to have his hands full with his wife that he wouldn’t get time to irritate you at all.

Rihito: Says who? No thank you. I’m very happy with my bachelors’ life.

Aaron: He’s going to get married? Like commitment to a single girl for his entire life? That wasn’t funny at all.

Ryouma: Oh really Rihito? And Aaron, that wasn’t a joke. We both know his bride quite well and trust me I think she’s perfect for him. She’ll straighten his playful ways in one go. She’s very feisty.

Rihito: Oh yeah? May I have the honor to know the name of my own bride?

Ryouma: Who else dear Rihito? other than our very own Rina.

Aaron: Isn’t she your wife’s friend?

Ryouma nods.

NO!! you mean our Rina? the feisty princess? She speaks more with her punches than with words. Rihito looks like he’ll cry any minute.

Ryouma: That’s why I said she’s perfect for you.


Teresa: Hey, you didn’t tell me you’re getting married?

Ai: Yes Rina. How could you?

Rina: Says who? I don’t want to be in any love relationships and you’re talking about marriage?! Teresa, my dear, you didn’t hit your head somewhere right?

Teresa: You’re talking like a certain someone right now! And no, my head is perfectly fine and when did you get that close to him? I mean why didn’t I get to know about your relationship?

Ai: But I think he’s good for you. You have my blessings.

Rina: Ow ow hang on! Whom are you talking about?

“Rihito!” Both shout in unison.

Rina: NO WAY! I’m not getting married to that pervert at all. I would rather not even see his face and you’re talking about marriage!? That’s insane.

Teresa: Insane or not but I guess I’ll give you a green signal too. Right Ai?

Ai: Right! See you in the next book! Bye Bye.

Teresa: Yeah I’ve got to go for check up too. AH! I’m about to throw up again! Where’s the washroom?!

Rina: Wait guys! I’m not getting married to him, you hear that I WONT!!

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