Wish Making For Idiots

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Lesson 2: Studying the Wish

Now, after you understand your genie, you can make your wish. But be warned: Even the genies with the best intentions can get confused with your wording, and those trickier will find loop-holes in your phrasing. You need to articulate, use simple words, and make sure the genie understands the wish before you let them grant it. For instance, in Aladdin, he wishes to be a prince. He should have made sure that Genie understood, because he never actually became one. He was still just a street rat. Genie gave him fancy clothes, animals, and subjects, but Aladdin never actually ruled over a country. You need to study your wish, and make sure that there are no loop holes, no grammar mistakes, and no homophones or homonyms. Avoid:

-Double Meanings
- Metaphors
-Sound Effects
-Figures of Speech
-Curse Words

Keep in mind what might cause dramatic irony and try to avoid.

Make absolutely sure that you are as specific as possible while making your wish. For instance never make the wish, "I wish I had a million dollars." The Genie can take that and do whatever he wants with it. And then the next day you wake up to find that Guatemala never existed, the two dollar bill is still in use, and the local orphanage that was located five blocks from your apartment has just been blown to smithereens by an asteroid coincidentally shaped as a perfect-scale replica of modern-day Papua New Guinea . Say something among the lines of, "I wish I get a ten thousand four hundred sixteen dollar raise in my job which will take effect throughout the next ten years." This will give you approximately the equivalent of one million dollars per two years. Also, for safe measure, you might want to add, "... with no adverse effects thereof." You by no means have to make this wish, but do try to be very specific in how you want to achieve your ultimate goal, when you want it accomplished, and where it should occur. How: "A twenty dollar raise..." When: "...which will take effect throughout the next ten years." Where: "In my job." In fact, you should always add on the phrase, "with no adverse effects thereof." (You might want to check your genies vocabulary, through quizzing on some of the previous words, just in case.)

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