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A lie doesn't only break the bond of love. It can also mend two hearts into one. Olivia Summers- A brunette, who just moved into a new city. She meets new friends and her life was really happy as ever until she meets Rachel who looks exactly like her. Rachel Miller - A blonde, who looks exactly like Olivia. She is the younger daughter of the millionaire. Despite having everything, she has nothing. Meeting Olivia changes her life a little. From pain to a healthy life. Taylor Harrison- A devilishly hot handsome business man, who is going to be the Fiance of Rachel. He likes Rachel. But sometimes he feels like Rachel is not Rachel. Does it make any sense?

Humor / Romance
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“Zayn and Gigi broke up! What the f-“I cut myself from swearing in public while I was in my school. New school, by the way. People around me gave me a weird looks which I don’t know whether it was for my outburst of my favorite star’s breakup or because I am new. I don’t really care even if it’s either one of them. I scrolled my mobile screen to get the details but it said that was a mutual break up and they would remain as friends.

I snorted reading those while a ringing sound drummed in my ears. I had to shut my ears with both of my hands to resist it. Only then I realized that I was under the school bell and it’s almost time for me to attend my first class.

I ran to my first class in hurry not wanting to be late. I wasn’t late but not early either. I could see most of the seats were filled. I sighed in relief that there wasn’t any professor but I could see few eyes widen in shock as they see me and look at the back of classroom.

I didn’t really care and stood in front of everyone smiling cheekily. I couldn’t really describe their reaction. Some of them were genuinely shocked, some of them saw me like I was some piece of shit while some of them were scanning me and the back of the class room.

“Ahh....As you already knew, I am new here.” I said as they all looked bored as if they knew what was coming. “So.......can I get a charger for my phone? It’s going to be dead soon.” I said pointing to the mobile in my hand.

Everyone was confused and made a face like what has gotten into me. Moreover they looked pissed at my gesture. However it was usual for everyone to give their name and details to their co-students on their first day. That’s what teachers made us to do from kindergarten. But I am too cool for those introduction. And most importantly I don’t want to.

Some of the girls on my right frowned and mumbled something between themselves which I gladly ignored. A guy not far away from the front stood up to give his charger still eyeing me carefully like he had seen an alien.

He had a dark rimmed glasses that covered his blue eyes and he wore a plaid checked shirt and a black pant. To state the fact, he looked like a guy nerd. I mumbled a thank you with a smile to which he nodded and got back to his seat. I plugged the charger to my phone and charged it at the back of my classroom since the switch board was on the back.

I finally looked around to find only one empty seat next to a blonde girl, who had her eyes on the other side window so that I couldn’t really see her face. It was the seat at the back which was what I wanted. So I didn’t hesitate to take it and sat next to her.

The class started to mumble between themselves as I stretched on my chair leaning backwards. I was starting to get bored. So I decided to talk to the girl next to me who still had her eyes on the window.

“Hi!” I said but she didn’t budge.

She was sitting still, having her arms crossed across her chest, leaving her blonde hair masking her face, leaving the world to thoughts.

I don’t really know whether she was ignoring me or thinking about something seriously. So I decided to knock on her desk.

“Hello there!” I knocked twice as she stirred up and turn towards me to meet the interruption from her thoughts.

My eyes widened in shock and I gasped to see myself in a blonde hair and a pair of specs around the same grey eyes I had. She too looked shocked as much as I did.

Is it possible for two girls to be alike?

Apart from twins?

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