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chapter four: monday

chapter four: monday


For the past two nights, I slept next to Kit.

For the past two nights, I had zero nightmares.

Correlated? Maybe. Sunday had been a pretty nice day. Arya left me a note in the kitchen saying she had to go home to get some things and ended up not coming back, but left some Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer as payment for her stay. She was one of the cutest human beings ever. Kit and I stayed in bed all day, watching movies on my computer, only stopping to eat or shower because I was not about to let his wound get infected or anything else of the sort. I cleaned it with the saline solution Ben left, dressed it and Kit seemed to be ok.

But today was not Sunday. Today was Monday, and I felt like crying. I had to go to work, and face Willa, the most frustrating human being on this planet. She believed she was the queen of the world. In all honesty, I was so absolutely done with her the first day I met her. She waltzed into the diner thinking she owned it and started talking down to me as if she were my superior. I let it slide that one day… And everyday after that. It was complete shit.

I woke up at 7:00 to my alarm, and found that I couldn’t get out of bed. Kit’s arm was wrapped around my waist and try hard as I might, I couldn’t find my way out of his grip, it just tightened each time I tried to get out.

“Where do you think you’re going?” His voice was groggy from his sleep, but still smooth enough to send shivers down my spine.

“I need to go get ready for work,” I tried squirming out of his grip once again to no avail, “Some of us don’t have the excuse that they were buried alive to miss work.” He laughed, letting me go but I didn’t make it far in my trek to the bathroom. Kit hugged me from behind and buried his face into my neck, and I leaned back into him. “Kit, I’m really not kidding I have to go to work.”

“I know,” I could just feel the smirk, “But I don’t want you to.” I felt myself begin to beam when I heard those words. He wanted me to stay here with him, as much as I wanted to skip work and spend another day curled up in the sheets with him.

“You’ll have Bagheera here, and if anything happens, you can call me and I’ll find a way to get out of work,” His grip loosened a little bit and he kissed my neck, which was the first time he’s ever kissed me. Holy shit.

“Go get your money, love,” He muttered into my hair and let me go. I made my way into the bathroom before he could see the red that was rising into my cheeks.

Shutting the door behind me, I leaned against it and slid down. He really just did that. Why did he do that? I don’t know. But all I can say is that it messed me up a little because what the fuck? Why? I turned on the shower and took off my pajamas. During the shower, all I could think about was Kit, and I began to get frustrated. How could one tiny action, completely meaningless, get into my head like that?

“Lucy, get your fucking shit together for once,” I muttered to myself. I got out and realized I had made a huge mistake, consistent with me not having my shit together, at all. Ever.

I forgot to bring my clothes into the bathroom.


I wrapped myself in the towel and made my way out of the bathroom and into my room. I looked towards the bed and Kit was sleeping with his back towards the closet. I let out a sigh or relief and quickly grabbed a bra and some underwear, putting it on and then wrapping my hair in the towel so it would dry a little. I grabbed the black jeans that were on top of my drawers and put them on as fast as one can put on skinny jeans. As soon as I got them over my butt, I heard a throat clear. Fuck. Me. I buttoned the jeans, and felt heat rush up my neck and onto my cheeks. He was sitting up on the bed, with a smirk on his face.

“As much as I enjoyed this little show,” He was laughing through his words, “Shouldn’t you wait until the third date to give someone a lingerie show?”

I stalked towards him, with pure embarrassment flowing through my veins, and smacked the backside of his head while he burst out laughing. I was so embarrassed, I knew at one point he would see me in a bra but not like this. It’s also not his fault he looked, I could’ve picked up the clothes and gone back to the bathroom, but he didn’t have to be so obvious about it. He stood up and took me in his arms, his whole body shaking with laughter. I clearly wasn’t laughing and I was pushing against his chest so he would let me go.

I looked up at him, his hazel-green eyes staring right into mine. I felt my embarrassment and anger fade away when I saw the way he was looking at me, full of compassion. He started leaning down and that’s when the panic set in. Oh my god, if our first kiss is like this, after he saw me in my bra without my permission, I wouldn’t be able to tell anyone about it. But the panic was for nothing. He placed his lips on my forehead, and gave me a soft kiss. My cheeks blushed on their own accord, a small smile forming on my lips as I looked up at him, that same look on his face.

I decided I didn’t care about having a nice story to tell anyone about our first kiss, it was ours and ours alone. So I did one of the last things I ever thought I would do. I stood up on my tiptoes, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissed him. He hugged me even closer, deepening out kiss and giving me the worst case of butterflies in my stomach I had ever had. I pulled away, and laid my heels back down on the ground. I let him hug me into his chest as I leaned into him. I looked at the clock that lay on my nightstand which read 8:30 AM in its blinding neon green lights. What a surprise, I was running late, later than the white rabbit that led Alice to Wonderland.

“Shit! I’m so late,” I pulled away, letting the towel drop to the floor as I shot towards my closet. Grabbing the first black shirt I saw, I quickly made my way to the bathroom once more. I rubbed my moisturizer on my face, and noticed that the pimples that had appeared earlier were still very much present and attending work along with me. I brushed my hair while brushing my teeth, running in and out of the bathroom gathering my socks and my shoes and my apron. “You’ll be ok, right?” He was standing in the middle of the room dumbfounded, like he couldn’t believe what had just happened, and to be honest, neither could I.

“Hey, Kit,” I waved my hand in front of his eyes and he snapped out of it, “You’ll be okay if I leave right?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” He nodded.

“Remember to call me if you need anything,” I said, giving him a small kiss on the cheek before I made my way down the stairs, grabbing my purse and my keys. As soon as I reached the door, my phone started ringing and it was an unknown number.


“I do need something,” I heard Kit’s voice on the other line.


“Another kiss.” I stood behind her waiting for her to turn around. She turned around with a smile on her face, lighting up my whole world with just that smile. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. This girl was driving me crazy, so crazy it scared me shitless since I’ve only known her for three days. But in those three days, she managed to leave an impression that no one else ever has.

I watched as she smiled, walking away from me, her hair bouncing and her face glowing . She was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever laid eyes on, and the only one that made me swoon. I’m such a hopeless romantic, holy shit. I found myself staring into the distance outside long after Lucy had left, just thinking about her. I’d had a couple of chances to talk to her before that I’d never taken, and if Alexei’s goons had picked another place to bury me in, I would have never met her, or worse. I’d be dead.

I walked back inside and shut the door behind me. Bagheera was sitting on the floor looking at me as if I were supposed to give him something, but how was I supposed to know what if he didn’t tell me? He stared me down and meowed, leading me into the kitchen and to his bowl of food.

“So that’s what you want,” I smiled, “Food, but by the looks of it you could stand to lose a couple of pounds, kitty.” He meowed at me even louder, as if he understood that I was calling him fat and I gave in. I found the cat food under the cupboard and poured some in his plate, which he gobbled up. I pet him a couple of times and then made my way to the couch. Turning on the TV and entering Netflix, I decided I would watch the best show ever. The Great British Bake Off.

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alright so i have currently been editing the shit out of my chapters, and for those of you that read the fourteen chapters, you're in for a big surprise.
starting after this chapter the story is going to deviate a lot from how it was before, because i felt like making it more dramatic without inserting twenty love triangles, whoops.
I'll try to update as often as I can in the next week since I leave for college the 28th (yikes i know)
much MUCH love n kindness
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