Like Real People Do

By Cam Martorell All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance

chapter five: monday


I got to work right on time, no thanks to Kit and his antics. Once inside the diner, I was greeted by Willa, the nightmare. But, I have to admit, she does have some pretty amazing gossip going on sometimes.

“Lucy, you’re late. Again,” She snarked, she would always say I was late, and yeah, sometimes I was but she said it everyday, even the days I wasn’t late. “But whatever, I have some gossip to tell all of you, and I wanted to wait until Lucy decided to grace us with her presence.” I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. “Grace already knows about him, but you don’t. So for the last few weeks I’ve been seeing this guy, Kit, and he’s into some really rough shit, like underground fights and the mob. But recently he’s just dropped off the planet, like he missed a fight yesterday, which is not like him at all.”

So this is what he was up to. Not only keeping someone from me, but keeping the fact that he worked for a mobster from me as well? That’s something I REALLY would have liked to know before I took him into my house. Maybe the mob put him there and now that I had saved him I was on their list, and now they probably wanted to kill me too! Great, that’s another thing I needed to complete my life. Have a mobster want you dead.

“Lucy, are you listening to me?” Willa’s voice snapped me out of my panicked internal monologue. I turned to look at her and she was staring at me like I was some sort of idiot, and I was not having it.

“Willa, the world does not revolve around you,” I revved up my engine, “and guess what? You’re not my supervisor, I was working here before you even came along so why don’t you go fuck one of your friends, all right?” She said nothing to me the rest of the day, which was pretty good, seeing as I was in a very shitty mood now.

To my surprise, the day went by pretty quick, I made upwards of $50 in tips and my salary was well above minimum wage so I made enough to support myself without having to get money from the large sum my parents had left me. I clocked out with Ron, and on the drive home, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Willa said. What if Kit was part of a mob and what if I accidentally dragged myself into it? I always said I wanted to die but it was all a joke, like I didn’t actually want to die. I came up on the house and I stayed outside wondering how I was going to deal with this until I saw Kit peak his head through the curtains. His face lit up when he saw me and I felt myself forgive and forget all that I’d heard, but I couldn’t let it go.


I heard a car’s engine outside the window, and my curiosity peaked. I stuck my head in between the curtains and when I saw Lucy in her car, my heart soared. She looked troubled, but once she saw me, I saw all the lines fade from her face and her lips turn up in a smile. She walked to the door and I opened it before she could stick her keys in. I wrapped her up in a bear hug and heard her laugh into my chest.

“I missed you,” I whispered into her hair. I really had missed her, even though The Great British Bake Off season 5 was really interesting. Baking shows are my guilty pleasure, they are all so good, and I always find myself wishing I could cook or bake like the people on the show can.

“I missed you too,” I heard her reply, and she took a breath in as if to say something else, but she changed her mind and stayed quiet.

“What’s wrong, Lucy? Did something happen at work?” She just sighed and led me to the couch. My heart leapt into my throat, nervous feelings taking over my body.

“Someone at work apparently used to have something with you,” Her eyes widened and she put her hands up as if to explain herself further and stop me from drawing conclusions, “It’s not that I’m jealous or anything, it’s just that she said something that got me really worried, not only for your safety but for mine.”

“What did she say?” I choked the words out. Her next words would define whether I would keep my life a secret, or come clean to her about everything, including her father. Earlier in the day, I saw some family pictures and her father was Alexei’s man, Anatoly.

“She…” Lucy was struggling to say whatever it was she knew, and with every second that passed, my heart leapt farther into my throat. “She said that you were part of the mob and that you were in the underground fight scene, and the fact that she knew this about you and I didn’t makes me think that you and her were together and yeah, I am a little jealous because-” I kissed her and cut her off. She was getting so cute and flustered.

“Who was this?” I couldn’t think of anyone who I’d hooked up with in the past 3 months because I hadn’t hooked up with anyone and before that I had been with Jen, my girlfriend and to my knowledge, I never cheated on her.

“Willa.” She looked me in the eyes and I saw how much this little incident had hurt her. She was surprised that someone knew so much about me while she had saved my life and offered me food and shelter, yet knew almost nothing about me.

But that was about to change.

short chapter , sorry
i'm having a little bit of writer's block but that's usually cured by some coffee so a new chapter is on its way :)

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