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chapter five: monday

chapter five: monday


I got to work right on time, miraculously. I drove like a maniac, as absentmindedly as ever due to Kit’s little romantic gesture as I left. Being late and being kissed by someone you like before driving is not a good idea. At all. I parked my car and peered into the diner, only to find Willa staring at me through squinted eyes. I took a few breaths to calm myself down before getting out of my car and greeting the bitch who had annoyed ever since she first stepped foot into my diner.

“Lucy, you’re late. Again,” She snarked, she would always say I was late, and yeah, sometimes I was but she said it everyday, even the days I wasn’t late. I was so tired of it, but I decided to get on with my day, talking to our grill cook, Matt and the regulars who would come in for their usual breakfast.

“You look perkier today,” Matt leaned out of his little window, staring at me with a huge smile on his face. “Did you finally get some dick?”

“Matt! Oh my god, not in front of everyone,” I scolded but the laughter behind my words gave it all away. “I haven’t slept with anyone but I did meet someone.”

His eyes widened, and his smile threatened to rip his face apart. You see, Matt was a hopeless romantic and super, duper gay. All he’d ever wanted for me was to find a nice boy like his boyfriend, Gaten, and settle down.

“Lunch Break, you and me and coffee, no exceptions,” His eyes narrowed as he pointed at me, and I nodded. He smiled, going back to his burning bacon on the grill. I noticed Willa sitting by the window, on her phone and tears streaming down her face, mascara staining her cheeks. Ignoring the fact that what I really wanted to do was walk by her and laugh at her suffering, I sat down across from her and prepared myself for the sob-story that was about to come.

“Willa, is everything okay?” She hiccupped and looked up at me, I shit you not it took every bone in my body to not laugh at the way her mascara had run, making her look like one of those monsters in the kids stories I longed to illustrate.

“I-,” She took a deep, shaky breath and let it out. “I’m pregnant, and the father of my child can never find out. He’s married and he would kill me, literally. And I can’t even talk to my best friend about it because he’s been off the radar for three days. Lucy, I don’t know what to do, I can’t think straight.”

I moved to sit next to her, wrapping my arms around her and letting her cry into my shirt. I don’t care who you are, no one deserves to be tortured like this, and much less be in fear over something that is completely not their fault.

“Come over to my house after work, I’ll make you some chamomile tea so you can relax a little and we can talk about this, if you want. I know it’s none of my business so if you don’t want to talk to me about that it’s okay, but my house is open if you want to come.” She looked up at me with those streaky eyes and nodded. A slight laugh came out of my mouth and I felt like going down a hole. “Go to the bathroom and clean up your eyes, you look like what La Llorona should look like.”

She smiled at me and laughed slightly, so I didn’t offend her, thank god. After she stood up to go to the bathroom to wash up, I went over to Ron, my boss’s office. I knocked lightly on the door, and a soft “Come in” sounded behind it.

“Hey, Ron, I was going to take my lunch break right now, if you’re okay with it? The Diner is pretty empty and the breakfast and lunch rush are over.” I smiled at him as he looked up from his paperwork.

“Oh, hey, Lucy, of course, go ahead. Don’t forget to clock out. Tell the others to go ahead and take their lunch breaks as well, I’m going to close up for a private meeting in a little bit.” Ron had his little private meetings once or twice a week, and Matt and I had a running gag that he was meeting up with a mistress. Of course we didn’t know what it actually was, but we loved to speculate.I knocked on the bathroom and let Willa know that she could go on her lunch break, so if she wanted she could come with Matt and I. She declined, saying she would meet me at my house at 7, if that was ok with me. I smiled at her and nodded, giving her a small hug before saying goodbye and meeting up with Matt outside of the diner.

“So, who is the hunk you met?” Not wasting a second, he blurted out his question as soon as I stepped into his car.

“Jeez, you really have no patience do you?”

“Not when it has to do with romance, my dear sweet innocent. Now fucking spill before I start driving like a maniac to get you to speak.”

“His name is Kit Turner. He’s twenty-two and a Scorpio. He’s been staying at my house th-”

“He’s been what?!” Matt slammed on the brakes and turned to look at me, much to the chagrin of all the cars behind us, which began to honk incessantly.

“Bro, you’re holding up the traffic and you’re gonna get a ticket, drive the car and I’ll tell you everything.”He took his foot off the brakes and the car began to move again, as did my mouth. I told him everything, from the time I first met him at Arya’s family party and found him mouth-watering, to the fact that I dug him out of my backyard a couple of months later.

“Everything about this story screams weird romance novel written by teen with no notion about how scary this situation would actually be,” Matt sighed. “And yet, I can’t believe you finally found someone, even though they might be completely fucking crazy and involved in some pretty wack shit.”

Excitement rang through his words and soon enough we found ourselves back at the diner, where I was non-stop talking about my kiss with Kit and how soft his lips were.

“Just go home, Luce, all this talk just means you need to kiss him some more and get some dick in your pants. Now skedaddle, I’ll tell Ron you got sick from the sandwich.” He winked at me, and after a quick hug I ran to my car, excited to get home and see Kit once again.


I heard a car’s engine outside the window, and my curiosity piqued. I stuck my head in between the curtains looking for Lucy, when my eyes saw Willa instead. She was looking at her phone with a confused look, and once she saw my head peering out the curtain her eyes widened. She ran to the door that I opened without hesitation. Willa had been my best friend since I was eight years old, and her eyes held a sadness I hadn’t seen before. I wrapped her up in a bear hug and heard her sob into my chest.

“Wills, what happened?” I spoke softly into her hair as her body shook with sobs. I took her inside the house and sat her down on the couch, while I kneeled down and took her hands in mine.

“Where have you been, you fucking idiot? I have left you 60 voicemails and god knows how many texts, why haven’t you answered me? I’ve been worried sick, and here I find you at my cute little coworkers house whose family your boss tore apart, what the fuck are you doing here and what are you doing with her?” She spoke quickly and angrily, the tears turning into tears of rage instead of sadness.

“I-..” I took a moment to pick out my words, I could do more harm than good with any answer. “I got into some trouble, but Lucy saved me. She doesn’t know anything about me and I’d rather she didn’t, I want to keep her safe-”

“The best way for you to do that would be to stay out of her life, Kit. She’s been hurt too much already by a conflict she has no part in,” Willa’s words were true but I could never stay away from Lucy. She was the North Pole and I was a magnet, forever drawn back to her. “I may be a bitch to her at work, but I don’t ever want to see her hurt again by Alexei, and if you hurt her, I will make sure whatever Alexei failed to do to you will succeed.”

“You know why I can’t do that. Now why do you look like shit?” I wanted to stop talking about Lucy, I don’t want to stay away from her so it would be useless to talk about it.

“Alexei got me pregnant, and I think.. No, I know he knows now. He’s going to kill me Kit,” Willa’s ice blue eyes showed so much fear that I knew it was true.

I heard another car’s engine roll up and I knew immediately it was Lucy, and now the eyes that began to show fear were mine. How was I going to explain this to Lucy? Another girl in her house? And apparently one she doesn’t like. The keys went into the lock and my first glimpse of her was the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face. She was glowing with happiness.

“Hey, Kit, sorry I forgot to text you that Willa was coming over,” She beamed and looked down at her watch, “Though you’re a little early, Willa. Do you mind if I go upstairs with Kit for a second?” I turned to look at Willa who smiled and nodded, meanwhile I couldn’t be more confused over what just happened. “Thanks,” She sounded a little winded, but she grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs. She let me lead the way to her room and shut the door behind her, kicking off her shoes.

“How’s your cut?” She looked straight at where it was under my shirt.

“I actually haven’t looked at it all day,” If looks could kill, the look she gave me right now would have had me six feet under in no time. I instinctively made my way to the bathroom, and she followed me. I leaned against the counter as she lifted up my shirt and removed the bandage. She lightly traced her fingers over the scab, making me wince.

“Ah, sorry,” Her cheeks flushed and she quickly moved her hand away and let my shirt drop. “It’s scabbed over nicely, I’m gonna call Ben in a couple of days to get rid of the stitches.”

Neither of us made a move to leave the position we were in, me leaning against the counter, and her in between my legs. She looked up at me with her big doe eyes, God, could I get lost in her eyes. I brought my hand up, cupping her face and she closed her eyes, shifting slightly to place a kiss on my palm and then back to how we were. She looked up at me again, and I couldn’t hold back anymore. My lips came crashing down onto hers, which responded with the same urgency I had initiated it with. I moved backwards on the counter until I was sitting on it, and picked her up so that she was sitting on me, not once breaking our kiss. She pulled away and hugged me closer, giving me the opportunity to nuzzle my face into her neck.

“I missed you,” I whispered into her hair. I really had missed her, even though The Great British Bake Off season 5 was really interesting. Baking shows are my guilty pleasure, they are all so good, and I always find myself wishing I could cook or bake like the people on the show.

“I missed you ,” I heard her reply, leaning back to look at me with the biggest smile plastered on her face. “I lowkey don’t want to go to work ever again.”

“But, I’d rather you go to work if this is the greeting I’m going to get everyday.” Her laugh rang through the bathroom, eliciting a short laugh from mine. That was a sound I would love to get used to, the slight smile on her lips beckoned me again. She leaned into me, placing soft individual kisses on my cheeks, my chin, my nose, my forehead, my lips. I pulled her closer, my hands in the back pockets of her jeans. She bit my lip slightly as she pulled away, and looked at me with what could only be described as sex eyes.

“Let’s go downstairs before we do anything,” Breathless, she started to get off of me, but I pulled her back down and hugged her close. Her hands went straight to my hair, running them through it and untangling its strands.

“Can we stay like this? For a little while longer?” I didn’t want to let her go, not now, not ever. Her presence was calming, and she had a raging fire inside her that attracted me (self-destructive, I know), I wondered what an everyday life with her would be like.

“As long as you want.”

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