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chapter seven: tuesday

chapter seven: tuesday


We went straight to bed after Willa left. Lucy was exhausted, and I did not feel like exposing my soul to her just yet. The whole night was spent restless, I couldn’t close my eyes without seeing Lucy’s face contorted in disgust after every possible scenario of me telling her my past. She was cuddled up against me, her face relaxed and sweet. I couldn’t help but stare at her, I was so afraid I would never see her face calm and loving after I told her.

I woke up at 11:00, not knowing I had fallen asleep, and with the bed empty at my side. I looked around and found a note on the bedside table. A sigh of relief escaped my lips, and my hand found itself intertwined with my hair. She was safe, at work. Bagheera made his presence known by demanding my attention the only way he knew how. Climbing up my legs and meowing as loud as his voice box allowed him to.

“Hello, big boy,” I leaned down to pick him up as he rubbed himself against my legs. “Damn, you’re heavy. You should go on a diet.” I walked towards the door, passing by a full length mirror and seeing me a little more filled out than usual.

“Let’s go on a diet together, Bagheera. We both CLEARLY need to lose some weight.” I was about to open the bedroom door when I heard clashing sounds coming from downstairs.

Fear seized my body. What if Lucy hadn’t made it to work? What if I was about to find her downstairs murdered? I dropped the cat and reached for the first thing I found that I could use as a weapon, conveniently a baseball bat. If Lucy was still alive, I would make sure to ask her why the fuck she has a baseball bat in her room.

I made my way down the stairs, and everything downstairs looked normal. The crashing sounds were coming from the kitchen, I raised up the bat, preparing to hit whoever came out of the kitchen. I heard the footsteps make their way out of the kitchen, and I positioned myself, letting out a battle cry and swinging the bat, only to see my cousin on the receiving end, screaming and dodging the bat at the last minute.

“What the fuck?! Do you want to kill me?” Her hoodie covered up her whole body, and her face was covered by her hair. Her plate consisted of a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and lots of ice.

“Arya, are you alright?” I reached towards her to move her hair, but she flinched and moved back, out of my reach.

“Do I look like I’m alright to you?” She snapped. “Fuck, sorry, I’m sorry, I just.. I don’t want to talk about it right now. Can we just sit down and watch some TV?” Arya looked so small and fragile, and it looked like Lucy only took in tiny, hurt animals under her wing.

“Let’s go.” I picked up Bagheera, who chose to tangle himself up in my legs and walked to the couch. “On a side note, could you take me to my apartment, I need to-”

My phone pinged, and I had a text from Lucy. A smile formed involuntarily on my face as I unlocked it.

‘Hey, I’m coming home at like 4:30. Do you need anything from the supermarket or do you want to go somewhere before it gets too late?’

She was way too cute to be part of my life if I’m being completely honest. I had done nothing in my life to deserve her, and my heart clenched at the thought of telling her what I needed to. I sent her a quick text back wishing her luck on her day and that I needed to pass by my apartment to pick up some clothes.

“Need to what?” Arya brought me out of my thoughts.

“Arya, I’m thinking about telling Lucy everything. And I mean everything, even some things that you don’t know about.” I stared at her, looking for some type of cue to tell me whether or not this was a good idea. I heard her take a deep inhale, which led to one of her big laughs.

“I can’t believe you finally found someone you want to confide in,” She turned to me with a big smile on her face, “even if it is my best friend who I will, without a doubt, always choose over you. Just saying. If y’all break up, I’m sticking with her.”

“So you think this is a good idea?”

“OF COURSE it’s a good idea. How do you expect her to truly fall for you when she honestly doesn’t know anything about you? She can’t, and she can’t fall for the image of someone that she’s projecting in her mind. That isn’t healthy. Once you tell her everything, you’ll know where you truly stand with her, and if she would love you for who you really were, which has led to who you are.”

My cousin was a smart ass. She knew how to get around people, and she loved telling people what to do and giving them advice, which is why she studied psychology. She seemed to think telling Lucy everything would be a good idea, and so it would be done.

“Now, are you going to tell my why you’re here or am I going to have to guess?”

Arya looked up at me, leading me to see the huge bruise on her cheek. Her girlfriend was a fucking bitch, and I swear to God that if I ever see that girl she will end up gone from this planet.

“She had told me not to worry,” Arya put on a brave front, her voice monotone, “She said she would never do this again, that she loved me. But she blamed me for it, said I deserved it. God, Kit, I was so blind because I thought her love was real and that we would work through her problems together. I was so fucking wrong.” I hugged her even closer, and her arms tightened around my waist.

“Listen to me, if she was even half the woman you deserve, you would have known. You are going to accomplish great things in your life, and then you will meet the person who you are meant to be with. To me, that soulmate bullshit is real, and since she didn’t treat you how YOU know you deserve to be treated, she is definitely not your soulmate. She didn’t see you for who you truly are,” I hooked my hand under her chin so she was looking at me, “A kind, intelligent and beautiful woman who can do whatever she sets her mind to.”

Arya let out a laugh and hugged me even closer. I hoped that Lucy could get out of work a little earlier, she would know what to do.


“Lucy, my girl, you already know what I want right?” His smile could brighten anyone’s day. Joe had gone through a lot in his life but now he was a CEO of a company stationed here. His was one of the classic self-made man stories that all rich men try to pass off even though they inherited most of their money from their parents. Some even try to pass it off saying it was a small loan of a million dollars, but no one believes that.

“A classic breakfast, eggs sunny side-up, bacon, toast and hash-browns with a black coffee, no sugar or cream.” I wrote it down on the order pad to give to Matt. I slid it into the window and I saw Matt read the order and roll his eyes. He was a health nut, so Joe’s order always came with a note written in ketchup saying he was going to get heart disease.

“See you tomorrow, Joe!” I called out after him as he left the diner. He nodded and drove off in his car. By now, the Diner had gotten pretty busy, full of other business executives that could get into work late and not be penalized. Willa and I both had our work cut out for us. The doorbell kept jingling as people came in and out. I seated them as fast as I could after I issued a quick greeting. Soon, most of the tables were full, and the bell that signaled orders were ready was ringing non-stop.

After a while, the amount of people in the diner subsided and I counted up my tips. Almost $150. Not bad for a rush hour type of morning. The rest of the day went by pretty slow, not only because the steady trickle of people walking into the diner had turned into one or two people every thirty minutes, I just couldn’t wait to leave.

I almost tripped over my feet when I ran out of the diner at 4:30. Home now held a different meaning. It wasn’t a place where my mother was murdered, where death echoed off the walls. It was a place where I had saved a life, where I had nurtured and saved two lives, Bagheera and Kit’s. And the only thing I wanted was to be there with them forever.

The drive was fast because I am a reckless driver, so I’m probably going to get into a car accident one day. It’s a miracle I still have car insurance. I opened my front door and saw Arya and Kit passed out on the couch, both with the same open mouth drooling all over the armrests. A smile crept up on my face when I saw them together, since Arya had told me that they weren’t that close. I hoped they would become closer, and it seems like they have.

I walked up the stairs to my room, changing out of my work clothes and putting on a hoodie and some leggings. I’d much rather comfort over fashion, but I still love dressing up every once in a while for parties or dinners which Arya and I always held. I missed my best friend. We hadn’t gone out in a while since she had been busy with school and her girlfriend, who, by the way, I hate most ardently.

“Boo,” Kit’s voice sounded right next to my ear, making me jump a foot into the air and raising my blood pressure to the roof. His laugh ricochet off the walls, as I worked hard to calm myself down.

“I’m literally gonna kill you, oh my god,” were the first words out of my mouth before I pounced on him and tackled him to the ground. “Don’t fucking scare me like that, you asshole.”

Even though I was a little mad, Kit’s laugh was very contagious and I found myself laughing along with him as I sat on top of him on the floor. I soon realized the precarious position we were in, my brain clicking and deciding to take advantage of the situation. I leaned down and heard his breath hitch, bringing a smile to my face. A soft kiss on his lips, and I was off, heading out of the room. Always leave them wanting more.

“Don’t you need to go to your apartment?” Innocence rang through my voice purposely, and I looked back at Kit from the doorway. He was still on the floor, and soon after my question he started laughing. He rolled over to his side to stand up, and walked past me out the room.

“Let’s go,” His voice was serious, and if he was honestly mad, we were gonna have issues. “Arya, we’re gonna go to my apartment so I can pick up my stuff real quick.”

Arya’s sleepy eyes blinked like ten times as she nodded, then setting her head back down to fall asleep again. The big bruise on Arya’s cheek made me gasp, but I wasn’t surprised, this wasn’t the first time she’d come over with a bruise on her body. Which is why I said I hate her girlfriend with a passion.

“Do you wanna make a quick stop somewhere on the way?” We had walked out of the door, and in my heart I knew where he wanted to stop. At Arya’s, to fuck up Bianca.

“Let’s go.”

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