Like Real People Do

By Cam Martorell All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance

chapter seven: tuesday


This bet was going to kill me. I definitely could keep my hands off of her but I didn’t want to. All I wanted to do was kiss her and make her feel like I felt about her.

But no.

She had to go all vengeful and make this stupid bet. And my stupid ass went along with it because I’m not about to lose a bet or back down from a challenge. Guess what, Lucy? Challenge Accepted and I am going to crush your ass.

That night, I held her as close to me as I could. I was scared of losing her. I was scared of losing what I felt for her. When I woke up, the bed next to me was cold, and fear instantly struck me. Had she left me? Had she decided she wanted nothing to do with me?

Then I remembered it was Tuesday. Regular people went to work during the weekdays. Lucy had obviously gone to work, and I had no reason to worry. At least I hoped. I went down the stairs to find my cousin passed out on the couch.

“Arya,” I gently shook her, “Arya, what are you doing here?”

She groaned a little and rolled over, rolling up even more in the blanket. Arya was a lost cause. I went into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast and I found a note on the table. My heart skipped a beat, and my thoughts roamed wild, from Lucy leaving me to her being kidnapped when I saw the note.


I’m going to be out until 8:00, I have a late shift today and Willa is probably going to try to leave early, so I’ll have to end up doing everything. I’ll see you later, and if you need anything call me or talk to Arya.

Make sure to ask her why she’s here because I just saw her on the couch this morning and she scared the living shit out of me.

Love, Luce

She didn’t leave me, and she wasn’t kidnapped. My heart settled itself, at least for now.

“Kit, what’s for-”

“Fucking hell,” My settled heart was knocked up a couple of notches, “You’re literally the human version of a Prius, sneaky and silent.”

“But you love mee.” Arya hugged me and drew out the ‘e’ in her me. She was right, I loved my cousin. I made some eggs and bacon for breakfast and she gobbled them down so fast it seemed like she hadn’t eaten in three days.

“Arya, are you alright?” I looked at her with concern. “I mean, you just popped up and you scared me and Lucy, is everything alright?”

Arya looked up at me and then I saw it. A huge bruise on her cheek. Tears started flowing down her cheeks and I took her into my arms. Her girlfriend was a fucking bitch, and I swear to God that if I ever see that girl she will end up gone from this planet.

“She had told me not to worry,” Arya choked out between sobs, “She said she would never do this again, that she loved me. But she blamed me for it, said I deserved it. God, Kit, I was so blind because I thought her love was real and that we would work through her problems together. I was so fucking wrong.” I hugged her even closer, and her arms tightened around my waist.

“Listen to me, if she was even half the woman you deserve, you would have known. You are going to accomplish great things in your life, and then you will meet the person who you are meant to be with. To me, that soulmate bullshit is real, and since she didn’t treat you how YOU know you deserve to be treated, she was not your soulmate. She didn’t see you for who you truly are,” I hooked my hand under her chin so she was looking at me, “A kind, intelligent and beautiful woman who can do whatever she sets her mind to.”

A small smile came over Arya’s face and I saw her eyes brighten a little. I told her to go upstairs, shower and change her clothes while I cleaned up the kitchen and set up the living room for a lazy day to make my cousin feel better.

If Lucy were here, she’d know what to do.


Arya had made her way back into my house early Tuesday morning. I found her sleeping on my couch and I shit you not, I almost shit myself. I let her sleep and surprisingly Kit did not wake up while I was getting ready. I checked to make sure he was still breathing and sure enough, he was still alive.

I made sure to leave a note saying where I was so Kit didn’t think the worst. God, did he have me wrapped around his finger. I disappear into the person I love, if I love you, you can have everything from me. I want to give him the sun and the rain and the moon, because everything from me he already has, all he needs to do is ask, and he gets it all.

When I got to work, I braced myself for the worst. I’d stood my ground against Willa, and she was probably going to try to make my day a living hell. If she does, I’ll probably lose the bet. What? I need to destress and what better way to de-stress is there than making out with your man? None.

I walked in, the door jingling to announce the arrival of a person to the diner. To my surprise, Willa wasn’t there.

“She called in sick,” Rod’s voice came from behind the counter, “I think she couldn’t handle seeing the person who put her in her place.” He let out a hearty laugh, and I could tell he had been waiting for someone to put her in her place, “I had to call in Matthew to cover for her since Grace has been planning on taking a week off for a while.”

Ah, Matthew. Now that was another beautiful man. He had blonde hair, soft brown eyes and a kind face that made him look like a lost puppy at times. Plus, he had a personality to match his face. He was as kind as Ghandi was a pacifist. Whenever he came in to take the shift after mine, we would strike up a nice conversation and he never ceased to brighten up my day. Yesterday I didn’t get to see him because he came in a little later than normal.

“How’s my favorite waitress?” I heard his familiar voice behind me.

“Matt!” I turned and hugged him. “How’s my favorite waiter?” I imitated. He kissed my forehead and told me about his college. He was an english major and he was hoping to be a writer and a high school english teacher. He wanted to inspire kids to chase their dreams, kind of like Mr. Keating from Dead Poets Society.

“So, listen-” He was interrupted by the jingling of the door, indicating that now we had a customer. I turned and Joe, one of my regulars was standing there with a huge smile on his face.

“Lucy, my girl, you already know what I want right?” His smile could brighten anyone’s day. Joe had gone through a lot in his life but now he was a CEO of a company stationed here. Hs was one of the classic self-made man stories that all rich men try to pass off even though they inherited most of their money from their parents. Some even try to pass it off saying it was a small loan of a million dollars, but no one believes that.

“A classic breakfast, eggs sunny side-up, bacon, toast and hash-browns with a black coffee, no sugar or cream.” I wrote it down on the order pad to give to Aaron, the chef. I slid it into the window and I saw Aaron read the order and roll his eyes. He was a health nut, so Joe’s order always came with a note written in ketchup saying he was going to get heart disease.

“You were saying?” I turned to Matt with a smile, but he was just looking at me with a blank face.

“Nothing, nevermind.” He smiled and left me confused. I wondered what he wanted to talk about or tell me but he clearly didn’t want me to think of it anymore or at all. Suddenly, my phone pinged and I saw Kit’s number appear on the screen.

Lucy, could you come home? Arya needs you and I miss you.. Read his text.

Babe, I can’t, Willa didn’t come into work today and Grace is on holiday. Matt and I are the only ones working besides the Chef.

I instantly regretted mentioning Matt because I felt like Kit would get jealous at the thought of another guy working with me. Even worse, he left me on read. He was a petty little bastard, holy shit. Twenty minutes later, he texted back.

K. See you in 20 minutes.

Wait… What? What did he mean by see you in twenty minutes? I threw those thoughts to the trash can in my brain. I was at work, I was gonna focus on work. I put my phone on Do not Disturb so that I wouldn’t receive notifications, therefore ensuring I focused on the task at hand. Joe paid for his breakfast, and as always, left me a hefty twenty dollar tip.

“See you tomorrow, Joe!” I called out after him as he left the diner. He nodded and drove off in his car. By now, the Diner had gotten pretty busy, full of other business executives that could get into work late and not be penalized. Matt and I both had our work cut out for us. The doorbell kept jingling as people came in and out. I seated them as fast as I could after I issued a quick greeting. Soon, most of the tables were full and Aaron rang the bell that signaled an order was up almost non-stop.

After a while, the amount of people in the diner subsided and I counted up my tips. Almost $150. Not bad for a rush hour type of morning. I took a tiny break and went to the bathroom, wiping away any loose makeup and dabbing at the sweat on my forehead. Also took a little pee break because not peeing for four hours was not good for my bladder.

Soon after, I walked out and noticed a familiar head of brown curls sitting in a booth. He was not kidding when he said see you in twenty minutes.

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