Like Real People Do

By Cam Martorell All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance

chapter eight: tuesday

chapter eight: tuesday


I felt my anger flare up as soon as I saw her texts. It was a stupid thing for me to get mad over, especially because for one, we weren’t anything exclusive, and on top of that what claim would I have over her? That sounded super sexist but it’s the truth, I wouldn’t have anything to ‘make her mine’. I also just met her so who knows, she could have been the one who ordered me to be buried alive for her to be my savior. The world is full of psycho’s and she could be one of those crazy, stalker “I’m your biggest fan!” type like in Misery.

I need to stop reading those books, holy shit. They’re just gonna make me hate people even more than I already do, and I know that that doesn’t need to happen.

“Damn, Kit, she’s already replacing you,” Arya said in a tone that could only make you think yikes. She was looking at my phone screen and I was starting to get pissed again.

“How would she be replacing me if we aren’t anything?” The retort came out so fluidly someone could think we had planned this fight.

“Alright, alright, I’ll back off. I’m just saying maybe we should go surprise her at work, she’d definitely enjoy that surprise,” Her tone was so mischievous, it was purely my spite that made me take her advice. I sent Lucy a text saying I’d see her in twenty minutes and she left me on read. A great feeling for me to experience right now.

On the ride to the diner, I felt myself regretting this decision so much, but I went through with it just because I was too lazy to turn the car around. I stayed parked outside the diner for a full five minutes before actually getting out and walking into the diner with Arya.

I plopped down in a booth, eyeing a guy behind the counter. Was this Matt? My jealous thoughts interrupted me. Not long after my butt touched the seat, I heard her sweet voice call out my name.


“Kit, what are you doing here?” I walked closer and saw that Arya was sitting with him as well, but since she had her head down on the table I hadn’t seen her before.

“Arya needed to see you, and I couldn’t say no to meeting this ‘Matt’,” Kit’s eyes started burning when he said Matt, which got me kind of scared.

“If you wanna meet Matt, then you’ll also have to meet Rod,” I felt like prodding him because there was no way he was going to act all possessive with me. There was nothing that annoyed me more than a guy getting jealous and super possessive when you are CLEARLY only interested in them. His head whipped around so fast I thought he was going to break his own neck.

“Rod?” Smoke almost started coming out of his ears, and it didn’t help that Matt came out of the kitchen two seconds later.

“Luce, love can you get more ketchup from the back? Table ten ran out of it.” He looked up and the smile that was on his face fell for a second when he saw Kit towering over me.

“Yeah, no worries,” I told him, and then turned to look at Kit, “Stay here, and don’t start anything. Your cut isn’t fully healed and I don’t want to have to call Ben again, do you understand me?” He turned to me with an intimidated look on his face. “I’m not kidding, sit your ass down and we’ll talk when I bring out the ketchup.”

He sat down and he distracted himself by playing with his fingers, while Arya looked up at me about to start laughing her ass off. I walked to the back and got the ketchup bottle out of the fridge, the whole way feeling like I ought to punch Kit for coming to fuck me up at my work. Once the new ketchup bottle was on the table, I told Matt I was going on my break, and grabbed Kit’s hand, leading him to the walk-in fridge which was the only sort of sound proof room in this entire restaurant.

“Kit, why did you come here?” My voice came out calm, completely betraying the amount of anger I was feeling inside. “I’m working, I told you I would be home at six and frankly, not that I would need your permission, you were completely fine with me working until I mentioned Matt in a text. So what the hell?” He looked at the floor, and no explanation came out of his mouth for a good minute. “If it’s some possessive bullshit or jealousy, I don’t want to hear it because I had enough of that in my last relationship and I don’t want to end up taking care of someone after each fight they get into because some guy was looking at me.”

“Look, I’m sorry,” He was looking at me instead of the floor now, “I am honestly not used to feeling this way about someone because the last time I genuinely felt this way towards someone, I was 15. I don’t know how to deal with it so I’m just going with what my gut says, and my gut said go to her job, and Arya concurred-”

“Wait, Arya told you to come?”

“No.. well, yeah, she said we should come.”

“And you listened to her? God, Kit, she loves pranks and causing shit why the hell would you even listen to her?”

“Luce, I may have grown up with her but you know her a hell of a lot better than I do, how was I supposed to know that this was going to be one of her elaborate ways to cause a fight.”

We were standing really close to one another now. You know those really intense scenes in movies where a couple was intensely fighting, and then right after they start making out. Well, it happened. Right now. I don’t know what came over my but I reached up and started kissing him and all he did was pull me in closer and kiss me harder so I guess he was alright with the action.

I pushed him away after a while because for one I had to get back to work, and I wasn’t about to get down and dirty in a walk-in fridge for the first time with Kit. It’d be better in my room, or any room in my house. I felt Kit’s chest rumble and then heard his laugh ring around the fridge.

“What?” I looked up at him and shot him a quizzical look.

“You just lost our bet, my dear sweet girl,” He leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead. Clearly not making out with someone for two years had no impact on my self control.

I hope he didn’t ask for anything too expensive.

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