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My name is Averly Rivers. right before senior year, my best friend decided to move to Malibu, California. I decided that I can't live without him, and now live there myself. Sounds fun, right? Sarcasm At Its Best is a story that centers around the life a teenage girl who has had her fair share of life experiences--rare and not that rare. She has a brilliant mind, quick wit, and most importantly, incredible friends. In the summer before her senior year of high school, her best friend, Matt, moves from their hometown in Oregon to Malibu, California. One month into the school year, and Averly and her mother decide that they are going to move as well. Going to a brand new school in the middle of the semester can be quite hard, so it is up to Averly to rely on her friends and her sarcasm to get through the year. Who knows? Perhaps she will meet a special someone along the way as well.

Humor / Romance
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Author's Introduction

Hello, my lovely readers!

I am deeply appreciative of you for taking your time to look at and read my stories! You might know me for books like the following:

1: I Punched The Bad Boy

2: Skater Cinderella

3: A Day In LA

4: Getting the Geek

If you have read these book on Wattpad or Inkitt, I appreciate you choosing to follow my stories, and I hope I will continue to deliver quality work.

For starters, this story is a sequel to I Punched the Bad Boy. You don’t need to read it to understand the book, but some characters named Charlie and Jake and some of the other characters from the book will be in this story later on. However, due to the fact that I started this story when I was 16 years old, the plot was being pulled out of my ass and 23 year old Kai is now doing their best to make this story make sense. Bare with me as I re-write this story and get it back on track.

If you take pity on a broke writer, feel free to support me through my Buy Me a Coffee lin!

All rights reserved ©2015 by KMMY G

The plot, characters, storyline, ideas, and any other rights in this book belong to the author and only the author, Kmmy_G. The scenes and story of this book are completely fictional and of the imagination of the authors mind. Any resemblance and/or similarities to real life scenarios or individuals is purely coincidental and not of purposeful copying. Any infringement upon the property rights of the author - such as plagiarism, copyright violation, unlawful thievery of the story, broadcasting, selling, reposting, etc. - is against U.S. Copyright laws and will be dealt with in a legal setting.

Sarcasm At Its Best
First published: 2015

Re-published: 2021

~Kmmy G/Kai

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