Superkid and the Vampire's Revenge

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One Last Peek on Doctor Red

Chapter 11: One Last Peek on Doctor Red

You probably thought that was the last chapter, eh? Well, I couldn't leave you without a cliffhanger! How else would I make it look like an accident…

Uh, don't pay any attention to that. Just mumbling to myself.

The dastardly doctor of doom (a cool alliteration or a corny phrase, you decide) had at last finished his machine. He threw up his hands and laughed. Then he clapped his hands together and rolled his eyes weasel-like. He walked around his machine, chuckling and rubbing his hands together.

"With this machine," he said as he caressed it, "I shall destroy Superkid. For with this machine…" he twirled away from it, sending his coat flying, "I can create monsters! Monsters of the most horrific kind! Monsters that Superkid cannot defeat! Giant spiders, giant lizards, giant scorpions, giant centipedes—pshaw! I'll create spider-scorpions! Fire-breathing lizards! Poison-spitting snails! Any mutant creature that I can combine together! And I'll send it to Superkid's town and it'll destroy the town and Superkid!"

He let out a great burst of evil laughter that rattled the windows high on the walls of the abandoned factory. The windows stopped rattling when he calmed down and asked that crucial question.

"What shall I test the machine on?"

It was a question heavy with fate. A question that would be sure to affect Superkid dramatically! A question that would permanently alter his life! For Dr. Red's machine was going to…

Wait a moment! That's for another edition! If you want to find out how this diabolical machine is going to change the life of our hero, Superkid, you're going to have to wait!

…What did you just say? Hey now! That was uncalled for! Patience is a virtue, you know! Just keep your eyes peeled for the next edition and wait patiently!

It's coming soon…

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