Superkid and the Vampire's Revenge

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The Vampire's Escape

Chapter 2: The Vampire's Escape

The dastardly villainess got to spend some time in the Sothton Correctional Institute for Women for the first time—not that she had ever wanted to. For one thing, prison orange clashed horribly with her pale complexion and raven hair. For another thing, the prison food resembled gray paste, which was difficult to swallow, even if she didn't have unusually large canine teeth. And the final thing, she was confined - not allowed to go where she pleased (for her, that was usually in someone's stash of secrets).

On the bright side, she got to meet some interesting people: thieves, carjackers—even a woman who assaulted another woman for having an affair with her husband. My readers would find this interesting, the Vampire thought before she remembered that she was an ex-reporter now and stuck in jail, thanks to that miserable twerp, Superkid! The thought of his smug smile made her blood boil.

And that's why she was planning her revenge—a revenge so devious and evil that Superkid would think twice before crossing her again. But to carry out her revenge, she would first have to escape jail. She had a plan for that too, but she had to wait until the cast on her broken leg was off first.

She also had to wait for the right victim. Guards often entered the prisoner's quarters to check on them and make sure they weren't killing each other or planning any illegal escapes. One of these guards was a hefty woman with an attitude.

"All right, ladies, let's not get any cutesy ideas now." She gave a snort. "My job is to babysit the lot of you and since that's the case I get to make the rules. Are we clear?"

This was the guard the Vampire decided on. Aside from being thick in the waist as well as thick in the head, this one got on the ex-reporter's nerves.

But now that she had all the elements of her plan figured out, all she had to do was wait…

It was a few weeks later when the Vampire finally got the cast off. Her leg was as good as new now. It was time to put her plan into action.

That night in the main room, the convicts were playing cards, arm wrestling, or just scowling at anyone who dared to look at them funny—of course, it was hard to tell the difference between a funny look and funny-looking in there. Contextual differences aside, that's when the guard came in for her nightly check on the prisoners. It was the guard that I mentioned earlier.

"All right, ladies!" she barked. "Time for bed! That's right, you have a curfew like you did when you were in high school. Hurry up! Last one in gets kitchen duty!"

The women all scattered for their cells. When they had all disappeared, only the Vampire and the guard were left.

"Looks like you're our lucky winner," the guard chuckled. "Hurry up or you'll get toilets too."

The Vampire stood up. But rather than go to her cell, she approached the guard.

"Didn't you hear me?" the guard growled, "I said, 'get back to your cell'."

Still the Vampire came. A smile appeared on her face that made the guard nervous.

"I'm warning you!" she threatened, taking a club from her belt and raising it.

The Vampire stopped in front of the guard. She extended a hand, much to the guard's surprise.

"Hello ma'am," the Vampire said in a pleasant voice that absolutely stunned the guard. She spoke as though she had stopped her in the street instead of in a prison. "You've probably never met me before, but I'm sure you've read my articles?"

"Your articles?" the guard blurted stupidly.

The Vampire flashed her a smile. "I'm Rachel Meranst. I'm the reporter of the Piner City Tribune."

"Oh really?" said the guard suspiciously. "Then why are you in here?"

Thanks to her years as a reporter, Rachel could pull a story out of thin air without hesitating and this was no exception. "I'm undercover, reporting the lives of criminal women and showing just how just criminal justice is. And I must say that your penitentiary exceeds my expectations!" She beamed.

The guard was a bit slow on the uptake, but she finally replied, "Oh, uh, thank you."

"And I would just looove to interview you!" said the Vampire. Her lips turned up just the tiniest bit.

"Oh really!" The guard's interest was immediately captured. Life was rather dull for her in this penitentiary. She was hoping for a field job so that she could get more excitement and this seemed like an opportunity to get her noticed by her superiors. "Interview me away," she said, finally taking the Vampire's outstretched hand.

Instantly the guard felt sluggish. It felt as though her thoughts and energy were being siphoned through her hand into this woman's hand.

"I have to leave now," the Vampire said, gripping the guard's hand tightly.

"Leave…" The guard slanted to the side, her mouth open languidly.

"I need you to lead me out of here."


"Yes, lead me out of here."

"Here…" The dazed guard began walking, leading the Vampire by the hand toward the exit. She slowly pulled out keys from her clip and brought them up.

"The key!" the Vampire hissed. "Select the key that will lead us out of here!"

The officer's hand shook as she used a forefinger to slowly rustle through the keys. Finally her finger stopped on one and the rest of her fingers spread out to grab it. The keys dropped.

"Pick them up!" Rachel snarled in the guard's ear.

Slowly, as though she was extremely tired, the guard bent over. The Vampire was forced to bend with her, only to find out that the guard's girth prevented her from reaching the keys.

The Vampire lost her patience. She snatched up the keys and held them up. The officer's hand slowly reached up.

"No! Just tell me which one's the key!"

Her fingers slowly curled in until only her forefinger was extended. She slowly lowered her finger to point at one of the keys. Her hand shook though so it was hard to tell which key she was pointing at.

"This one?" the Vampire asked, pointing with her pinky finger.

The guard's eyes rolled to the back of her head so she couldn't see which key the Vampire was pointing to, thus she didn't respond.

"Is this one it?" the Vampire snapped, jerking the keys.

Suddenly, the guard dropped, nearly pulling the evil woman with her. She let go of the guard's hand and let her drop to the floor. She selected the key the officer might have been pointing at and tried it in the lock. It didn't fit.

"Her stupid shaking," the Vampire grumbled. She wasn't in the habit of taking responsibility for her own actions, so naturally she wouldn't think that her draining the guard's energy caused the guard to shake. She tried another key but this one didn't fit either.

She cursed in frustration as she tried key after key. When the guard groaned and stirred on the ground, she vented off her frustration by kicking her in the head, knocking her out cold. Feeling slightly better, the vampiric woman continued her search for the right key.

After what seemed like the hundredth key, she finally unlocked the prison door. She stepped out cautiously in case any more officers were patrolling the corridors.

Fortunately for her, the Sothton Correctional Institute for Women wasn't heavily guarded. Escape was very rare. Most of the women there had no will to escape even if the only thing holding them in was a line drawn in the sand! The Vampire, on the other hand, was the kind of woman who would attempt to escape a cell with no windows or doors. As it were, she felt that this escape was almost too easy.

She used the set of keys she had taken from the guard to let herself into the dressing room where she found a policewoman's outfit. She changed quickly and stuffed the bright orange prison suit into a tiny garbage can. Then she hurried out of the facility—as fast as she could without drawing attention to herself—and snuck off into the night, abandoning the jangling keys in a nearby bush. As she slunk off, she smiled so that moonlight flashed off her long teeth. Then she muttered in a low voice, "I'm free! Look out, Superkid. I'm coming for you!"

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