Superkid and the Vampire's Revenge

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A Peek on Doctor Red

Chapter 4: A Quick Peek at Doctor Red

So Superkid has no idea about the escape of the nefarious Vampire. He's blissfully going about his business, doing homework and such. So now let us turn our attention to the unfolding of the Vampire's devious plot…

Hang on a moment! What's going on in this abandoned automobile factory? A light streaming through a broken window? Tinkering sounds? A tall shadow working behind a veil of dust?

You know something? I think we've found the lair of the diabolical Dr. Red! Let's take a peek, shall we?

He dragged a heavy-looking bit of machinery to a partially finished machine that stood twice as tall as the evil doctor. He grunted as he gave the part one final heave. Then he turned to a table where a toolbox sat open. As he started toward it, he muttered, "So… Superkid is a more difficult foe than I previously thought. Which goes to show… midgets can be a real nuisance!"

He pulled out tools, rattling the toolbox noisily. When he had finished, he walked back to the machine and dropped his tools. He bent down, took a wrench and began taking apart the machine part.

"But this machine will soon wipe that smug smile off of his face! He will cower in fear when he faces the ultimate monster!" He cackled evilly.

Curious to know what he's inventing? Perhaps we'll find out very soon! Ooh, I can feel my spine tingling at the thought! A machine that will be Superkid's ultimate downfall! I can almost hear you desperately trying to warn Superkid of the impending doom…

What do you mean, 'just my imagination'? Surely you don't want to see him meet his doom?

What? The story always turns out for the hero? The same kind of ending? You only read this because someone made you?

All right, you spoilsports! Let's get back to the story.

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