Superkid and the Mutant Plants

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The Fall of Unnatural Nature

I think we've given the two archenemies enough time to recuperate. Let's check in on them.

"I didn't know you could pop out your eyes," Dr. Red exclaimed, grinning malevolently.

Superkid couldn't answer. He was too busy trying to pry Vena's fingers from his head, but she was slowly squeezing it, causing his eyes to bulge…

WHOA! Slow down! I think we need to rewind a little bit. We must have missed this while everyone was following Pinno under the root of evil.

Okay, so Red and Superkid were on the ground, still loopy from their crazy fall. Then Vena reached down and grabbed them, one in each hand, and lifted them into the air. Red gripped Vena's leaf fingers and reeled - which probably meant he was not a fan of roller coasters.

"You okay there?" Superkid said, trying to sound upbeat for his nemesis's irritation but his words were slurred.

The villainous doctor didn't answer for a while - just leaned over Vena's fingers as though waiting to throw up. But eventually he answered, "Probably more okay than you are going to be."

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh yes." He turned up to his overly large minion and commanded, "Squeeze him, Vena!"

"Uh oh," said our hero. He scrambled to his feet and then jumped from Vena's hand, diving toward the ground. She swooped her hand in and caught him upside-down. She righted him by tossing him up and then catching him by the head. His body swung down like a swing, the force of which would surely have taken his head off if he hadn't caught her fingers and tensed his arms. It burned his muscles when the weight forcibly straightened his arms, but at least his head was still attached. Which was going to be of little comfort because the mutant flora was now slowly squeezing his head.

"Having Vena eat you would probably have been more humane," Red told his enemy, "but I prefer effectiveness. Besides, I wouldn't have my baby eating anything she obviously can't digest."

The pain built up as Vena squeezed Superkid's head. He kicked his legs and pulled his body up - more to relieve the pain than to try escaping the vicious Dionaea muscipula's crushing grip.

The malicious medical professional grinned. "I didn't know you could pop out your eyes!"

Neither had Superkid, but apparently he could do it, especially with the help of a titanic mutant plant. Ooh, this is going to be gruesome; I can't bear to watch. Fortunately, we have other points of interest, so let's take a look.

Black Belt stood at the base of the enormous carnivorous plant. She stared up at the man controlling it, who looked to be the size of an ant from this distance. She had managed to get Doctor Rowenna E. Doublin to the safety of a rusted car, but now she had to find a way to take this monstrous weed down or at least impede its reign of terror somehow. She figured that the first step would be to take out the man controlling the weed. But to even get to him would mean getting past all the arms waving from its stalk, and the last time she'd tried that, she'd been thrown off and almost paralyzed when she slammed into the ground. So the question was how was she going to get to him?

"That's the stupidest plan I'd ever heard."

This would logically come from Darrin in response to Derrick's idea, but astoundingly this statement actually came from Derrick. Not so astounding though when we learn that the plan came from Pinno. Had it come from someone else, Derrick might have actually approved. Derrick himself might have actually cooked it up!

The plan was actually very simple. Gather all the chemicals around the basement and pour them on Vena's roots. Simple as that. But because Pinno came up with it, Derrick didn't like it.

"What's wrong with it?" Darrin asked him curiously, unaware of Derrick's animosity toward the horsey-looking kid.

"It's too risky! What if the chemicals make it bigger and… more tentacley?"

"I don't think it's that risky. I doubt all the chemicals will do that even if there's one that does. Besides, what else can we do to stop this monster? Might as well see if one of these will poison it." And with that, he started gathering up the beakers and test tubes.

The old man leaned toward his son. "I thought it was a brilliant plan, my son."

"Thanks, Papa," Pinno grinned.

Derrick huffed.

They all gathered chemicals, ducking under Vena's roots hanging like badly strung party streamers. They found chemicals in storage boxes, in racks, in coolers, and even just scattered on the floor. The four of them soon gathered together with their arms full of solutions.

"Who wants to go first?" Darrin asked as he gently deposited his collection at his feet.

"I think my son should have the honor," said the old man, smiling fondly at his son.

"I object!" Derrick declared, scattering his collection onto the ground until he was left with one test tube in his hand. He fumbled with the cork until he finally managed to pop it out with a grunt. Then he held it up for the rest of them to see, smirking.

The old, Italian man whispered to his son, "I don't much like that boy."

"Really?" Pinno shrugged. "I think he's funny."

Derrick, having seen the old man and his son whispering but had not heard it, turned away defiantly and lifted his vial over one of the thick, slimy roots. He suddenly became apprehensive at what might happen if he dropped this golden solution with blue glitter drifting inside it on Vena's vital organs. Would it kill her or do something to make her harmless or would it make her mad enough to kill him? He almost decided to let Pinno have the honors after all. But then he saw the ugly kid watching him expectantly and his father beside him watching, with his bushy mustache twitching irritably since Derrick had insisted on stealing the limelight from his son. He saw Darrin watching him expectantly also, and that's when he realized that if he didn't do this, he was forever going to be the guy who chickened out of the chance to save the world. It would be especially bad since he had insisted on doing this, taking Pinno's glory. And if Pinno ended up doing it for him, that would be the worst of all! He could just imagine the taunting:

"Derrick chickened out and some kid called Pinno did it instead!"

"A kid named Pinno outdid Derrick? Maybe Derrick should change his name to Pinno Junior!

"Or maybe even Puno!"

"Yeah! Puno!

"Pinno outdid Puno!"

Derrick burned at the thought. No kid named Pinno was going to outdo him! And with that, he overturned the vial, pouring the gold-with-blue-glitter liquid onto the root. He immediately backed off, feeling as though he had just lit the fuse on some massive bomb. His companions did the same, though they all kept their eyes on the root where the chemical was immediately absorbed. And they all waited for something to happen… and what was that something?

Stay tuned for this exciting event!

Dr. Red whispered tensely under his breath, "Pop… pop… pop… pop…"

Superkid's eyes were getting impossibly large. At any moment, it seemed the eyes would burst like pimples - seems those are going around quite a lot today - and spray viscous liquid everywhere. But just when it seemed Superkid's life was going to end in a shower of vitals - not to mention the ending of my career as a children's literary writer - Vena straightened and dropped Superkid. He fell halfway down before he blew up his balloon to slow his fall - yes, he still had Pinno's shirt in hand - so that he could safely groan about having a headache.

The villainous doctor nearly found himself falling with his nemesis. Vena's fingers stretched out and then bunched again, nearly throwing him off. "Vena!" he cried. "What's going on?"

The answer was that the chemical Derrick had poured onto her root was crystallizing the water in her veins, freezing an entire section of her massive body. She roared in pain and shook herself. A long slice from her body shattered into green and clear crystals that showered down. Superkid was a few feet away from the shower, but a stray crystal shaped like a dagger slashed his balloon and sent him falling… no, not to his death, he was only a few feet from the ground, but it did hurt!

Dr. Red clung to his dear's leafy fingers as she reeled. "Vena! Vena! Calm down! Vena! Listen to me!"

She would not be tamed. Especially when her roots were being assaulted by solutions of various effects and torture! For when the root had suddenly shattered into glittering gems, the crew below began throwing everything they had.

Darrin threw a beaker filled with glittering white powder. The beaker shattered, the white powder settled on the root, and suddenly the root began to float like a balloon.

Then the old, Italian man poured green syrup onto the root. Immediately, the root twitched, flinging the goop in different directions: over the old man's head, on the root next to Pinno, on Darrin's shirt, and in Derrick's hair.

"Derrick!" Darrin cried to his friend. "Your hair!"

"What's it doing? Get it off! Get it off!" He swiped the goop from his hair with his hands, dancing around as though a tarantula had been dropped down his pants. Darrin yelled above his shouting, "Not with your hands, you idiot! Not with your…" Then he groaned when he saw Derrick's hands covered in globs of the green syrup.

"Get it off! Get it off! Oh no! It's already on me! I'm going to die; it's already on me! What kind of idiot threw it on me - I'm going to kill 'em now I'm gonna die it's not fair whatdidIdotodeservetodieeveryonehatesmejustbecauseIdidachemicalfirst…" Derrick ranted as he danced and hopped, snatching bottles and beakers, throwing them furiously in every direction, forcing the rest of them to take shelter.

A blue bottle filled with dark but strange, ethereal-looking liquid exploded, throwing blue shards of glass like throwing stars -

- a liquid that shifted from gray to pink spilled onto a cluster of roots. Immediately afterwards, silver-brown smoke rose from the roots -

- a strange purple mixture that seemed to be composed entirely of electricity leaped from the bottle onto the roots and crawled all over them like hyperactive spiders -

- a sickly yellow mixture that smelled like rotten eggs, sewage, and puke seeped into another set of roots, turning them pale -

- a blue, glue-like chemical adhered itself to yet another set of roots, which gradually began to glow -

- and many more concoctions were flung, many more effects took place - some invisible but most with interesting if not bizarre shows. The creature above, whose roots were being attacked, writhed and screeched horribly, clawing at her head, her body, the ground… Dr. Red was still in her hand when she slapped the ground and clawed through the broken asphalt, leaving him thoroughly bruised and shaken. Something was happening to Vena, he knew. Something dangerous. She was no longer under his control.

Vena's screams began anew when spikes pushed their way out of her body - sharp, long, and lethal-looking. Even on her fingers the leaves fell off, fluttering to the ground, while three long claws grew in their place. He wouldn't be safe in her hands now. Then it became apparent he would definitely not be safe in her hands when they burst into flame. Soon after that, he noticed lines glowing inside her body, growing brighter until flames burst to life like bolts of lightning up her body. She screamed again.

Superkid had defeated his creation. Somehow, Superkid was responsible for everything that was happening to his Vena. Someday, he was going to pay. Someday, Superkid was going to pay for destroying his one and only love.

He was going to slink off so he could rise again some other time to wreak his vengeance on the pint-sized hero, but then Vena screamed, "RE-E-E-E-E-E-ED!" freezing him in place. Then her flaming fingers came slashing down, striking the ground on either side of him. The evil doctor's blood froze - despite the heat from her burning fingers - at how close Vena had come to goring him. She pulled her fingers back, sparks buzzing and crackling as she tilled the ground until she lifted them to her face. When she saw she had not managed to grab her creator, she screamed again, "RE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-ED!"

Red was already off and running. Her claws sliced the air with a terrifying whistle until she stabbed the ground, just barely missing the doctor. While her claws did miss, the fire did catch on Red's coat. He didn't realize it though, busy as he was running for his life.

Vena screeched again and suddenly the streets exploded as root after python-like root surfaced, penning Red in. But even as he backed away in horror, the roots continued ravaging the streets, slapping the asphalt repeatedly, slamming into buildings, breaking glass - it was like a giant viper's nest had come to life! Worse still, when the malevolent doctor looked closely, he noticed that the roots seemed to be… growing!

He turned to look up at Vena. He wasn't sure since she was moving around so much, but it seemed she was bigger than when he had last seen her from down here.

Something hit him in the back, knocking the breath out of him. He fell forward and caught himself with his hands, gasping for breath. He was flipped onto his back then back onto his front then onto his back again. He was surprised to find himself staring at the white-clad woman, who was stomping on his coat, which sprayed sparks and smoke. Then she grabbed his front and brought him up to her face.

"What's happening to your plant?" she yelled above the mutant flora's screaming.

"I don't know!" Red answered honestly.

Black Belt thought it might have been some sort of transformation that the mad doctor had caused to make it more effective in taking over the world, but even the spewing of its sticky, green blood seemed a little extreme for it. The spikes were intimidating as were the flaming veins. The green smoke billowing behind the plant was a little showy. The purple sparks flying between its limbs every time it moved also seemed showy. But she could see now the monster was no longer under control. The loud shrieking, the wild flailing and twitching, the gouges it was leaving in its face and body meant the thing was in terrible pain. She turned back to the doctor and shook him. "What do we need to do?"

Doctor Red shook his head. "I doubt there's anything we can do."

"Does it have some sort of vital organ? A weakness of any kind?"

"The roots," Superkid answered, stumbling up to the two. He was back in his costume though it was stained and torn in a few places. "The roots sustain every plant and are what keeps weeds returning again and again."

"So we destroy the roots?"

"That's what I'm saying."

"How? They're too widespread. Look." She dropped Red to point to the thrashing pythons surrounding them.

Indeed, they were too widespread. Superkid was also right in that they were sustaining Vena. All the chemicals had all soaked into her roots and were causing reactions in each other as well as her body. Her body wasn't taking all these reactions well and she was dying from it. But Vena was a stubborn girl. She had plugged all of her roots into every available plant, mutated and normal alike, and was sucking all of their vitality dry - which meant if Superkid and his friends somehow managed to destroy Vena and survive, they wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up. That wouldn't sustain her for long, which was why she had more roots seeking out other plants to suck vitality from. Superkid and the rest of them didn't know it, but if they didn't stop Vena soon, the whole world was going to become a barren rock, which meant total extinction would follow, with the herbivores going first - including those vegetarians - and then the carnivores. At least we meat-lovers would outlast those veggie-loving, meat-hating folks, eh?

But then the malevolent man with the esteemed title was struck by inspiration that would prevent this chain-reaction of elimination of the food chain. And this stroke of inspiration manifested itself in these words: "Her boil!"

Black Belt and Superkid both turned to him with bewildered expressions. "Huh?"

"Her blister…" He pointed to the enormous, shiny bubble rising from her side, which Superkid had mistaken for an enormous bulb. It was somehow clear of spikes and fire. "Where the chemical spilled on her. If you puncture it, it may be enough to… to stop her."

"Puncture it?" Superkid repeated. "With what?"

Black Belt scooped up jagged green crystals and held them up for Superkid to see. He accepted one from her, tested its weight, and nodded. "That should work."

"No it won't," Red negated. "Her hide will be quite tough and poking her with those tiny things will be like poking a water balloon with a pine needle. You'll need something bigger and sharper."

"Like what?" asked Black Belt.

The whistle of Vena's claws slashing through the air drew their attention. Superkid said quietly, "Oh," while Black Belt nodded with a grim frown and said, "I see." Somehow, they had to get Vena to pop her own boil.

"That seems simple enough," said Black Belt, beginning stretching exercises.

"It's going to be tricky just getting to her," Superkid pointed out. "But climbing up to her boil will be suicidal, what with all her arms and enormous spines and that."

"You can just fly us up there." The karate master bent over sideways, almost impossibly touching the ground.

"Not with a slashed balloon." Superkid pulled his cape around to show all the rips and tears in it.

"Then do you have another plan?"

Superkid considered her web-belt at her waist. "Do you think you can break your last record?"

She touched her belt, giving the youthful vigilante a cold glare. "What record?"

Superkid's mouth turned up in a grin. "Furthest distance for slinging an annoying, loud-mouthed twerp."

She relaxed her threatening posture a bit, her frown slackening a smidgen. "I could try."

Doctor Red chuckle dryly. "This is an event I'll have to see."

They all approached the thrashing behemoth as close as they dared. Black Belt removed her whip as they neared and reeled it into her hand until she reached the end, which she proffered to Superkid. He took it with a nod and then backed away to stretch the rope taut. Dr. Red crossed his arms. Despite the sorrow he felt that he had to let them destroy Vena, he was also interested to see Superkid flung by the testy karate woman. And who knows? Superkid might even get killed in the process.

Black Belt took a stance: her feet spread apart for stability. "Ready?" she asked.

"Before we begin, I need you to tell me when to let go."

She nodded. "I understand."

Our brave hero nodded. "All right. I'm ready."

So she began spinning. Superkid ran a few steps to help her get started and then he was in the air, flying out like a kite on a merry-go-round. The malicious doctor had to jump out of the way when his archenemy swung around to him.

Keeping her legs far apart, Black Belt twirled Superkid around, building up momentum and spinning him faster and faster. After a few spins, she angled it so that he was aimed up at Vena's boil. She had to be careful though not to aim too high; otherwise, he would crash into the ground on the downswing.

"Now?" Superkid yelled above the wind.

"Wait!" Black Belt responded curtly. She whirled him faster and faster.


"Wait!" Faster and faster.

"Now - "


He was spinning so fast now, everything was a blur. The rope was beginning to slide from his grip.

"I can't hold on - "


Superkid was so surprised, he let go. His aim was true - or maybe it was Black Belt's aim since she was the one who tossed him - but he was the one who let go at the right time - but she was the one who told him to let go - oh, whatever! He slammed right onto the shiny, bulbous lump at her base.

Vena instantly reacted, bringing her claws down to slap him, but fortunately he had fallen before she got him… at least, before she got him lethally. She grazed his thigh as he fell, but once he landed on his feet, he could leap safely away…

At least, that was the plan. But before that happened, he stopped with a jerk that sent an echoing series of cracks that racked his entire being with pain. It was a while before he pinpointed the area of most intense pain - his middle knuckle where an orange point of light glowed.

Red chuckled evilly, cradling his MAT. "Bull's-eye."

Black Belt had seen the heartless doctor fire his weapon and saw now that Superkid was trapped. Vena was swinging her claws down a second time and this time there was no escape for our hero. She realized there was no time to save him and he was going to be gored, meaning his life would truly end. So her only question was should she see this as Superkid finally getting his come-uppance or as a cruel tragedy that must be avenged?

So the end had come at last. After only four short editions, Superkid was going to be no more. Dark days would soon descend upon Poolington. Chaos would reign supreme. Villains would run unchecked. No decent citizen would be safe, for Superkid's end was rushing up to meet him in the form of a claw twice his size…

No! I can't do it! I can't just stand here and narrate the end of Superkid's life! Not an innocent, little child whose noble aspirations were to clear the streets of eccentric, questionably motivated criminals! I love him too much! I feel as though I personally raised him from stuffy, faint-hearted twelve-year-old to dashing, fearless hero! It would be too tragic to end his life now in the prime of his youth when he has so much potential! I still have many more adventures of his to narrate! Fortunately, I have some powerful connections.

Somebody's arms suddenly wrapped around from behind the villainous doctor and gripped his gun. He was so surprised that he jerked his gun, accidentally pulling the trigger. A flash of tangerine zipped through the air, tracing a glowing line upon the retinas of those watching, until it tacked into the center claw, stopping it just above Superkid's ear - another close call, which is all in a day's work for us. The momentum of Vena's downward slash caused the center claw to be ripped off while the left and right claws slashed past him on either side and plunged into the boil.

Vena shrieked her loudest yet - the ultimate shriek of doom, despair, and defeat, for she had delivered herself the coup de grace. Her claws came away as fast as they had gone in and twin spouts gushed out on either side of Superkid - sticky, translucent, forest-green syrup that spilled down Vena's side, dousing ropes of flame below the boil. It also surprised unpleasantly the crew still testing every chemical they could find on the monstrous Dionaea muscipula's roots. The goop only came up to their waist, fortunately, but they would be washing their clothes for months trying to get out all the stickiness and the bitter smell of chopped weeds.

As the boil deflated of its fluids, Vena's body began to shrivel. She tried desperately to stay alive, but she was losing more vitality than she was taking. Soon, she didn't even have enough to spread her roots out and death traveled up those roots, shriveling all the way along until it reached her main body. Here, death traveled up her stalk in a slow and very dramatic fashion. Vena swatted futilely at it like she was trying to put out a fire, but eventually death shriveled her arms and all that was left was her head.

She pointed her mouth to the sky, let out one final screech - not her loudest since she didn't have much life left; it was more like a sigh - and then death took her head, shriveling the two halves in a dry whisper. And then, to make absolutely certain that Vena was really, honestly dead, she crumbled into dust the way a sand castle crumbles when watered.

And that's how this seemingly insurmountable odd was surmounted. With the great threat defeated, the town of Poolington could return to peace. Superkid had fulfilled his duty.

But not unscathed. The weight of his body was too great for his finger. It ripped free of his hand. He fell to the ground with a cry of pain that he quickly muffled. Dr. Rowenna E. Doublin - the very person who had saved his life by causing Dr. Red to tack the claw before it plunged into his brain - ran to him and pulled him into a compassionate embrace.

"Oh, you poor thing! Are you all right?" She squeezed him so tightly he couldn't breathe.

"Just a scratch," he wheezed bravely over the empathic psychiatrist's shoulder. Derrick, who was just climbing out of the basement, saw the embrace and he froze, a look of abjection on his face. Superkid turned away from him and studied the bloody stump where his middle finger had been with a little loss and more of "I wonder what Mom will say when she sees this." One thing for sure, whatever she said, there was going to be some freaking out to go with it.

The good doctor pretty much confirmed this when she pulled him away, spotted his missing finger, and screamed, "Oh my goodness, your finger!" She grabbed his remaining digits and moved them around as though she might find the missing one hidden behind them. "Where's your finger? Does it hurt? Oh, what should we do? We need a doctor!"

"You are a doctor," Derrick said in an attempt to win back her favor. He shot Superkid a glare.

"A psychiatrist," Dr. Rowenna corrected. "We need a medical doctor." And she turned to the malevolent doctor who had almost gotten our pint-sized hero killed. He was trussed in web-rope with Black Belt hanging on to the end.

Dr. Rowenna took Superkid over to the villainous doctor. Superkid looked up at her and asked, "What are you doing?"

She didn't answer him. Instead, she kneeled in front of Red, assumed a stern expression, and demanded, "You need to operate on this boy's finger now!"

"What?!" Superkid exclaimed, yanking his finger-challenged hand out of hers. "He'd sooner melt me into a pile of goop than put my finger back on."

"He's right, of course," said Doctor Red with a malicious smile.

"Listen, we don't have time for this!" said Doctor Rowenna E. Doublin, still attempting to be assertive. "His finger's been torn off and if we don't hurry and graft it back on soon, it will be too late!"

"And that concerns me, why?"

The benevolent doctor gritted her teeth. "If you don't help graft his finger back on, I will make your life so miserable, so help me!"

The malevolent doctor snorted. "You don't scare me."

"If she doesn't then I should," responded Black Belt in a tone that wasn't arrogant but deadly serious.

And she did scare him… but she also filled him with admiration. Here was a woman whom he could take seriously. A spark within his dark soul flared to life, presenting an omen of things to come.



As far as endings go, this wasn't the happiest. For one thing, even though Dr. Red agreed to graft Superkid's finger back on his hand at the threat of being incapacitated by Black Belt, they found they couldn't even get the finger untacked from the air, especially without damaging it. It was soon too late and it looked like Superkid would have to live the rest of his life without his middle finger - it would forever hang as a memorial of his sacrifice next to the claw of Vena, which symbolized the magnitude of the challenge that he had overcome. Frustrated by this tragic defeat, Dr. Rowenna E. Doublin turned MAT against Dr. Red, leaving him tacked in place by his shoulder with an almost terrifying growl of "Have a taste of your own medicine!" She later alerted the police to his location after helping to take down the cages where the citizens had had time to complete five epiphanies. But when the police arrived to arrest the villainous doctor, he was gone, leaving behind only a chunk of red skin.

After the citizens had been rescued, they thanked Superkid and his friends, including Pinno, his old father, and Doctor Rowenna E. Doublin - Black Belt had mysteriously disappeared after helping with the rescue - and the city council assured Superkid that the best doctor would be found to give him a new finger. Mrs. Purn took the news of her son's missing finger surprisingly well though she made quite a few threats and promises that would have turned Dr. Red's blood icy cold. When asked how she was going to break the news to Superkid's alter ego, Aaron, about his missing finger, she decided, "I'll tell him that's what happens when he uses it inappropriately." It turned out to be quite effective - Aaron was now terrified that he became a foul-mouthed, foul-gesturing rabble-rouser when he spazzed out and avoided people as much as he could so they wouldn't turn him back into the jerk.

Derrick was taken to a doctor to fix that hole in his chest. The surgeon wound up taking fat from his rear to patch it. To add insult to injury, Derrick soon became known as "Buttman," much to his horror.

Since Vena's last desperate ploy to stay alive, every single plant in Poolington was dead: weeds and flowers, trees and shrubs, fruits and vegetables. In a state of paranoia, the town decided not to replant their town, opting instead to use artificial turf for grass, artificial trees to line the roads, and artificial shrubs to border their yards. Even Mrs. Terrell decided to go for artificial roses; she reasoned this would give her more time for her other hobbies. "Those evil vines did give me an idea for a new recipe," she said, giving her glittering cookies a sly grin. "And I might have an idea or two to improving Superkid's wonderful costume," she added, eyeing the slashed and scuffed bundle on her rocker.

As for replacing the fruits and vegetables, the town forbade any fresh produce from entering the city limits. The laws limited imported food to cans, packages, and meats. These laws were in effect for three months, by which time, the city council reasoned, the paranoia would abate. It was a calculated strategy since voters were notorious for their short memories and it was likely they would start wondering why the city council had enacted such a ridiculous law as banning fresh produce and consequently vote for other candidates. Not to mention that they wanted to minimize damage made with the transport industry as well as the agricultural industry.

I think that just about covers everything in this epilogue. Superkid may have lost a finger in this adventure, but he's still got more than enough of himself left for more adventures! Can Superkid overcome the odds without his beloved finger? What sort of trials will our hero be faced with next? Tune in next year for…

Huh? What about Superkid's fight with the giant pine tree when Vena swatted him away? You mean to tell me you actually remembered that?! Well uh…

Oh look! Another banal new release with raving reviews from prestigious sources! See ya!

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