Rich Dogs And Poor Cats

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emperly High School. A school based off of social class and hierarchy. No matter what you have or not, be in money or in debt, you still have to be in said respectful class. Except one wants to get "Rich Dogs And Poor Cats" tells the story of 18 year old Wessler Fannett, and 17 year old Clarinda Purcell. Clarinda is part of the rich, high class at Hemperley High School. She's quite sarcastic, funny, and nice towards almost everyone. Wessler Fannett is part of the middle/low class category with his friends. He's from England as well as his friends. His goal is to get Clarinda broke.

Humor / Drama
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Wessler | An Opportunity

My parents were not a fan of the boarding school that my friends and I had been together in. I didn’t like it either.

My mum then told me that we would move to America and stay there. Permanently. It meant that I’d lose my friends, along with everything and everybody else. I told my friends about the news, and they had a mixture of shock and sadness on their faces.

Days later, one of said friends, Fronie, told me that they all begged their parents to come with me to America. I thought they were joking, but their parents actually said yes.

In fact, my Mum got extra tickets for them to come and live in America! Not with us in the same house, but separate housings of course! We were all glad about that day.


I’ve been living here in America for a while now. Four years to be exact since I moved here when I was 14. Now, I’m eighteen. You’d think I’d be happy with how my life is going and all, right?

No, I’m not actually. I feel angered by it. All because of Hemperly High School and the social ranking I was put upon.

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