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Do you know how it feels to be invisible? Let me tell you. It feels disgustingly awful, You feel like you're some sort of disease that everyone choose to stay away from. I wasn't very lonely because I still had 2 friends by my side but to everyone else, I was a walking plague. --^--^-- Kelly is a nerd. She's not a rebellious teenager, but more of a simple girl who takes whatever life gives her. She's been bullied all her life and the few people who keep her going are her family and her two best friends, Olivia and Julian. Life has always been the same for Kelly, with the constant bully buy what she doesn't expect was to be sent to live with the world famous Brandon twins. She tried to keep it from everyone but it got out, her bully got worst and she eventually didn't know who to trust anymore. Follow Hey Baby Girl through a battle of emotions, trust and friendship. Will Kelly survive the sudden fall?

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1: Sup Nerd

"The beginning is always NOW."

― Roy T. Bennett


Hey there, I am Kelly. Kelly Gloria Johnson. You can call me Kel but it's nothing special because all my friends call me that. I'm not your typical bad girl or rebellious teenager. I'm a Goody Two Shoes to be exact. I get A's in all subjects, never gotten detention and I'm shy, what could be a better name for me than a goody two shoes?

"Kelly!", Someone calls me. That would be my mom.

My mom is African and beautiful. Some people call her 'African Beauty'. She's got hazel eyes, perfectly shaped lips, beautiful curly and shiny black hair, and she's fit. Sometimes, I'm asked why I don't take after my mom in the looks department.

That'll be because of my dad.

Most of my features come from him, except my skin color which is just a little lighter than mom's, and curly brown hair. My dad is American. He left us when I was 14, which was 3 years ago.

My baby sister was only 3 months old back then, she's now 3. Her name, Lydia. Mom fell into depression after he left. She stayed in her room crying for days and I had to take care of Lydia myself. A month later, she finally got a grip on herself and started working. She's now a successful businesswoman. She has handled a lot and I'm very proud of her.

She gets to travels a lot owing to her job and the best part is that she always goes with Lydia and I. We have visited a lot of places such as Rome, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, New York, Dubai, and places which don't come to mind at the moment.

"Yes, Mummy!", I call back, then mushed myself off my bed and enter her room, which is just next door.

"Kel... I need to talk to you," She pats the space beside her gesturing me to sit.

I sit then lay my head on her lap "So..", I sing, dragging the 'O'.

"I'm traveling to Kenya," She says and I smile.

"Great! I'll pack mine and Lydia's bags. When are we leaving?", I spring up into a sitting position with a big smile, already fantasizing myself having fun in Kenya.

"No Kel, I'm going alone. I'm not going with either you or Lydia," She smiles sadly.

"What?", My eyes widen, "But you always go with us"

"I know, but not this time. I can't go with you because I'll be away for 8 months or more, and you can't be out of school for that long," She explains with a sad expression.

Even if I am, I'm sure no one will realize, since they want me dead.

I kept my thought to myself and responded with a nod then placed my head back on her laps, "So, we're gonna be home alone?" I ask pushing my lower lip out, hoping that she'll change her mind. Mom has never left us alone at home. The longest she has been was only for 8hours but on second thoughts even is she leaves us, I'm sure I can take care of the house and Lydia.

"No. You're gonna be staying with the Brandon's," She smiles down at me, while my eyebrows stick together, forming as I sit up.

"You mean the Brandon's, as in Ace and Livia Brandon? As in the owners of the Brandon Empire? As in their twins Jay and Jayden Brandon? As in the JJ twins? As in Veronica Brandon?", I stutter out a response.

"Yeah," She answers giving me an odd look. "Livia is a good friend of mine. Ace is sending me to Kenya for 8 months and I explained the problem of not being able to leave you guys for that long; so she offered to take you guys in and take care of you and, I agreed," She shrugged, lifting her weight to her feet and making her way to the bathroom.

I go off the bed and ran out the window to see if there are any pigs flying around but there were non. I love the Brandon twins but I don't want to lie with them. I couldn't really how I was feeling as half of me is excited but the other half is scared.

The Brandon Twins, aka the JJ twins, are not just stars in our school. They are also world famous. Their Parents Ace and Livia are the owners of The Brandon Empire which my mom is working in and I could never thank them enough for giving her a new and better life.

The JJ twins are Tik Tok and YouTube stars. I always keep up with their uploads. I follow them on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tik Tok but unfortunately for me, they'll never know because all my accounts are set to private and I don't use my photos on them. I use the pseudonym Kenney_Life. I am not a stalker. But I do have a fan page dedicated to the twins, don't judge, I was young when I created it.

Then there is Veronica Brandon, the twins' elder sister. She is a beautiful woman and a famous model. Veronica is also well known for her charity work. She has helped a lot of orphan children and is very good with kids. She's just 22.

The only reason why I haven't made any type of contact with them even tough we're in the same school is because I'm not allowed to talk to them, look at them of even follow them on social media. Dumb rule? I know. I can't wait to introduce you to the infamous psychopath that made it.

"Kewy!", Lydia gurgles, running into the room, nearly tripping.

"Yes, Ly?", I smile and pick her up pecking her cheek. I place her on my lap then wrap my arms around her waist to hold her steady while she wraps her legs around my waist.

In comparison to Lydia and I, Lydia is the lucky one. She has grey eyes which are from our dad, long brown curly hair and a tanner shade of brown compared to me, she's beautiful.

"Kewy, can you buy me chocowate?", She pouts.

"Sure. Just wait till mom comes out of the bathroom then I'll get the money and buy you some, OK?", I smile. She nods with a giggle and began wiggling herself out of my grip, so I place her on the ground.

Lydia and I share an amazing sister bond. Sure, she can get annoying at times but and we fight a lot like many other siblings but apart from that, we're good.

I watched her bounce out of the room, then sat up and walked to my room for a warm shower.


15 minutes later, I change into a grey t-shirt, sweatpants, and a grey hoodie. It is only January 15th, hence the cold weather. After combing my thick and curly hair, I pull it into a bun atop my head and go into mom's room.

"Mom?", I call as I enter the room, only to find her in her closet packing away her clothes.

"Yes, darling?", She turns.

"Ly wanted chocolate. Can I go out for a walk and buy some for her on the way?" I ask.

"Sure. Just take 5 dollars from my purse," She gestures to her vanity table, where her purse is kept "Buy some bread too on the way would ya" She smiled and I nodded, taking out the bill.

I place my iPhone 7 on my nightstand and take out my Nokia, pushing it into my hoodie pocket. Did I mention that I'm also not allowed to have social media accounts? It's the reason why I keep a Nokia. I use it for calls at least at school or when I'm pretending to be a nobody when I go out.

For social media, I use my iPhone, which only a few people know I have. Since I'm not allowed to have social accounts, I have them on my Iphone. I never take it out of the house unless I'm traveling.

I know what you must be thinking. Who uses Nokia's in this age? It's old-fashioned, but trust me, it's a lifesaver for me. It helps me stay away from a certain someone. After stepping out of the house and shutting the door on my way, I pulled my hood and and walk down the sidewalk with my hands in my hoodie pocket and my head looking down. The grocery store is just a few blocks away from home and I like a good walk so I love buying the groceries.

I have also brought my iPod shuffle with me and I have the song 'Introducing Me" from Camp Rock two blasting into my ears. I once saw a life hack on YouTube that if someone has an earpiece on, people tend to talk to them less, since then, I always have one on.

As I walk, I hum the tune of the song, still keeping my head down, when I suddenly came crashing down. I fall to the ground and hit my chest first, cursing and wincing in pain.

I swear I'm not clumsy. Must have been an invisible stone "Aww, is the nerd licking the ground because she has no food to eat?"

Oops, I'm wrong. It isn't an invisible rock but a witch. A witch that goes by the name Megan. She's a nice girl. Note the sarcasm.

She's my bully. She's hated me since high school started. The feeling is Mutual. Did I mention an infamous psychopath that make some stupid rules, well the psycho is standing right before you. The girl is just obsessed with the twins. That's why she made the rules. I wonder what makes her feel that they'll ever fall for me but I'll just take her hatred for me as a compliment. She is delusional. Mom isn't aware of any of this because I never went to her in the first place. I just have never wanted to bother her with my stuff when she is hunched over her work-desk.

"Megan," I mutter as I pick myself up, dusting my clothes.

I geared at her, eyeing her from head to toe and studying her completely. She has very soft and innocent features, a pair of brown eyes, beach blond hair with a very petite but beautiful figure. She's wearing a pair of joggers and a spaghetti top with a cardigan on top. Her hair is tied at the back in a ponytail, with a black band holding it down.

"Sup nerd?", She flips her ponytail, which looked more like she tried to crack her neck.

"What do you want?", I roll my eyes.

Do you know how in romance movies, the male lead is almost always the boy-next-door to the female lead?

Well in my case, it's different. I live near Megan. We live two blocks away from each other and trust me when I say it isn't pleasant.

She keeps coming to my house bringing cookies and other baked things that are most likely poisoned. Kidding. My mom thinks she's an amazingly sweet girl but she doesn't realize 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. Every time she drops by, she talks to my mom about how close we are. She makes a good impression on my mom. She can try and sell it all she wants but I'm never buying it.

"Just wanted to see how the nerd is doing," She shrugs, "Toodles," She wiggles her fingers laughing at me and walks away. Well, I'm glad she could amuse herself. Pathetic.

She's, dumb to be honest. When I say dumb, I mean it, not just out of anger. I know that because of the way she responds in class and has never gotten near a C at the least. I always pick brains over brawn although she lacks both. Not worth the time worrying over.

I roll my eyes and reach the store then buy what I need and leave. This time, I make sure Megan isn't in sight. When I reach home, I find Lydia sitting on the couch, singing along to a song from Sofia the First.

"Up In the casew with my new famiyy" She sang, bobbing her head to the tune.

"Lydia here you go," I interrupted and sit beside her on the couch "I'm taking two. You can keep the rest," I say and she nods and looks into the bag.

She hands me two and starts with her first. Instead of going to my room, I stayed down and watched the cartoon with her. She likes it when someone takes time to do things with her which is why I learned to make time for her occasionally. She talks to me about the shows she likes, which I wasn't listening to but still nodded and made a fajke surprised expression when she said something that is supposed to be mind-blowing. Thirty minutes later, I'm in my room scrolling through my phone.

I've had the iPhone for quite a while now that the screen is cracked and it's slow, it gets hard to even scroll through it without getting a tad bit irritated. I stay in my room for at least five hours, scrolling through my phone and studying, then decide to go downstairs for dinner. Mum has probably already started making dinner and I could help her.

I hit the last step and spot mom in the dining room, setting the table "Hey! I was just about to call you. Let's eat," She smiles and goes into the living room to get Lydia.

She is back with a giggling Lydia in her arms and sets her on the high chair next to her. I pull out my chair and settle into my seat looking at the dishes.

Mom starts feeding Lydia with a small spoon and effectively manages to eat her food too. I eat in silence while mom and Lydia have a conversation about Lydia's new best friend Maria from across the seat. They bonded over play dough. Kids.

"Mom," I say after Lydia is done with her rather comical and funny narration. She just hums reply, "When are you leaving?" I ask.

"Friday," She replies.

Well, at least I have three days to spend with my family before I go to the Brandons' house and Megan finds out then kills me.

"Mommy is going somewhere?", Lydia asked.

"Darling, I'm going to Kenya. I'm gonna be gone for a few months. I'm going alone this time," She explains.

"But you always go with us," Lydia pouts, just like I did.

"You guys are so alike," She sighs then goes on to explain just like she did to me.

We continue eating and the only sound comes from our clicking plates. I finally decided to pop the question, hoping that she won't get angry.

"Mom," I say and she looks up from her food, "My phone is getting old and the screen is cracked, so if I could... get it fixed?" I say or ask, seeing that it sounds more like a question.

"Sure thing. If you want, I can buy you a new one instead. Fixing phones is not always worth it. Just make a short list of things you need before I leave," She says then turns to Lydia and feeds her.

That has me beaming, "I'd like that," I say feeling relieved. Well, that wasn't as hard as I thought.

I thought she's going to be like, 'Why can't you take better care of your things? You already broke the screen? You're so careless'. But then again, Mom is never rash.

After eating, I go to my room and list out the things I'd need thinking all the way.

Things I need

1. New Phone (Any)

2. Foundation

3. Lip Balm (Colourless)

4. Art Book

5. Water Colour (Acrylic)

6. Pencil Colour

7. Sharpies

After listing, I take it to mom's room, the door slightly ajar.

"Here", I hand her the paper. She glances it and gives me a look.

"Foundation? Since when do you use makeup?" she asks frowning.

"I just need it. Just in case. Never know when it'll come in handy," I reply trying to be chipper. Like that is going to hide the awkwardness.

She nods not dropping the frown and places the list carefully in her bag.

I need the foundation to hide the wounds and scars. Megan hurts me when we're at school. It's something she loves doing, but I'd have tolerated it if it were only physical.

I trod back to my room and lay on my bed taking out my phone from my pocket. I decide to text Julian.

Julian and Olivia have been my best friends since primary school.

Julian is a socially reserved person, much more than my level. You can easily guess that by his hairstyle, or lack thereof. He's very funny, cheerful and studious. He's also a huge fan of the JJ twins. I'm not saying he's gay, he's just a huge fan of theirs and he thinks they are amazing.

And Olivia... She's the total opposite. They're cousins but the difference? Everything. She doesn't care about classes. All she cares is about shopping and partying all night...... She's a typical bad girl but also my best friend.

Three Idiots

Lazy Bones: Hey! Julie

Nerd: Hey, Baby Girl and don't call me that. It makes me sound like a girl

Lazy Bones: Whateves Julie

Nerd: Annoying Witch�

Lazy Bones: Grasshole�

Nerd: Daughter of your father

Lazy Boned: I'm offended�

Nerd: Good for you�

Lazy Bones: Fish You

Bad Baby: You both are so childish

Lazy Bones: Thought you were at a party

Bad Baby: I am... But I wnt be able to enjoy it if u both keep tlkin... The notifications �

Lazy Bones: Issa school night. You'll suffer tomorrow

Nerd: Then turn it off... Smartass �

Bad Baby: I can handle it bruh!

Bad Baby: And you're such a Grasshole Nerd.

Lazy Bones: You both tho. Super annoying

Bad Baby: But you love us�

Nerd: Yup... U love us

Lazy Bones: Whateves

We keep on talking till I finally feel my eyelids droop. I wish them a good night and throw my phone onto the couch.

Let's hope tomorrow will be a good day and mom will tell me she's been joking all this time. That way, I wouldn't have to live with the Brandons.



Hey guys, how do you find the story so far? What ways do you think I could improve?




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