Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 10: Call 911

“One day or day one. You decide.”

– Unknow

“Girlfriend?“, I frown.

Girlfriend? Does he have a girlfriend? He never mentioned having any girlfriend to me.

“Actually... Girlfriends,” He corrects.

Wow! He has girlfriends, and here I thought I was special. God! What was I thinking?

He pulls me to a door and opens it slowly for dramatic effect, revealing two beautiful young girls. They both look Lydia’s age.

“Meet my girlfriends.Anika and Briana,” He says, picking each of them and pecking their cheeks.

“Hi,” I extend my hand to each of them. One of them shakes my hand, but the other just looks away, her hand fiddling with the frill of her dress and she burries her face in Jay’s neck.

“Briana is a bit shy,” He informs.

“So, they are your girlfriends,” I smile.

They are so cute! Aww.

“Yeah. We have a family of twins. I’m sure you might have noticed that,” He explains.

Oh, I did. They seem to have a lot of twins in the family.

“What is your name?“, Anika asks with her honey like voice.

“I’m Kelly,” I say with a cheerful smile.

“Are you our Jay’s girlfriend?“, She adds.

OK, where did that come from?

“Ani!“, Briana nudges her sister. I just laugh off the question.

“What? I’m just asking,” She smiles innocently.

“Ani! Don’t be mean,” Jay pouts at her with a frown. I shake my head at him.

“No, I’m not his girlfriend. I’m his friend,” I smile at her.

“Okay,” Briana and Anika say in unison.

They may love him so much that they don’t want him to have a girlfriend.Jay sets them down and we both head out“Sorry about them,” He apologizes.

“What? No, they are adorable and nice,” He gives me a weird face making me laugh, “What? It’s true”

“Would you like me to show you your room?“, He asks.

“No thank you. Just get me a pillow and cover, I’ll sleep right here,” I sarcastically reply pointing to the floor with both hands.

He just rolls his eyes with a smirk. Hanging out with Jay is just amazing. These few days I spent talking to him, I feel closer to him and I’m able to joke around him like I do around Julian and Olivia.

He opens the door to a room and we enter. The room is a bright white room with peach furniture’s and peach polka dots on the wall. The bed is a queen sized bed and two white side tables “This will be your room for the weekend,” He says and I nod.

“Is it possible to take a nap? I didn’t get a good night’s sleep yesterday,” I ask with hope.

“Sure. I’ll wake you up when dinner is ready?“, He asks.

I thanked him and he bows out. I slam the door in his smug face and fall on to the soft bed. The bed is soft but not as comfy as mine back at the Brandons’. AFter laying for a while and actually starting to get drowsy, I sit up and I spot my luggage by a corner, so I get up and change into my Rapunzel PJs, then slide under the covers and doze off.



I groan, then take the pillow and pressed it on my face.The sound doesn’t stop, so I hit the pillow on my face and groaned. I slid off the bed and put on my rabbit shoes and walk out of the room. The song coming out of the next door is too loud and I don’t care who it is, it has to stop.

I knock on the door once but it doesn’t open, so I continue knocking until it landed on a soft surface.

“Ouch!“, A male voice winces as I get bumped and fall back but before I hit the ground, I feel strong arms wrap around my body but I didn’t have the courage to open my eyes “Well dang, this must be my lucky day.”

I slowly open my eyes to see a handsome guy with curly hair and hazel eyes staring down at me. He has a dimpled smile and pimples, like a lot of pimples but somehow that didn’t affect his good looks much.

“Let me go,” I try to push him away.

“Oh, come on, where is the fun in that? Don’t you think we should stay in this position for longer?“, He winks.

Who is he? I have to admit, he’s good looking and I’d stare at his beautiful features for hours without getting tired but Nah.

“What’s going on here?“, I hear Jayden’s voice.

The guy smirks, then pulls me up with him and we both turn to Jayden who is standing there with a poker face.

“Today just seems to be my lucky day. Look, I came across such a beauty,” He says, then looks at me from head to toe.

OK, hold up.


Did he just check me out? Did he?

He did!

“Look, Alex, she’s not one of your... Bimbos, or hookups or whatever you’d like to label them, so let her be. Keep your hands off,” Jayden says with an eye roll.

Wow! What’s up with all the praises I’m getting today? I’m starting to like this day.

“She might be nice from the outside, but I’m sure she’s wild from the inside,” Alec winks.

Is that supposed to be a joke? My eyes widened and I stared at the ground with and amused expression, trying to process what he just said.

“Come on Kelly, we have to go,” Jayden grabs my hand and pulls me to my temporary room.

“So that’s your name? It’s hot,” I hear Alex say before Jayden shuts the door of the room.

“What were you doing with him?“, Jayden asks with a furious expression.

“I was sleeping and his music was too loud so I came to his room to tell him to reduce the sound and we bumped into each other,” I ramble.

“Fine, well why are you going around, dressed like that?“, He asks, gesturing to my Rapunzel Pjs.

Talk about embarrassing.

“I just woke up okay! I’m gonna change,” I exclaim.

“OK, well after you’re done, come down. Dinner is ready,” He says and starts walking out of the room.

All this drama is making me feel hot, even though it’s winter. With a sigh, I get my purple towel out of my bag and go into the bathroom.I turn the shower on and let it heat while I take off my clothes and tie my hair up. After it’s set, I get into the shower. I needed this.

As I finish washing up, I hear a knock on the door “What is it?” I shout.

“I need the blue toothbrush in the bathroom,” The male voice replies. I’m not able to figure out the voice due to the sound of the flowing water.

I look around and spot a blue brush before getting out of the bathtub and wrapping my towel around my torso. I open the door and stick out the toothbrush through the tiny crack.

He collects the brush, but holds my hand. I try to free my hands.

He doesn’t release my hand. I feel his thumb touch my wound that Megan gave me the other day, the one she pinched me on.

“Please let go,” I plead. He releases my hand and I hear retreating footsteps before I shut the door and rest my head on the door and check my hand. It’s almost bleeding. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating but still. It hurts.

I washed my body for the last time before I walk out of the bathroom and shut the main door. After changing into a comfortable black jeans and an oversized shirt, I went down to the dining table.

Ace and Livia are sitting on a long chair together on one side, and Alec and Bianca on the other. One side has Jay, Anika, Lydia, and Briana and the other has Veronica, Alex, and Jayden.There’s space between Jayden and Alex, which means I’m sitting there.

I walk over to them, then take the only seat left “Kelly, let me to serve the food,” Bianca says, about to get up.

“No, I’ll serve myself, thank you,” I say with a smile and she nodded.

Jayden and Alex help me with the dishes that are far and after I’m done, I start eating like everyone else.

Everyone gets into a conversation with someone except me. I just sit there like a lost puppy. As I eat, I feel something poke me on the waist, making me yelp and jump.

“What’s wrong?“, Ace asks as everyone’s attention turns to me.

“Nothing,” I answer and send a deadly glare to Alex who just smirks back.This is going to be the longest weekend of my life.

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