Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 11: Fair

“If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.”

– Michele Ruiz

Kelly’s POV

“Come on, Kelly. Make up your mind,” Veronica tries to convince. More like, forcing me into a corner.

“But-” I start but she cuts me off. Can you see the corner I’m being pushed into, now?

“But I promised that we’ll go shopping together,” She continues on, bouncing like a kid.

So, Veronica has been trying to convince me to go shopping with her. I thought it would be easy to ditch her but it’s not as easy as I thought“I’m content with the way I dress. It’s comfortable” I say with a shrug.

“Sometimes, you gotta try new things?“, She says. When she notices me not budging, her face falls with sorrow. I know what she is doing. “You can’t even accompany me?“, She says and starts walking away.

“Alright, I’ll join you”, I say with a sigh. She turns back around and there is no trace of sadness.

As we are about to walk out of the room, Alec stops us.By now, I have come to differentiate Ace and Alec. Ace has a beard and Alec doesn’t, I don’t need any more than that “Sorry girls, but no shopping today,” He says, leaning on the door.


“But why? She gave in at last!“, She says, throwing her hands up and rests her head on the door.

“We’re all going out together today, to the fair,” He explains.

“The fair?“, I frown.

“If I have to remind you, the reason you’re spending the weekend here is for us to hang out… Together.”

After a lot of no’s and groans, Veronica agrees begrudgingly. They leave me to get into comfortable clothing.As I change, I notice the cut Megan gave me last time on the mirror. The one on my neck and arm. I use makeup to cover them but they’re beginning to swell. The sleeve of my shirt is not long enough to cover it so I have to use as much makeup as I can.

I have become an expert at this over the years.

After I’m done, I get up to go but my body feels very weak, so I sit for some time till I get the will to finally join them.As I lock my room, I see that Alex is outside his room as well“Sup Rapunzel” He smirks when he notices me wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

I want to push his arm off me, but at the same time I don’t want to come off as rude“Rapunzel?“, I frown. Why does he call me Rapunzel?

“Yep. I’m gonna call you that from now on. Consider us on nickname terms,” He says as we walk toward the stairs. Yeah, yeah, whatever floats your boat. I’ll leave in a day anyway.

“You forgot my name, didn’t you?“, I stop and face him with a smirk.

Of course, he forgot my name, why else would he change my name to Rapunzel. I’m not dumb like the other girls that fall for all that.

“You’re smart,” He smirks back.

“It’s Kelly,” I say with a smile, while he just raises a brow, “My name... It’s Kelly,” I add. Dumb.

“Mmmm I’ll stick to Rapunzel,” He shrugs and skips down the stairs.

I watch as he reaches the end with a slide and shake my head in pity for his brains, then went down to the others.

“Ready?” Ace asks in the living room.

The kids answer enthusiastically while we just nod before we all head out.

“OK, only 6 of us can enter the car along with the kids, the other 2 can go with Alex OK?” Livia says.

“No,” Jayden replies, a little too fast, “I mean, Kelly and I can go in my car-” He says but Jay cuts him off.

“Our,” Jay rolls his eyes.

“In OUR car, cause her phone is charging there and we also arrived together,” He says.

I frowned to his sudden change of heart, wondering why he could possibly want me to go with him. Everyone agrees and go towards their assigned cars.

This time, he is being a gentleman by opening and closing the door for me. We ride in silence for a long time. He doesn’t say a word and neither do I. Why did he even want me to ride with him when he had nothing to say. We reach the fair and I hurriedly get out not wanting to sit in there any longer.

The fair turned out to be a lot of fun. I have never gone to one even after scheduling several times with my dad.Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time to stop him from leaving. But I can’t really forgive him anymore.

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

“We wanna go to the photo booth,” Anika, Lydia, and Briana whine, as then grab onto my jeans to get my attention.

“What would you do there?“, I ask them.

“Take photos. There’s a reason why it’s called a photo booth. Use some common sense,” Alex answers with an eye-roll.

“Let them go have fun,” Ace says, “Jay, you and Kelly should accompany them,” He adds, as he hands me a few coins.

“But I was about to leave with Alex for candies,” He whines and pouts.

He looks adorable that way honestly.

“Take Jayden then,” Ace shrugs.

Jayden turns at the mention of his name and stares at us, unsure of what’s going on. His face has little bit of candy around his lips. The kids pull him towards the photo booth, while I just follow them, laughing lightly.

We reach the photo booth, and the kids get in. They take a few, then pull Jayden and me in.We all make funny and dork faces, taking several pictures and adding the coins then the kids walk out, leaving Jayden and I.

The first few pictures are awkward, we just standing there smiling and stiff. After a few shots, we made a few funky faces, smiled, laughed, even wrap our arms around each others shoulder.

By the time were down by a few takes, Jayden’s hand slips to my waist. I freeze, then turn to face him, taking in his beautiful features. The booth is dark but every time the light flashes, I get a clear view of his face. Our faces are so close. His long eyelashes casting a shadow on his cheeks, the little freckles scattered on his cheeks, his slightly parted lips giving a peak of his teeth and his eyes – they’re directed at my lips. What?

Before I can comprehend anything, he tilts his head and leans in. Is he going to kiss me? That is the last thought on my mind before he decides to put an end to my coherent thoughts.

He holds my face with both his hands and tilts it a little. I close my eyes to his hands on my face and swallow hard in anticipation. His lips brush mine and in a moment the contact is gone. To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement.

Just as I am about to open my eyes, his lips crash onto mine. His lips are soft and moist and I can’t resist kissing back so I do just that. I can taste a little of the candy he ate at the candy lining. He moves on of his hands to the back of my neck while the other cups my face, his thumb gently caressing my cheek, as our lips move in sync.

OMG! It’s happening. My first kiss is happening. But... I wanted my first kiss to be with someone I love. Is this right? Should we be doing this?The flash keeps going on and off but none of us focus on it.

“Ew,” The kids giggle, making us both pull away.

“You were kissing,” Anika giggled.

“No, we weren’t,” Jayden tries to cover up.

“Yes, you were. We saw you,” Lydia giggles pointing at us. I decide to stand afar with the way these kids are going.He keeps saying no to whatever the kids say as we walk out of the photo booth while I am lost in my own thoughts. It’s useless anyway. They’re just kids.

Jayden takes the pictures, then removes the photos of us together and shows the kids, telling them that it’s proof that we didn’t kiss. I can’t believe they bought that.

He took my first kiss! Does he even know that it was my first?

What if I’m just another girl to him? He could have kissed me just for the fun of it. What have I done?! What was I thinking? Well, for one, I was thinking about his lips and that’s all I wish to remember. I can still feel the tingling sensation on my lips.

We meet the others beside the candy floss guy. The day continues on as we go on the other rides and play mini games. Now, we are headed to the Ferris wheel. I go with Lydia, Anika, and Briana while the others go on different ones.

The ride starts and we all lookout to see the view. I spot Jayden’s face in the next one beside ours. The moment our eyes meet, I look away. I stole a few glances at him, hoping not to get caught bet we met eyes a few times.

When the ride ends, I let the kids out before me. My vision gets blurry, making me stumble.

“Hey!” Jay or Jayden catches me from behind “Take it easy” and I nod.

My vision gets better so I walk down to the others meeting Bianca’s concerned face.

“Are you OK?“, She asked as she caresses my hand.

“Yeah. I just felt a little dizzy,” I say.

The huge clock at the venue strikes 8 and we decide to go home. I have to ride with Jayden again. Talk about awkward.

The atmosphere is grave in the car. None of us said a word, at all. The car pulls into the driveway after a tedious ride of silence. I reach to open the door but he stops me, by calling my name.

“Yeah... ” I answer glancing back at him, not able to maintain eye contact.

“Look, I know all this is making things awkward between us but... It was a mistake. I didn’t mean to kiss you and I’m sorry,” He says with a sigh.

A mistake? Did he just say it was a mistake? I give him my first kiss and he calls it a mistake?Well technically he probably doesn’t know that it is my first kiss but what type of stupid person says that he kissed you by mistake? Is he being serious? Now, I regret it.

“I should have known,” I say, holding in the tears, “I was just another girl you kissed. It meant nothing to you. It was my first kiss and you have the nerve to fool around. I wasn’t regretting this earlier cause I didn’t want to make assumptions but your words make me regret it,” I snap and open the door. I tried closing the door again but failed miserably which only added to how embarrassed I was already feeling so I just left the door open and headed inside, leaving him outside.

“Kewy, will you play with me?“, Lydia asks.

She seriously has the energy to play a game after such a tiring day? Wow! Kids “I’ll play with you later Ly, I’m tired,” I tell her and walk to my room, at a fast pace.

The moment I reach my room and close the door, I lie on the bed and start groaning. I wanted to scream but that’s just weird. The embarrassment and hurt was eating me up. Eventually I started sobbing out of anger. I mumble out words that make no sense even to me.

After some time, I got tired of crying and decide to wash my face. The moment I get up, pain shoots up to my head as everything goes blurry. I hold my head and shut my eyes willing it to stop, but it doesn’t. I take another step to go to the bathroom when my legs give in and I stumble backwards. The last thing I remember before I lose consciousness is feeling something sharp hit my head.

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