Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 12: Breadth

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

– Helen Keller

Jayden’s POV


“Why did I even say that?” I mutter as I hit my head on the steering wheel. Not hard enough to hurt myself, but hard enough to feel the pain.

Telling her that everything was a mistake is just wrong. I know that it wasn’t a mistake for me.I just somehow feel... Attracted to her.I have to apologize but would she even want to talk to me? I don’t think I can even face her.

How do I explain that? It was also my first kiss. I have never kissed any girl before. I was so caught up in the moment with her and I really felt like it needed to happen, I needed to feel her lips on mine and I don’t regret a thing.

I sit in the car, thinking for some more time and rest my head on the wheel when the door that I closed suddenly opens.I look up and see Alex getting into the car.With a groan, I sit up properly, “What do you want Alex?“, I ask.

“Just wanted to hang out with my bro. How are you doing?“, He asks, patting my back.

Alex and I’s relationship is a weird one. We hang out like normal cousins and have a normal relationship, but he tends to get on my nerves a lot, which makes my blood boil “Good?” that comes out as question.

“Oh, come on! You know you can tell me,” He rolls his eyes.

What is he up to?

“I know you and Rapunzel kissed,” He says.

Rapunzel? Did he just say Rapunzel?

“Rapunzel?“, I ask with a frown.

“I mean... Kel- Kelly, yeah that’s her name. I know you both kissed,” He says, feeling proud of himself.

What? How?How did he find out? How does he know? I’m sure the kids told him. Those little rascals.

“How did you find out?“, I ask bewildered.

“Well... It was quite obvious that things seemed awkward between the two of you since you came back from the photo booth and... This wouldn’t fall from your pocket,” He says, showing me the pictures of the both of us.

The ones I separated from the rest.How did he get them? I seem to have a lot of questions today!Today is like a world puzzle that I have to solve. Hard and annoying that causes a headache.

After shooting him a glare, I snatch the photos from him and push it into the compartment box then open the door and go out and when Alex did the same, I click the button on the key to lock the car.

“You wanna talk about it?“, He asks as we walk, “What did you tell her?“, He asks.

“I told her that it was all a mistake”, I answer.

“Are you kidding me? Dude what were you thinking before you said that”, He asks, throwing his hands up in disbelief.

“I asked myself the same thing,” I sigh, “Now drop the subject.”

“Why? You can’t act as if nothing happened forever you know. Deep down, it’s obvious you like her,” He shrugs.

“Wow, since when did Alexander turn into a love- guru?“, I joke.

“Since I found out that you two kissed,” He shrugs “And just because I don’t date doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing about relationships,” He rolls his eyes. He is in no position to be doing that. But I’ll let it slip, don’t want to hear more about that nonsense.

“Whatever,” I say and open the door to the house where everyone is busy with something.

“You, Jay, and I should hang out tomorrow. Could be a break for you,” He says before walking away.I look around, the only person not present around is Kelly. Suddenly, the whole scenario makes me uncomfortable and guilty.

Lydia pops up in front of me and asks me to play games with her. I can’t deny when she makes those puppy eyes. But then again, who can?

3 hours later we have played a lot of games and I’ve learnt one thing during those three hours, Lydia hates to lose.

“Everyone, come to the table for dinner,” Aunt Bianca announces.

We all head to the table lazily. Kelly is nowhere in sight.

“Lydia, can you go call your sister?“, Aunt Bianca asks.

Lydia gets off her seat and runs to Kelly’s room. She must be really hungry.Sometime later, she comes rushing into the dining room.

Somehow, my heart skips a beat. Kelly is not with her. I don’t know but I have a bad feeling about this.After all those scars I saw on her body, I’m almost convinced that she’s suicidal.Sure, she told me she’s not, but I’m not sure how true that is.

“Mama!!” Lydia screamed “Kelly isn’t waking up. She’s bweeding on hur head,” She sobs, rubbing her eyes.

I was the first to get up from my seat and run to her room, only to see her laying on the ground with blood on her head and the bed. How did this happen? Did she do this to herself? Was it because of me?Why did I have to hurt her? I picked her head and placed it on my lap, when everyone comes running inside.

“Kelly! Wake up!”, I say, patting her cheeks and rubbing her hand.

“Move,” Uncle Alec says, then begins checking her head and her pulse. I’m relieved that we have a doctor among us.

As he sits beside her, his eyes widen, “Let’s take her to the hospital before it gets too late,” He says, getting up “She hit her head pretty hard” He added.

Our parents leave to change into something more appropriate saying that they will arrive in the other car while we leave as soon as possible.Alex gets his car ready, while I pick Kelly up bridal style, and head into the car.

The three of us load into the car. Jay sits in the back with Kelly while sit in the front.As Alex drives, Jay and I tried to wake her up. I rub her hands and talk to her while he tries to wake her up but she’s still not responding.

The moment Alex pulls up into the gates of the hospital, I step out then open the door for Jay and help him bring her out.

“What happened to her?” The doctor asks, once we have settled her onto a hospital bed with the help of a nurse, while checking her pulse.

“We don’t know. We found her unconscious, I guess she hit her head” I reply

“Take her inside,” The doctor says to the nurses. They immediately push her while I follow.

Just one more step to enter the room, a nurse stops me and pushes a clipboard on my chest. “You can’t go in. Please fill in this form” She tells me.

With a nod, I take a seat and start filling it out. I stopped when I reached the relationship part. I’m not related to her in any way. We’re just friends, so what do I write?

“Hey...” Jay and Alex sit beside me.

I place the form on the table then sigh. “She’s gonna be alright,” Jay says and places his hand on mine with a smile.

I return his smile then nod at him, “Hey, I’m here too you know,” Alex speaks up.

After that, silence engulfs us. Our parents arrive sometime later and join us outside as we wait for answers while Uncle Alec goes in with the doctor.

We all sit on one of the benches and cuddle upon it to keep ourselves warm.This is what I hate about hospitals. They’re too cold for everyone’s good.I shiver and suffer the most because I’m on the edge.

Thirty minutes later, the nurses all walk out along with the doctors “Is she OK?” Dad asks uncle Alec.

“She hit her head pretty bad and has deep injuries but there is something else that is making her weaker and weaker day by day. I think she has infection. I need to do further tests on her to be sure.”

The moment he says infection, I remember seeing a red and infected looking wound on her arm once.I hope Kelly is fine. This is my fault. If I had never kissed her and said all that to her, she wouldn’t have been in this position.

I wish I had thought straight. What type of idiot would do that?

“Mom, what about the kids?“, Jay asks.

“I told Nika to take care of them till we’re here. Lydia was crying a lot” Mom replies with a sigh. Instead of listening to their conversation further, I walk away, towards Kelly’s room.

As I open the door, there is a nurse with her. She sees me, then quietly walks out of the room. Kelly is laying on the bed, looking the other way. As I sit beside her, she turns “Oh... Hey,” She says as she tries to sit up. I help her sit.

“Hey there,” I smile.

“What happened?“, She asks.

“You blacked out,” I answer, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling sick,” She says with a short laugh.

“About last time... I’m sorry I said... ” I trail off.

“It’s ok,” She waves.

“No, it’s not. Look, I also what to tell you something” I sigh.

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