Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 13: Truth

“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”

– John F. Kennedy

He wants to tell me something? What could it possibly be? Is he going to propose to me? Ask me to be his girlfriend. That’ll be funny no cap.

“I- You- You were... ” He stutters, not able to find the right words.

Wow, usually I’m the one to stutter, talk slow and quietly but today it’s him. What could be that bad that he’s so embarrassed to say it?“You what?“, I ask suppressing a laugh. Also, I can’t laugh with this pain on my head.

“You’re also my... First... Kiss,” He says as blood rushes to his cheek and he looks away.

He’s got to be kidding me. What is happening?He’s lying, right?


He’s lying... I think. Maybe it’s only to make me feel better cause it’s not possible.And man, what’s so embarrassing about it? Like I haven’t embarrassed myself my entire life.

“You’re kidding right,” I say but he shakes his head “Are you saying this just to make me feel better?”

“No... I’m serious. I have never kissed a girl before,” He says with a sigh.

“What about all the other girls I see you flirting with all day,” I ask with a raised brow.

“Flirting?” He asks and I just nod, “I wasn’t flirting. That was just me being nice.”

“Well you are a little bit too nice,” I scoff.

“Oh... Is that what everyone thought I was doing? Flirting?“, He asks, in a disgusted tone.

This is the first time since he came in that I’m able to look at him properly. He’s still in the outfit that we wore to the circus and it was quite clear that he’s tired due to the eye bags under his eyes. The smile that covers his face is very lazy.

“Yeah... But it’s fine,” I assure him, with a smile.

Wow... Even though it was also his first kiss... Why did he say it was a mistake?That’s what hurt me the most. Why would he say that though? Should I ask?Maybe I should.Maybe I shouldn’t.We both sit awkwardly and quite for a while... Till he decides to talk again.

“Remember your first day at our house, when the whole plumber thing happened?” He says and I nod “Well... Did you realize that your clothes were changed from the wet ones,” He asks.

“Yeah... Your mom told me that Cherry did,” I reply.

“Well... That’s not the whole thing. Mom told me to tell Cherry to change you into dry clothes, but she was out and you were still in your wet clothes. While I waited, you started coughing so... I decided to ch-change your clothes,” He says the last part in a hushed voice.

Change me?

Did I hear that right?

“What?” I whisper-screamed, “You changed my clothes?“, I ask again.

“No,” He replies with an eye roll.

Is that sarcasm in his tone?

“Is that sarcasm?“, I ask.

“Duh,” He replies

“Don’t you give me that attitude young man,” I snap.

“Fine... Sorry,” He rolls his eyes and sighs, “But seriously Kelly... I saw a lot of scars on your body... Are you… You can tell me you know,” He says with pleading eyes.

His once tired face is completely covered with concern and I’d be lying if I stay that I don’t feel even a little bit loved but then again we’ve been in the same school for years and Megan has been bullying me in the same school yet they’re the only ones who didn’t notice? It’s impossible. The only logical explanation Is that they choose to ignore.

“No, I’m not suicidal Jayden,” I roll my eyes at him.

“Then where do all those scars come from? They can’t just appear by themselves, can they?“, He asks.

Should I tell him? Should I take the risk?What if he starts staying away from me when he finds out? He stops talking to me, thinking it will ruin his reputation.What if he joins in the bully business and I will have no one except Julian and Olivia.

On the second hand, what if he helps me?He’s not that bad, is he? He won’t bully me... What if I give it a shot... If he reacts badly... Then I could tell him I was just joking.

Maybe I should go for it...

“And... Your hand,” He says, as he pulls my hand. The hand with the cut.Luckily, I covered it with makeup before we leave and it didn’t runoff.

The new foundation I bought a few days back is waterproof and can cover nicely so I don’t have to worry, “Where... I saw a scar on your hand. It seemed deep and infected,” He says with a frown and checks my other hand.

“W-Which scar? I don’t have any scar on my hand,” I lie.I need to stop lying. I seem to have gotten used to it these past few days.

“I know for a fact that I saw a scar on your arm,” He says firmly.

“I don’t, if I did, then how would it have disappeared?“, I snap and yank my hand from his.

“You’re right... I’m sorry. But tell me about the other scars,” He asks.

I’m telling.

“Um...” I start saying but the door opens, revealing Jay followed by Alex

Maybe its God giving me a second chance.

Jay has a very sad expression on his face as he walks over to me and hugs me, “How are you feeling?” He asks.

“Okay...” I reply with a small smile.

“Hey Rapunzel,” Alex waves.

“Hey... Alex,” I wave back.

“So... What is wrong with me? Why did I faint?“, I ask.

“You hit your head, don’t you get it? There is a freaking bandage on your head,” Jayden snaps.

“Dude stop,” Alex snaps back.

“Don’t start fighting you guys, please,” Jay says then turns to me, “It’s nothing. You were just really tired and you hit your head”

“Is... Something wrong,” I asked.

“No,” Jay says, a little bit too fast.

“No,” Jayden repeats.

“Not at all,” Alex adds.

“Are you guys ok?“, Alec asks, walking into the room with Ace, Bianca, and Livia.

“Yeah... Dad,” Jay answers with a smile.

Livia looks low. Her eyes seem slightly red. Now I know for a fact that everyone is hiding something. They are all hiding something.They stay in the room with me and we all talk for a bit while Ace and Alec go to inquire about my discharge.

They come back walking into the room with some food for everyone “Here you go. Everyone eat and head home. They say that they can only discharge her tomorrow. You all need to go home and get some rest. We have a long drive” Alec says.

“You mean they. Where are we going?“, Alex asked with a frown.

“Oh... I forgot to tell you kids. We bought a house close to yours and going to sell the one we have here because I have a hospital around there. You kids will be transferring to their school,” He explains.

“Great, now I have to spend the rest of the year with Alex by my side all day,” I hear Jayden mutter.

I hold back a giggle and just nod. “Cool... I will now be in the same school with my bros,” Alex says and gives Jayden a side hug, who was trying as hard as he could to push Alex off. I know for a fact that it’s on purpose to trouble Jayden more.

“Yeah... Amazing,” Jayden replies dryly.

They handed food to each and everyone one of us. We eat and talk for a long time, till the time strikes 3 “You guys should head home. We are staying with her” Ace says.

“What? But I also wanna stay” Jay argues.

“Look, you all can go. I will stay” Jayden sighs.

“I’m ready to go home” Alex shrugs.

They all argued about who is staying, and Alex waits for them to finish.

“Stop!“, I say, gaining everyone’s attention, “I decide who stays and who leaves,” I add.

“She’s right. Now tell them Kel, that you want me to stay,” Jay smirks.

I looked at them all to see who I want to stay then a smirk came on my face. “I want... Alex to stay,” I smirk.

His face drops as all eyes landed on him, “Him? Of all people him?“, Jayden asks.

“Hahaha, very funny... Now choose between them. I have no interest in staying here,” Alex rolls his eyes.

“You heard me. I want you to stay,” I tell him.

“Can’t deal with that. She’s the sick one, she chooses,” Ace shrugs.

“You should have chosen me! I never get to spend a day in the hospital...” Jay whines.

“And you never will,” Livia says, pulling him by the ear and walking out of the room, while flails his arms and follows her.

“You did that on purpose,” Alex says, walking closer to me.

“If I see even a little scratch on her, I’ll kill you,” Jayden warns, before walking out with everyone else.

I stick my tongue out at him and laugh.

“You’re so lucky you’re sick... If not, I will strangle you right now and the doctor will probably think that your sickness shot up and you went into a critical condition and died instantly,” He threatens.

“First of all, that makes no sense. Secondly, I’m serious. One scratch, you’re dead,” Jayden walks back in and takes his phone that is placed on the table.

He turns to leave but spins around and plants a small kiss on my forehead.I froze, like actually froose. I didn’t realize that I was holding my breadth until he got up and smacked Alex on the head. Okay... Not bad... I like the attention and affection. It’s cool. Especially from Jayden.

“Love is in the air,” Alex sings and whistles, looking around.

“Shut up dude,” Jayden punches Alex’s arm and whispers something into his ear.

Alex laughs and groaned at the same time, while Jayden walks away with a smirk.

“What did he tell you?“, I ask, curiosity getting the better of me.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” He says,“Gotta go set my bed up”

Bed? Bed for what?I know that he has to sleep... But isn’t he supposed to sleep on the chair or something?Where does he think he’s going to get a bed in a hospital?

I sit alone for about 5 minutes, then the doors pushed open and two female nurses come in with another bed and place it a few inches away from mine.Alex stands there, watching as they place the bed and walks to them with a smirk.He gives them a piece of paper and they both walk away.

“How did you... get them to bring you a bed,” I ask, completely shocked.

“I have my ways,” He shrugs and dramatically lays on the bed.

“We both should probably sleep. It’s 1 am,” He yawns, “I had to wake up because of you... Now let me sleep,” He adds.

“Gee... Thanks,” I roll my eyes and lay down too.

“You know Alex... You’re nice,” I say.

“Oh great... Emotional talk,” He groans as I let out a laugh and shake my head at him.

“No seriously... I’m just trying to talk before we both fall asleep,” I reply.

“Hmm... I’m already asleep. Good night,” He murmurs.

“Good Night,” I reply with a smile and close my eyes.

Alex is weird. I feel like he’s the straight forward type, the one that will spit facts at you without beating around the bush, the type that would be mean to you all the time but at the end of the day, he really cares.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be discharged. I have to go back to school and see Megan’s rotten face.

But seriously, it would be rotten because she puts on makeup every day. The last time I saw her natural face was probably when we were we were around 9 years old. Yeah, she began using makeup at a very young age. I don’t know why she would want to hide her face like that.

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