Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 14: Make up

“Anyone who has ever made anything of importance was disciplined.”

-Andrew Hendrixson

Well... It was an amazing morning. I’m not going to go into details right now but all I can say is that Alex did his magic. He got the nurse to get us both some nice breakfast. Jayden came very early though. He got my discharge papers and I was allowed to leave... And he also got extra clothes for me to change.

I go to the bathroom with the cloths and just stare at them... These are most definitely not mine.Does he really think that I will wear grey Adidas tights, with a white crop top? Is that even legal to walk around in this?

I never really wear tights, maybe when I was young I might have, but not now. I always wear sweatpants, baggy jeans or Pjs but not tights.I just feel too exposed in them and anyways, the weather is cold. I will freeze to death.

With a sigh, I put on the sports bra, crop top, and tights. I wear the hospital cloth on top and walk out to the room.

“You didn’t change?“, Jayden asks, with a frown.

“The... The top is just a crop top,” I answer.

“So?“, Alex raises a brow.

“Shut up dude,” Jayden punches him on the arm then turns to me, “I figured that you won’t be comfortable in what Nika supposedly picked out for you, so I got a hoodie for you in case,” He answers.

“Thanks,” I mutter, then take it from his hand and wait for the both of them to turn.They both stare back at me, till Jayden finally gets the hint and spins around with a sorry. One the other hand, Alex just smirks. With a sigh, Jayden walks over to him and hits him on the head and the both turn the other way.

I have my back to them, knowing that Alex won’t stay facing the other way. He will turn at some point, and anyway I don’t have any scars on my back. It’s my only clean spot.I remove the hospital gown and put the hoodie on as fast as I can and tell them that I’m dressed.As we pack the rest of the things, Jayden’s phone dings. He checked it, then shows us.


Mom�: Hey... We’re outside with the bus, you guys come out

“Let’s leave,” Alex says, as soon as everything is in the bag.

As we all head out of the room, I wonder why I even had to stay in the hospital for the night. It’s frustrating.The moment we step out of the hospital, I spot Jay walking towards us “Hey guys, hey Kelly” He hugs me.

“Hey,” I reply and hug him back.He tells us that the bus is out in the front, so we have to walk a bit. We all follow him until I spot a minibus. It’s quite small, but enough for all of us.They helped me get up because it’s quite high. I look around and find that every one of them is inside.

“Kewy,” Lydia cheers and comes running, then hugs me. I pick her up hugging her back and peck her cheek.

“Kewy... Why were you bweeding and why do you have a bondage? I want a bondage,” She asks in a sad tone.

“Lydia, your sister was sick and we had to take her for a little checkup,” Jay says.

She nods and wiggles out of my grip, then goes back to her seat beside the mini twins. As I walk to take a seat, the others ask me if I’m fine and I answer with nods and a smile.

I get a seat between Veronica and Jayden. I’m still not able to forget the kiss he gave me on the forehead last night. I wonder why I got it but well... It’s good, I think.We all sit, and the ride continues. Livia gives me my phone, which makes everything better. Apparently Jayden’s car will be delivered by someone else and they have so many other cars so I don’t think losing one for a while will affect them.

Everyone is on their phone and quiet, except for the kids of course. They are all singing some nursery rhyme and laughing to some silly joke or story they’re giving each other.

“Dad... ” Alex says.

“Yeah, ” Alec turns.

“What about all our things, school, and house in here?“, He asks.

“We already got a transfer letter ready for you. For now, we will go there for about five days to fix the house and redecorate it. We will be back here in the weekends and you will spend one more week in your school while we transfer,” Alec explains.

“Oh... This means I have to say goodbye to all my friends,” Alex sighs.

“You’re talking as if you have any,” Jayden comments. I hold back a laugh that is about to break out anytime now.

“Not to be mean... But he’s right. All the friends you introduced to us last time are not who you call real friends,” Jay adds.

“Whatever, you can shut up,” Alex rolls his eyes.

“I don’t see his fault in this. It’s hard to get real friends, the ones that truly care about you. At some point you just gotta hang with whoever you can and refrain from telling them your secrets” I say with a shrug and then go back to my phone.

“Thank You! Finally, someone in here that is taking my side,” Alex smiles and shoots me a flying kiss. I reply with an assuring smile.

Everything is well and good till Alex gets off of his seat with an angry expression.

“What happened? Did you just see your face in the mirror or did you get rejected by a as usual girl,” Jayden comments in a bored tone.

He doesn’t reply to Jayden’s comment. He goes forward and starts snatching the phones out of everyone’s hands. He snatches the kids’ drawing books too then keeps everything in a corner.

“We need to learn to communicate in life,” He says.

He’s not wrong. A bus trip is usually full of fun, laughter, happiness, games but this is just useless.This generation is dead. Even if a person is like 1 meter away from you, you guys talk through the text, like what?Even though the technology makes life easier, it’s still ruining communication and all.

“He’s right... We have been on our phones since this trip started. Let’s do something together,” Bianca comments.

“Exactly, which is why we are gonna play a game,” Alex smirks.

“Oh, great,” Jayden sighs, “Do we have to?“, He whines.

“Yes,” Alex replies.

“What is the game though?“, Veronica asks.

“We are gonna choose someone to start. All we have to do is get a word and the person that is starting has to get a movie, song, book or something that has the word in it” He explained “For example the word love and as an answer, I’ll say, I hate you, I love You” He added “A song”

“That’ll be fun,” Jay comments and I nod.

We then start the game from Jayden. We give him the word ‘Life’ and he replies with ‘Zara Larsson’ ‘Lush Life’

“Now... It’s Nika’s turn,” Alex says.

“Great... Give me a word,” She says.

“Umm... ” We all think for a while.

“How about... Ace... Except for Ace Brandon,” Jayden says. We all agree to it.

“Oh yeah! The Ace Family, You’re My Ace,” She replies proudly.

The game goes on for a long time. The kids enjoy it the most. We play till Alex falls asleep. Everyone gets tired and starts falling asleep.

I remember seeing Jayden awake, using his phone before I fall asleep.

He might take photos so I covered my face, just in case, to avoid embarrassment.


“Kelly... Kel, we’re here wake up,” Veronica says.

I give her a nod, then stretch and get up with a yawn. Rubbing my eyes I make I way to the front when I notice everyone crowded around Jay’s seat. I go up to them and poke my head in to look. He is sleeping. What is amusing about that?

I tap on Nika’s back and she turns “What’s with this little get together around Jay?” I ask with a frown. She gives me a sarcastic laugh and smiles.

“Oh... Well you know, we have been trying to wake this idiot up for almost an hour, but he’s not waking up” She says and slaps him on the arm.

“Not to be mean, but you’re exaggerating Nika,” Alex comments.

“Whatever... Wake up!“, She rolls her eyes, then shakes Jay like really hard.

He opens his eyes forming a slight crack in between his eyelids, gives a smile that doesn’t seem like one that anyone conscious would do. I find it creepy for one but it’s cute. As quick as that happens, back to sleep.


“You know to what... He’s not going to get up that easily. I know what to do. Jayd, you should probably get ready with your camera for a new YouTube video” She smirks pushes us away and places a briefcase on the space beside him.

I smile at all the beautiful and professional makeup in the briefcase. It’s quite a collection if you ask me.

Jayden brings out a handy-cam from his bag and starts videotaping himself, “Hello guys, its Jayden here and we’re back with another video for you. Or should I say I am back with another video for you because this is all about pranking Jay,” He says with a wink then walks to where Nika is standing, “So here is the thing, we all know that Jay is a really deep sleeper and he did not get to sleep well last night, since we were on a road trip. Now we have reached back home and trying to wake him up but he’s not which is why Nika over here came up with a brilliant plan,” He says, turning the camera towards Nika.

She first takes the foundation and starts spreading it on his face with a brush, then the concealer. I watch as she goes on and on with the makeup expertly, till his face looks caked. I must say, he looks adorable and Jayden seems to have gotten everything on camera. She is good at this, but what can I say, it’s a part of her profession, she uses it a lot and knows a lot about it.

I wish I could look beautiful like her, “This... Is... A masterpiece!“, She squeals.

I give out a low chuckle as she brings her phone out of her pocket and takes a snap. The others do the same and they all post it on snapchat. I don’t miss my chance either. I know this is not right but it’s always good to have a backup for when he goes against me.

I don’t post it of course. I just save it. After the entire photo session, she tells Alex to get hot water. Hot water. Now Alex is gone and all we have to do is wait for him. Jayden shuts the camera for a while.

I sit with others and observe his face. He looks so adorable and his lips are just so perfect. The eyeliner is on flick and his cheeks are covered with bonzer. His nose is shining brighter than my future.


What am I thinking?

We wait for a while until Alex comes into the bus with hot water“Thanks, Alu,” She says and takes the cup of water from his hand.

Alu? Alu? Of all names Alu. She has got to be kidding.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Alu?“, He snaps and scowls at her “Now I’m embarrassed,” He adds, looking at me.

I hold back a giggle and just smile sweetly. That’ll piss him off more. Veronica then takes Jay’s right palm and dips it into the water, which has smoke coming out of it.

“Ah!“, He yelps and sits up immediately.

We all start laughing. He turns and starts glaring at everyone, “How was your sleep darling?“, Veronica mocks.

“Shut up Nika,” He says, as he pushes past her.

She looks back at us with wide eyes then runs after him, “Dude! Calm down,” She says and steps out with him, while we follow, clueless of what to do.

“What do you want?“, He rolled his eyes.

“We’re going for ice cream, all of us. Let’s go,” She says out of the blue.

Didn’t see that coming. Why does she want us to go for ice cream? It’s so cold and I am not aiming to catch a cold. It’s the worst that could ever happen to me, “Ice Cream? In winter?“, He scoffs and turns to Jayden who is still holding a camera, “And you, since when did you start vlogging?“, He asks him with a raised brow.

“That doesn’t matter let us just go,” Veronica interrupts.

“At least let me go wash my face, I probably look sleepy and I need to brush” He says.

“No! You look fine and we don’t even need to get ice cream. We could just get milkshakes,” She says, pulling him with her while we all follow.

I follow them, trying as hard as I can to not be in the camera’s focus because I’m sure Megan watches their videos every day and if she sees me in it I’m so dead but then again, she already knows that I live with them.

We all walk to the ice cream parlor, getting a lot of looks from people... Mostly looks at Jay of course. I feel bad for the guy.

“Wow... I must be looking so good cause all eyes are on me,” He says with a smirk... Little does he know, “Take that Jayd,” He said, sticking his tongue at Jayden.

“Oh, you are bro... You are looking so beautiful,” Alex compliments, making Jay give a face of disgust.

“Are you gay, bro?“, He asks with the accent.We all erupt into laughter. Now that was funny.

We all continue walking until we reach the ice cream spot. Veronica sends Jay and Jayden to get the milkshakes for everyone. Jayden tells her to make sure she shoots when they both are coming out so she took out her phone and spoke to it.

“She so did not,” He screams again, so loud that we could hear him from outside. Everyone erupts into a pit of laughter as we watch Jay chase Jayden around, who’s clutching the vlogging camera as he ran while Veronica films with her phone.

“Why are you chasing me when it was Nika who came up with the idea and did the makeup for you,” He screams while running.

Jay makes a sudden stop then shakes his head at Nika and starts running towards us. She pushes the camera to my hand and takes off, making me record them.

Very soon he starts chasing all of us, including me.This went on for a long time until we all got tired. We got so many weird looks buy ignored them. We finally get our milkshakes and went home. When the parents get to know about it, they end up laughing in Jay’s face.

After that, they shoo our smelly selves to take a shower. I and Alex help the twins in editing the video after lunch. The rest of the day goes by with us making fun of Jay and him just rolling his eyes unconditionally. He has to watch out for his eyes.

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