Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 15: How about a hell no

“Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other.”

— Brian Tracy

It has been like 7 weeks since we pranked Jay. It was a hit on YouTube. The video got over 5 million views. A few YouTubers played the same prank on their brothers, boyfriends, and all.

The part where Jay says ‘You Gay Bro?’ Has now become a meme. Everyone is using it for so many jokes.

Alex and his family got a house that is just a few blocks from here. The little twins go to the same school with Lydia now. They are in the same class and I guess they are using it to the fullest. On the other hand, Alex comes to our school. He has become popular in a short amount of time only second to the twins.

Everything seems to have changed but no. Nothing can change a fool, here Megan. She was really angry when she spotted me in the video.According to her, I should not be having fun with the twins and I don’t deserve to smile around them at all. I’m starting to think that she is living in the primitive times.

Coming back to changes, for some reason they are all acting weird... And by ‘they’, I mean the folks of the house.

Since we came back, they have been trying to convince me to go to the hospital for some checkup. Yes, I have to admit I have been feeling sick for quite a while but I’m used to ignoring it as some discomfort. I get a bit dizzy and a bad headache quite a few times but I don’t think it’s anything that bad.

They refuse to give me a good reason to go to the hospital... Alec says that I must get some tests at the hospital, to make sure my health is fine but I hate hospitals.

I have had a really bad experience there once and I am not going back there again. The hospital they want me to go to is the same one where I got embarrassed. It was when I was 15 years old.

I had accompanied my mom to the hospital for Lydia’s routine checkup. Everything was going fine until we were told to wait in the waiting hall. Mom got called in with Lydia but I was told to wait out. That was when a boy my age came and sat beside me. He was really cute.

I had my phone so I started acting like I’m using it but of course I stole a few glances at him. He caught me and gave me a cute smile which showed his braces and dimples. My smile widened and I immediately looked back at my phone. His braces worked well with his face honestly.

We sat like that for like a few seconds before he excused himself. The dumb me thought that he was going to talk to me but he only wanted me to shift because he needed to pass.

As time passed, I needed to use the bathroom but at the same time, I knew that if I get up someone else would take my seat. My stomach started growling which was annoying. Every time it growled, he turned to me but I refused to give in.

I finally got tired and decided to go to the bathroom. I told him to save my seat and he agreed. As soon as I got up, I felt my pants starting to get wet and I hurried inside.

I rushed to the bathroom but my pants were already all wet. To make it ten times worse, my jeans were light blue

After a long wait in the toilet, I was too embarrassed to come out and at the same time I didn’t have my phone. I walked out with my wet jeans and got weird looks.

When I finally reached the seating area, at least the boy was nice enough to give me his jacket to tie around my waist. The worst part was when he asked me if I had a peeing problem. I didn’t answer to that.

Mom came out sometime later and we left. I asked him if he wanted his jacket back but he told me to keep it. I still have it.Since then I never accompanied mom to that hospital again and I’ve kept myself healthy.

“Kelly... We need to tell you something and need you to come downstairs please,” I hear Livia say standing near my door as I exit the bathroom.

God! Did I do something wrong? Are they gonna kick me out? I hope not.

What did I do wrong?

What is it that they want to talk to me about? Whatever it is, I hope it won’t be that bad.

After taking a deep breath, I walk out and down the stairs to the living room where Jay and Jayden, Alex, and the parents are sitting, still thinking of possibilities of what could happen.

Thinking of every bad thing I had done that could get me in trouble.

Bianca tells me to take a seat and I do as told“You must be wondering why we have all gathered here but this is about your health dear” Bianca says.

Great! The hospital again. They are still trying to get me to go to the hospital.

It’s getting annoying honestly and I am not enjoying this“About the hospital, again? I don’t wanna go there you know, if I need a check up then the doctor can come here” I say with a sigh.

“Why the hell are you so against going to the hospital? Do you know that this might affect your life?“, Jayden suddenly snaps, making me shake in fear.

“My life? I wouldn’t be so against it if you gave me a proper reason and not some blunt ’Go to the hospital,” I snap back. Who does he think he is to parade all over me?

“Jayden calm down!“, Ace orders.

“Look, Kelly, this might seem weird to you but the reason we want you to go to the hospital is for a reason. We have our reasons,” Alec explains.

I open my mouth to speak but Alex beats me to it, “This is getting annoying!” He sighs.

Yeah, right, annoying is the word I’m looking for. I have been putting up with this for a while.

“You guys should not be beating around the bush that way. It’s her body, she has the right to know. Kelly, the reason everyone wants you to go to the hospital is that we were informed that you might have Bone Marrow Cancer,” He rambles.

“What?“, I say and get up from my seat. They all follow and do the same.

“Way to go Alex... You just had to open your mouth,” Jayden snaps.

“Look, Kelly, the reason we didn’t tell you about it is because we didn’t want to jump to conclusions and stress you out. So, we wanted to run a few more tests and make sure first,” Livia says, walking to my side.

Have they all gone out of their minds? What makes them think I have Bone Marrow Cancer.

I know for a fact that I don’t have one because I take care of myself. I get a health routine check-up every 2 months from a doctor.

He comes to our house every 2 months and we call to get checked and all. It’s supposed to be monthly but that’s too often according to my mother. The only time I missed is when I’m here.There is no way that I have cancer. This has got to be a joke. I hope, at least.

“When you were admitted to the hospital, the doctor said there is some sort of infection that is affecting your body and ran a few tests, which said you have a Bone Marrow Cancer but we were asked to run the test again in case the last test was wrong,” Alec adds.

“You guys... I don’t have Bone Marrow Cancer,” I say.

To me, this whole conversation is useless. They are all overreacting about this, I don’t have cancer.

“What makes you so sure? What makes you so confident about your health?“, He asks.

“Because... I know I’m fine. I get checkups every two months... Hell, even Lydia and my mom does. We keep track of our health the only time we’ve missed is these past months, so I know I don’t have one,” I answer.

“Which hospital do you get your check-ups at?“, Ace asks.

“I don’t go to the hospital... We have a private doctor,” I say.

“You can’t always be correct, it’s not always done with the right equipment and all,” He defends. That is quite offensive taking the fact that I’ve known Dr. Callaghan since I was a child.

“But ours is,” I reply.

“Will you please just stop being so hard-headed. We care about you and that’s why we’re doing all this so please just agree to go,” Jay says for the first time in a while. This is the first time he’s snapped at me... I’m offended.

What if they’re right? I should get myself checked in a hospital. I haven’t been to the hospital in years... Except for last month of course and that’s for a reason.

I hope everyone forgets about what happened last time. I hope no one will recognize me.I think I have to keep my fears aside and bring my health forward. This is gonna be a bad decision but I guess I will get the tests done.

“Fine!“, I sigh.

All their expressions brighten and they sigh. Livia hugs me and tells me she feels better.

They say they will get me an appointment with the doctor tomorrow so I have a day. I will feel a lot better if all the nurses and doctors that were in the hospital left... But I don’t think that will be possible.

I go back to my room and plop on the bed with a sigh. After resting for a while, I take my phone and text Julian and Olivia.

Three Idiots

LazyBones: Guys... It’s happening

BadBaby: What is happening? Do you finally agree to wear makeup?

Nerd: How classic Oli���

LazyBones: No!� Worst.

Nerd: You agree to wear tights

LazyBones: How is that something surprising?

BadBaby: It’s surprising cause the last time you ever wore tights was probably when you were 3

Nerd: I know right

LazyBones: I wore tights this year... I was forced to think so it doesn’t count

BadBaby: No way! And you didn’t tell me or send me a picture of it... I’m offended

Nerd: That is something but I’m curious to know

LazyBones: I’m going to the hospital

Nerd: Hahhaahh very funny but seriously what is it!?

BadBaby: That is funny

LazyBones: No really. They want me to go to the hospital and get some checkup done and I just... Couldn’t refuse.

BadBaby: I have to come and watch it. It will be the most hilarious thing ever.

Nerd: I know right... Me too! I have to come.

LazyBones: Nope! None of you are coming.

Before I get the chance to read their reply, there is a knock on my door that is open and Jayden walks in.

“How’s life?“, I ask.

He gives me a weird look, then sits beside me with a chuckle, “It’s... laborious,” He shrugs.

I force out a chuckle and look down.

What is he doing here?

He should’ve thought of a conversation before coming. Why did he even come in the first place if he had nothing to talk about? Awkward.Should I speak up or just shut my mouth up, because I know... Whenever I try to speak, it ends up into something stupid.

My phone dings and turns on showing a message which Julian sent to the group



Nerd: Your fear for the hospital is funny but understandable at the same time����

I turn the phone off and look at Jayden who is looking down at the phone with a frown.

“Fast question,” He says and I nodded “Why exactly are you scared of the hospital?”

Great! Now I’m gonna have to tell the embarrassing story to someone again.

It will be messed up and he could use it against me to tease me.

“I will tell you, but only if you tell me why everyone is panicking by the mention of Bone Marrow Cancer,” I say.

“Kelly... Bone Marrow Cancer is not a joke... It’s not something you should play about” He warns.

“I know but everyone was acting so... I don’t know, weird,” I answer and he goes quiet, “So agreed? You tell me and I tell you?“, I ask. He hesitates for a second but nods anyway.

“So why are you scared of the hospital? Any... A cheesy event that happened?“, He giggled.

I take a deep breath and mutter “Here goes nothing” then start telling him the story from the beginning.I don’t even know why I’m telling him in the first place, I mean the only people that know about the story are Julian, Olivia, and now Jayden.

I know... everything about me is known by only the two of them and sometimes mom and Lydia.

It’s just that my entire life got ruined by Megan since elementary and also because of my dad. He is the main reason for my bully at some point.

By the time I’m done with my story, he is dying of laughter... I don’t know why but I just don’t find the story funny... I rather find it sad. It always makes me want to crawl into a hole and stay there forever.

“That is so stupid... How does that stop you from going to the hospital?” He asks.

“I don’t know ok. It just stopped me from facing everyone,” I answer.

“It’s not like there are always the same people in the hospital,” He shrugs. I shrug in reply and he has the nerve to laugh in my face again.

“So why is everyone scared particularly of Bone Marrow Cancer?“, I ask.

He keeps quiet for a few seconds, staring into blank space then begins speaking, “First of all, Bone Marrow Cancer isn’t something to be playful about. It can kill you at any time and secondly...” He trailed off, “My... My grandmother died of it,” He says and ends it with a nod more like convincing himself.

Great! I just had to ask... Being so stuck up now I made him feel bad. Why did I even have to ask in the first place?

“I’m... I’m so sorry,” I reply quietly.

“It’s ok,” He says and looks down at his hands.

I wonder how it felt for him when his Grandmother died, I mean I never really experienced that kind of sadness. I’ve never really shared a close bond with my granny and grandad since they died when I was young. I was 3 or 4 maybe.

They lived in Kenya and we rarely visited them due to the distance.

“You might not really know this... No one knows this but family members but... Aria too,” He says quietly.

“Aria what?” I ask.

“She died from...” He stops and looks away, “She died from cancer” He completes.

“What?“, I say in shock.

“Aria kept falling sick for some reason and we would give her some medicines. Her health got somehow worse and we decided to call our doctor Mr. Brian. He came and checked her then prescribed some pills for her to take. We were always giving it on time but she never got better. He checked again and changed the pills saying that she has malaria,” He stops for a deep breath.

It’s quite clear that he’s trying as hard as he can, not cry while talking cause his lips keep twitching.

“A month passed but she still didn’t get better and my dad found it odd that a Malaria will last that long so he decided to take her to the hospital. Turns out that the doctor was one of those guys who just wanted the promotion instead of dad, so he messed with the family,” He stops again.

This time to wipe a tear off

“Then we took her to another doctor and that’s when we found out that my baby sister had a c-cancer. B-By the time we wanted to get her surgery it was-” He chokes and tears started pouring from his eyes and he wraps his hands around his head.

Oh no! I can’t handle tears, what is happening? The only tears I can handle is Lydia’s but whenever someone else cries in front of me I don’t know what to do. I wrap my arms around his torso and pull him in for a hug. He rests his forehead on my shoulder and continues sobbing while I rub his back.

“It was too late Kelly! It was too late. I lost my Aria,” He murmurs through his sobs.

“It’s ok shhh... It’s gonna be ok,” I say, patting his back.

So, this is how she died. The cause of her death was kept a secret from everyone. The family members wanted to keep it among themselves.It must have been hard for them and seeing him like this is just hurtful and making me feel bad cause I could never imagine me in his place.

I would die because Lydia is like... My lifeline. She had always been the reason I had been keeping up and still alive right now cause if not I won’t be here and neither would mom. I had to stay strong and take care of her when mom had broken down.

We both sit quietly there and he stops crying after some time but refuses to get his head up. We just stay like that God knows how long. But I don’t want to leave him when he is like this. I stroke my thumb against his wrist and soothe his nerves.

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