Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 16: Snitch

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character"

-Albert Einstein

“I’d say that I understand your pain... But that would be a lie,” I said with a sigh.

“I guess so,” He laughs a bit then lifts his head off my shoulder and wipes his tears.

We both sit quietly for some time, until he decides to speak up. “I’m sorry you had to see me like this,” He says and gets up, walking to the mirror.

“It’s ok... Really,” I smile and lay my head on the pillow looking up.I don’t know why but it makes me feel good that Jayden opened up to me. 5 months ago if someone told that Jayden and I would open up to each other and be good friends. I’d laugh and walk away with a scoff.

I take my phone and look at the message that Julian sent then slide the notification out.

“Kelly, what is this?“, I hear Jayden ask, so I place the phone on the bed and walk over to where he’s standing. I freeze when I see him holding my fake skin pack.

I bought it a few months back when I wanted to cover the wounds more. The scar on my neck is still there, so I cover it with foundation but the one on my hand just keeps looking redder and redder. Foundation doesn’t do the job so I brought the pack and it’s been working well.

“It’s... It’s... Nothing. It’s just a box that Olivia left in my bag last time we were at school and she left her bag somewhere” I lie poorly.

“Really?“, He raises a brow, clearly showing that he doesn’t believe me, “And this?“, He asks, showing me the tattoo cover.

It’s something new I found online. I watched videos and saw how it works then ordered it online. Instead of giving the address to the mansion, I gave the address to my house then went there and received the order from the mailbox. The two of them together helps me completely cover the scars. Smart, right? I know.

Why am I even answering his questions? It’s my life and my room so I don’t think I have to answer his questions. Who gave him the right to go through my stuff anyways.

“Why are you even asking me all this? It’s my life, you have no right-” Before I could finish, he cuts me off by walking towards the bathroom. I scrunch my face at the way he is behaving and walk after him, “Hey! You can’t walk away from me like that. You could have just let me finish but walking away like that was disrespectful you know and at least you,” I ramble on and followed him till he turned to me.

Without speaking a word, he grabs my hand and begins wiping it with a wet white towel. I just watch him do it with a frown till I see the foundation starting to come off.I try snatching my hand but his grip is hard. I wince when he starts wiping the part where the wound is. The fake skin comes off.

Even I can’t look at it myself. It looks white, just like wounds look when plaster is removed from it after a long time. It’s the mixture of red and peach with bumps around.

“Kelly!“, He sighs and brushes his thumb on it. It hurts at every touch but I keep a straight face to make it look like it doesn’t hurt, “What were you thinking?“, He asks.

“What?“, I ask, trying to play dumb which is not working.

“I knew I saw a wound on your hand. Why didn’t you show this to anyone?“, He asks in a concerned tone.

“I don’t know,” I say and look down with a sigh.

“We have to show this to Uncle A,” He pulls me but I stop him. Hell no, I ain’t going anywhere.

He keeps trying to get me to move while I refuse then. Just when I think he is going to give up, he sweeps me off my feet and throws me over his shoulder.

I start screaming and hitting his back for him to set me down but he walks as fast as he can. The most difficult part is when he’s going down the stairs.How is he even able to carry me like that, without any difficulty, because I think I’m heavy enough.

“Hey Hey, what are you doing? Let her down,” I hear Livia say from somewhere out of my vision. The only thing in my vision is his shirt.

“I’m doing this for a reason, mom. Where’s uncle Alec?“, He asks.

God! If I’m taken to Alec, he’ll ask how it happened and what will I say?

“He’s not here. He’s at his house. Why?“, She asks.

I lift mt head to see Jay coming down the stairs, laughing and recording with his phone. Can this day get any worse?

“Jayden, what do you think you are doing?“, He says in between laughs.

“This is not something funny, so stop”, Jayden replies and starts walking again. He carries me out the door and walks down the sidewalk to Alec’s house.

“OK seriously Jayden, keep me down everyone is watching,” I say and hit him on the back once again.

I see Jay and Livia following from behind.

“I asked you and tried pulling but you didn’t budge so it’s all on you” He replies with a shrug.

People around laugh and some take photos or videos. That is disrespectful.He reaches the gate of the house then nodded at the guard who opened the gate door for us. I slightly hit my head on the top but stay quiet.

He walks till he reaches the main door and rings the bell. Sometime later, the door opens and I hear Alex’s voice asking why he’s carrying me like that.

Jayden doesn’t wait to answer. Instead, he just walks past Alex into the house.

“Yeah... Thanks for the clarification,” I can ever hear the eyeroll in that sentence.

“Uncle A! You’ve got to see this,” He says and drops me on the couch. In front of me are Ace and Alec.

“What’s wrong?“, Alec asks.

I wanna get up and run away but whenever I’m around someone older, I get quiet and can’t move. Jayden grabs my hand and rolls my sleeves, letting Alec see the wound. It used to be just the marks of nails in my skin but it’s gotten wider and the two wounds stretched and combined int0o one. Looking at it is hard enough.

“She has had this for pretty much a long time but has been covering it with makeup and stuff,” He says.


“O my God, Kelly!“, He exclaims and surveys the wound “Bianca, can you bring the first aid kit please,” He says to his wife.

She nods and walks away as Alec continues having his hand lingering on my hand.

“How did this happen, Kelly?“, Ace asks, eyeing me tiredly.

He looked me right in the eye, immediately making me feel intimidated. He has bags under his eyes, probably due to all the work he does all day. His grip on my arm is so firm that I’m scared to move it or it might break.

Oh, you know... Megan found out that I’m living in your house so she tortured me as usual. I always clean and treat my wounds but not this one. I somehow forgot to clean it up so I started using some products but your son found out about it and snitched on me.

Is what I would say if I could.

“I... I mistakenly...” I stutter on the outside.

Think Kelly!

“It was the door hinge I was leaning on. I was just being careless,” I mutter out a lie.

“How’s that even possible,” Jayden raises a brow.

“That’s not what is important right now, tell me what product you have been using because it seems like you are allergic to whatever it is and how long have you had this for?” He asks and Bianca arrives with the First aid.

“Almost 3 months,” I answer.

“We have to go to get it treated better in the hospital, but for now I’ll use some iodine,” He gives me a small smile and I reply with a nod.

He opens the first aid and brings out some cotton wool, Iodine, and bandage.

“This is gonna hurt like a”- Alex starts but gets hit on the head by Jayden. He seems to enjoy doing that to Alex a lot.

I shut my eyes and look away when he put the iodine on the cotton wool and is about to rub it on my hand.

He rubs the cotton onto my hand but nothing happens which makes me sigh in relief, but that doesn’t last for long because it starts stinging like hell, making me jump but I shut my mouth to stop myself from screaming.

“Hold still,” He says and continues on. After all that is done, he wraps the bandage around my hand and lets me go.

I spend the rest of the day on YouTube. I keep feeling bad about the whole Jayden snitching on me though I shouldn’t blame him for caring.

I didn’t want to face anyone so I spend the rest of the day in my room. Sometimes Lydia would come in with candies.

When she leaves for her room, I play Just Dance. The space to play is quite small so I push the tv closer to the balcony door in my room then keep it facing outside so I can play.

Around 5 pm, Julian comes in to hang out with me. We spend a great deal of time talking about random thoughts we have at times, more like stupid things if we would take time to think back later. Then we go on airtime with Olivia.

We then start watching a movie with her using airtime. We watch Project Power which is an amazing movie. We decide to watch IT the next time we spend time together.

As usual, I go to sleep early after dinner with everyone.

We’re going to the hospital tomorrow but what could possibly go wrong?



Everything is going wrong

I knew coming to the hospital was a very bad idea.

Since I arrived here, I’ve been feeling sick. My stomach is cramping and the worst part is I could puke all over Jay anytime now.As we are waiting seated in one of the benches, one of the nurses that saw me with wet pants keeps staring at me like she knows me but of course I try to be ignorant. Why do I remember her face? Because she chuckled when she saw me and I’ve had that chuckle replaying in my head for years.

I’m about to get a blood test done. I’ve always been scared of needles. Jayden offered for me to9 bite him but why the hell would I put my mouth on his crusty hands and have my saliva mix with whatever dirt he’s having in his hand. After the blood test is done with great difficulty, uncle Alec prescribes some pills and an ointment.

He also informs me not to use the foundation again.

The test for my ‘Bone Marrow Cancer’ is going to be out in a few days, so I have to wait. Now we’re back home and since it’s a Sunday we just have to get something to do.I enter the house and sit in the living room beside Lydia who is in a conversation with the twins.

“You like him!“, Anika whines.

“No, I don’t!“, Lydia screams.

“You do, admit it!“, Anika and Briana say together.

“Hey! Girls, what’s going on?“, I ask with a frown.

“Nothing!“, Lydia answers.

“No! There is this boy in our class. Whenever he talks to her she starts blushing and smiling but she doesn’t want to admit that she likes him,” Anika says making her eyes big.

I look at Lydia with a smirk and a raise brow. They’re 4 years old! “Do you like him?“, I ask and she shakes her head. “Do you like him?“, I ask again, this time wiggling my fingers but she shakes her head again, “Do you like him?“, I tickle her.

She starts laughing and tries to get out of my hold but I kept tickling her and catching here whenever she escapes “Yes!” She screams amidst giggles.

“Awe! My Ly’s first crush,” I peck her cheek and she giggles.

“Lydia has a crush?!“, Jay butts in and I nod, “What’s his name?”

“Archer,” Briana answers.

“Archer what?“, Jay adds.

“Archer... Leaky,” Anika smiles, giggling in the process.

“Oh... He’s Megan’s brother. We can arrange a play date for you guys,” He smiles encouragingly.

“That’s... Amazing. I’ll be right back,” I say and escape from the scene. I can’t bear hearing her name in a conversation.

This can’t be happening. I always wanted what’s best for Lydia, her future to be amazing and for her to be very far away from Megan, If Megan finds out that Lydia likes her brother, I wonder what she would do.I am not worried about the boy but his last name. And what Megan would make out of all this.

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