Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 17: Lie!

"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?"

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

My tests came out... I don’t have cancer, which is something I already knew and never worried about. The report says that the dizziness and the fainting was due to stress and the rest of the symptoms were from my infected wound.

Everything aside, I have been ignoring Jayden the entire week and he has been doing the same with me. We both are ignoring each other but our reasons are different.I’m still angry at him because he snitched on me. Nope, I’m not over it.

His reason is weird though. He’s ignoring me because of the fact that he cried in front of me.He’s still not able to maintain eye contact because of that, let alone talk to me. But he performed the whole telling Alec scenario amidst this.

“Kelly, come have some breakfast,” Livia knocks on my door, dragging me out of my thoughts.

After releasing a deep sigh, I put away my phone and head out of the room and go downstairs, where I say goodbye to Lydia and the twins. They go to school on the school bus which arrives a little earlier.

Then I walk to the dining room, “Good Morning,” I mutter to Alex then take a seat beside him.

When he doesn’t reply, I flick him on the neck which turns his attention to me with his hand on his neck. “What’s your problem?“, He snaps.

“Good morning to you too,” I greet.

“Whatever,” He mutters and rests back his head on the table. Before he could even settle, Jay flicks him on the same spot.

“Kelly I’m serious! I wanna sleep,” He snaps at me. I just look at him in confusion and a raise a brow while Jay and Jayden take their seats opposite of us.

“Seems like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” Jayden mutters.

The chef comes in a few minutes later to serve our breakfasts. Everyone digs in real fast except me, who doesn’t like eating breakfast much and after that, we head to school.

Most mornings are usually the same. The activities are always the same. The only difference is that we now use my car to go to school. The boys switch between themselves when driving but it’s funny how I’m not allowed to drive my own car. Boys and their ego is a little bit too much for their heads if you ask me.

Jay parks the car in their daily parking space. It’s cool how they have their spot, which no one else uses. Wish I could have that. He shuts down the car and gives me the keys, then we all stepped out of the car.

People are now used to me coming with them, except Megan of course. No one cares about me coming with them anymore. Sure, I get glares which I’m used to but not all the time.

As we reach the door, I walk ahead of them, knowing that they will be walking in slow motion because of all the people that will be surrounding the, which is something they do that I hate.

I open the door and walk straight, ready to bump into someone or get hit but to my surprise, it’s not crowded.The crowd is at another end of the room, not the door. No one even notices the twins or Alex for that matter.

“Okay, I’m starting to think that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” Alex mutters.

I just shrug at them, then walked over to where Julian and Olivia are standing.

“Hey,” Olivia greets and we exchange hugs.

“Hey,” I say to Julian.

“Hey,” He places his hand on my cheek and looks me in the eye with a smile while I just stare back at him with a frown and a raised brow.

“This is just weird Julie,” I say and push his hand away.

Julian breaks into an awkward laugh. I have known him for pretty much a long time so I can tell that his laugh is fake.

“You fell for that, didn’t you?“, He continues to laugh then he walks away and I turn to Olivia.

“Don’t look at me. He’s been acting weird since last night when he went out to buy you some ice cream and get your medicine. I guess he mistakenly took some of the pills which twisted his brain,” She shrugs.

“That’s not important, just tell me what is with the gathering around the notice board?“, I ask as the boys approach.

“There was an art test last time in your art class... So, the top 5 arts have found themselves a place on the school board,” She says ‘Kel_Art’ is number one,” She adds, looking me in the eye.

Even though I knew it would happen, my eyes widen but I try to mask it because they are beside me“Kel Art? Kel_Art is in our school? I know the art account on Instagram and I love her pieces! She drew Jay and me!“, Jay says with a grin.

“Let’s go see the drawings,” Alex says and we follow.

The only reason I get to pass to the front is because I’m in between Alex and Jay. We reach the front and in front of us are displayed five drawings. Every one of them is good honestly and they have positions.

The 5th position has 79 marks by (Lily J)

4th has 86 (Andy Parker)

3rd has 90 (Kemmy Lis)

2nd has 93 (Jack McBroom)

1st has 96 (Kel._Art)

“Woah. This is just amazing,” Jayden says, touching my art. A small smile creeps it’s way to my face. From the side, I can see Olivia looking at me and she shoulder bumps me. I give her a look that says ‘stop’ But she just giggles.

“This is just amazing... She has talent honestly,” Alex says and the others nod.

“But who is Kel_Art?” Jay mutters then turned to the crowd behind him and walks to the stairs of the school, getting everyone’s attention, “Guys... We all have seen the drawings, now I just wanna know who Kel_Art is. Please do come forward,” He announces.

What part of Kel do they not understand? It says Kel and Art. I’m Kelly and I’m good at Art so what is hard to understand here? My heart raced and my hands shook but I took a step forward to speak but to my dismay, someone beat me to it.

“I’m Kel. Art,” A girl from the crowd says, with her hand raised.

I just look at her like ‘Say what now!’ then turn to Olivia who also has the same look on her face.The girl is lying through her teeth.

“No! She’s lying... I’m Kel. Art,” The girl beside her pulls her hand down and raises hers.

“This just got weirder,” Olivia says in my ear and I reply with a nod.

“No, I’m Kel.Art,” Another girl screams. Soon, everyone starts fighting about being Kel.Art. I can’t believe people can lie through their teeth like that. They all know that they are lying but won’t shut up.

The hall turns into chaos, all the girls fighting about being Kel_Art but everyone shuts up when Megan hits the rail.

“Everyone shut up. You all are lying through your teeth,” She says, walking towards the boys, “I am Kel_Art,” She says with a sigh, then gives a fake sad face, “I have been drawing since I was young and had always been top at it.”

Dirty little liar.

“I never really showed off my drawings. I spend a lot of time drawing, then keep them,” She adds.

Ew. Just ew. A laugh escaped my lips due to the surprise.

“I finally got tired and decided to make an account with a fake identity and showed my drawings there. I kept getting famous and I loved the fact that people love my drawings, which encourage me to draw more,” She smiles

“I always thought that being an artist is just stupid so I hid it from everyone but... Now you know my secret,” She said then sit on the stair with a deep sigh. Where did that chair even appear from.

“You’re lying mouth to mouth, you could be a politician,” Julian calls her out, making everyone gasp, including me.

Megan sends him a death glare and opens her mouth to talk, but the bell rings, indicating that start of classes. Everyone starts heading to class and we do the same.

I hate Thursdays. It’s always just so stressful.

I have Chemistry with Jayden and Alex first, then English with Julian, then Algebra 2 with Julian again. After the lunch break, History with Jay and Geography with Megan, Jay, Jayden and Alex.

I take a deep sigh, then follow Jayden and Alex who are already heading for chemistry.

The teacher is a bore, one of the main reasons I hate chemistry. But one of the reasons I sort of like it is because Alex and Jayden sit beside me and trust me, Alex is really funny.

Before we enter the class, I look at Jayden and Alex, “Did you believe her-?“, I ask.

“Not at all,” Jayden shrugs.

“Not a word,” Alex scoffs then opens the door to the class and we enter.

All of us take our seats and the teacher comes in sometime later and the classes begin.The class passes by slow. It’s funny how time goes slow whenever someone wants it to go fast.

The two hours I have with Julian are weird.

Usually Julian focuses in class. He does not look anywhere but the teacher, except for today.His eyes are glued on me. And he has moved closer to me than normal.

I push him away before it becomes more awkward. After the school hours are over, I get out of my last class and head to where I’m supposed to meet Julian and Olivia.

“Hey,” Julian waves and I wave back.

Somehow, it’s awkward for me but not for him. He keeps acting like nothing happened. I don’t know how he does it, but it’s annoying.Does he even realize that he almost kissed me? It’s weird but I also don’t wanna bring it up, knowing that it will make things awkward for us.

Right now, I’m supposed to go with Olivia and Julian to their house, cause according to Julian we don’t hang out enough since I started living with the twins. Believe me, I was surprised too. The worst part is that when I told him about Lydia having a crush, he didn’t care.

He seriously didn’t care. He like “Yah OK, that’s cute, now let’s get back to our conversation”

I was offended by that. I just took a bathroom excuse and went away. If it was the real Julian, he would have screamed and said he wanted to meet Lydian. We all took our stuff and are about to head out but we get stopped by Jay.

“Hey, Kelly, today Lydia’s friends are coming for their Double date so...” He said then turns to Julian and Olivia, “Hi,” He shakes their hands.

I’m surprised Olivia took his hand.

“Really! I’m so sorry guys, can we change the day for our hang out cause I can’t miss this,” I say to them.

Olivia nodded while Julian just glared at Jay... Weird if you ask me, because he loves them. I wave them goodbye then walk away with Jay, “That was weird,” He whispers in my ear.

“Trust me, I had to deal with him the whole day” I whisper back.

We reach the car, then I get in and said hi to Alex and Jayden.

I’m finally gonna meet the mysterious Archer, aka Megan’s brother. I hope he is OK for Lydia. I could say I hope he doesn’t like her back, but that will be like hurting her but then again, she’s only 4, she has her whole life ahead of her.

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