Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 18: Archer

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

-Mark Twain

A part of me is excited, but the other part of me is nervous. We have reached home right now. Jayden has gone to get Megan and her brother. I tried convincing them not to bring Megan along but they say they can’t cause their dad will not allow him to come alone.

“Hey! Calm down, it seems like you’re the one having a play date and not your sister,” Alex chuckled.

I fake chuckle and smile then turned away from him.We both sit in the living room in silence for a few minutes, then the bell rings.

My heart skips a beat as I watch the cleaner goes to open the door. The door swings open and Jayden walks in, alone.

Jay comes skipping downstairs then stopped in mid tracks with a frown when he realizes that Jayden is alone “They didn’t come with you?“, He asked.

“They did. Megan is in the car with Archer. She’s on the phone,” Jay answers then walks towards us and sits beside Alex.

“I’m gonna go get the kids,” I say and hurry up the stairs.With a deep sigh, I opened the room door and see them laughing.

The funniest part is they are pretending to put on makeup on Lydia. I guess she does like the boy but the good thing is that it’s just a silly little crush. It’ll go away as she grows... I hope at least.

“Kids... ” I said and they all turn and looked at me with wide eyes, “Archer is here,” I added.

Anika and Briana’s faces turned upwards while Lydia’s face went pale and nervous. I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that she’s behaving like a teenager in love. These kids need to chill.

“Let’s go, Lydia!“, Anika tries to pull her. I know for a fact that if I was in Lydia’s place, Olivia will be doing the same for me.

They pull her with them downstairs and I just follow, with a smile. It is quite cute if you ask me. They all bounce down the stairs and met Jay at the end. I reach down but freeze and grimace when I hear Megan’s squeaky laugh.

Lydia ran down the stairs and stopped in front of Megan, “Hi Megan!“, She smiled.

“Yeah hi, whatever,” Meagan rolls her eyes and walked toward the twins.

Let me explain, Megan will always be nice and amazing to Lydia because my mom was around. She would play with her and do a lot of things for her but right now because mom is not around, she’s showing her true colors to Lydia.

N. 1 reason I don’t want her near Lydia.

Lydia turned to me and pouted but I just smile back at her and patted he cheek, which made her smile.What I didn’t notice is that beside Megan, is a really small and cute little boy who I’m guessing is Archer.

He is holding Megan by the leg and hide his face behind her. She then takes his hand and walks towards Jayden and Jay.

I feel my sweatpants being pulled, so I looked down and saw Anika, she gestures me to bend so I do as told“Archer is very shy and so is Lydia... We have to do something to make them talk,” She whispers.

I give her a salute then got up and walk to the others with her.

Megan’s eye meet mine and I swear I saw fire blaze in her eyes. I immediately look away from her and look at Alex, who gives me a weird look.I look down at Archer who looks back at me, then I wave at him. He just smiles and hides his face again which is adorable in my opinion.

I’m starting to realize why Lydia has a crush on him. He’s so adorable and cute. I’m not surprised“Archer, do you wanna come and play with us?“, Anika asks.

He nods, then starts walking over to them. Anika takes his and Lydia’s hands“You guys can go and play in the room,” Jayden suggests. The kids leave the hall to go and play then Megan sits with the boys.

I don’t think I have a problem with Archer, I mean he’s cute, shy, adorable and all. He seems nice at the same time too but my biggest problem is Megan being his sister.If she wasn’t his sister, he and Lydia would be my biggest ship. They will look so adorable together“I’m gonna head to my room, you guys can talk,” I say and got up to leave.

“Wait... Why don’t you just sit and walk with us?” Jayden asks.

“I’m... Tired, I’m gonna go and rest... I guess,” I answer in an unknown tone then walk away, not waiting for a response.

The moment I reach my room, I close the door and lay on the bed. I hear my phone buzz so I take it out of the drawer and see the notification.

You missed 13 calls from Julian

Since when did Julian start calling me from messenger? He never calls me from the messenger.It’s mostly either Facetime, Airtime, or normal call.

The call pops in again and it gives me an option either to answer or decline.Should I answer? Julian has not been Julian bit he has been another person. He’s been acting weird and he never gave me my Ice Cream.

I hesitate for a bit, then answer the call.

“Hey, Julian...” I say.

“Hey Kels, how you doing? And how’s Lydia’s playdate going?“, He asks.

“It’s all good. Why?“, I ask.

“Just asking,” He replies with not a care.

We both stay quiet for a while.

“I have to go Julian... We’ll talk later,” I say and cut the call before he can reply.I take a deep breath and rest my head on the bed again.

He’s driving me crazy. What is wrong with everyone? It’s been really weird for a few days. I know that there is something wrong around here... not just with Julian but with Megan too.

He talked back to her this morning and she didn’t react in any way. Usually, Megan would find some way to get Julian in trouble but nothing like that happened this time.

I pick up my phone again and start playing homescapes and Sometime later, I decide to fix my broken stuff, so I set my hot glue to heat.

My head shoots up and my phone drops on the ground when my door slams open and Megan comes lunging at me. She pins me on the bed, then holds my neck tight, “I gave you one job, and you couldn’t even complete it,” She snaps in a low voice.

I keep moving my legs and use my hand to try and get her hands off me. I try to scream but nothing comes out and before I knew it. I palms made contact with her cheek. I didn’t realize that I slapped the shit out of her until my breath becomes labored and she finally pushes my head and stumbles back.

I start coughing, but she doesn’t let me complete it when she pulls me by the hair and slams my head on the head board. “What is this?“, She asks me and slaps me hard on both cheeks.

I look at what she’s showing me and see photos of Jayden and me, kissing. Where did she get all these from? How did these get in her dirty hands?

“How could you?“, She slaps me again.

My cheeks are burning from the pain.

“I- I- I don’t know,” I stutter.

“I-I I don’t know,” She mimics me, “How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from the twins? You just won’t listen, you just love getting yourself in trouble don’t you?“, She asks looking around. Probably for something to kill me with.

Her eyes dropped on the hot glue set, which is already starting to pour.

“Funny how you’re making my job easier,” she laughs before picking up my hot glue. She stops to pick my phone which is on the floor, “Well, would ya look at that, she did not only break one rule,” She says angrily and slaps my cheek with the phone.

I hold my head as tears start forming in my eye.

Not this time.

I’m not gonna cry.

She takes the phone and turns it on but it needs a password so I just put my fingerprint to give her access. She starts going through it. I hope she doesn’t find anything.

“I knew the account was yours. Come on, you think I’m that stupid Kel. Art?“, She snaps, “I guess you won’t be updating in the account anymore. I can’t believe I was following you,” She says scrolling through it.

She gets off of me and pulls me by my hair with her. Then she finds both my art books and throws them in the balcony. One of the books slides off and falls off the balcony down into the garden which she doesn’t notice. She then gets water in a bowl and my phone and closes the door of the room.

“Now, you are gonna watch how I destroy everything of yours before I destroy you,” She grins. God, this witch is psycho. I couldn’t help the tears streaming out of my eyes and neither could I watch my years of handwork being destroyed.

The first thing she does is throw my phone into the water. Before I can even see it coming, she takes a lighter out of her pocket, approaching my art book.

“No Megan, you can do anything but this,” I say, trying to take everything out of her hand.

“Get your hands off me,” She says swatting mt hand.

“Please Megan, please,” I plead.

“Kelly, get your hands off me if you don’t want me hurting your sister,” She snaps. My hand immediately leaves her and I quietly watch with tears as she burns my art books.My mom gifted them to me; I love all of them. But I’d rather die than see Lydia get hurt.

She gets up and brings the hot glue with her, then sits beside me and pulls my leg. My eyes shot close when the entire thing sticks to my leg.

Tears started pouring out of my eyes but she doesn’t stop. She presses it harder and makes more glue to come out. I know I could react and pull my leg but that is totally worthless. I don’t know why I’m like this, I completely shut down.

“You know, I heard your ugly little duckling likes my brother,” She says with a smile, “Isn’t that just so adorable? Too bad It’s never gonna happen.”

“Kelly!“, I hear Alex’s voice call my name as he comes rushing into the balcony.

Megan’s eyes widen as she freezes and the glue gun falls off her hands, “A- Alex, it’s not what you think it is,” she stutters.

Alex doesn’t wait as he pulls her with him, “Alex!“, I scream, “Please let her go”

“Kelly, what-” He starts but I cut him off.

“Please,” I add. His expression softens and lets her go while she bolts out of the room.

He comes rushing to me and helps me to sit on the bed. He opens his mouth to speak but the tears that I had been holding back break free and I start crying harder than before. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer.

″Rapunzel, how could you let her do all that to you?“, He asks.

My voice doesn’t even come out for me to answer the question as I remember about my phone and Arts. I run where only the covers of my Art book are left and the phone is thankfully waterproof.

I take the covers of my Artbook and check the place where one of my artbooks fell but see Megan grabbing it and walking away. I start crying harder on the ground before Alex comes and picks me up then rests me on the bed. He rolls up my sweatpants to see many other scars with the one she just gave me.

“Kelly, these-” He starts but I pull my leg out of his grip.

“Get out Alex,” I say, looking away from him. He tries to hug me again but I put my hand up, “Stop it, Alex, you don’t have to show me any fake sympathy. Just get out.”

“Fake? Kel,” He starts.

“I’m so serious right now Alex! Get the hell out of my room,” I snap at him, then get off of the bed with all my energy and push him out, slamming the door shut on his face but open it again, “Please don- don’t tell anyone about what you saw.”

“Kel-” He starts again but I shut the door on his face.

I hate pity. That’s one of the reasons I never tell anyone about my problems. I hate that he found out, I hope he doesn’t tell anyone. If he does, I’ll hate him for life and I don’t want someone else fighting my battles for me. They’re my battles.

What am I saying? I’m already dead. I have faced nothing but cruelty in this world. I don’t wanna live anymore. I wanna die already, I wish she had killed me that would have made all my problems easier, and as far as Lydia is concerned, she has them to take care of her. Mom, Jay, Jayden, Alex, Livia, Ace, Alex, the twins, and many other people in this world that love her.

I don’t think I need to worry about her that much.

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