Hey Baby Girl

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Chapter 19: Lock down

“Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, You’re Right.”

–Henry Ford

After crying for hours and trying to calm down, I finally get a grip of myself and take a shower again. I change into my green Adidas sweatpants and hoodie.

Since I’m not in the mode to either eat or face Alex, I decide to text Olivia and Julian. I take my phone from the nightstand and shake it to get rid of the water on the screen. The phone is waterproof but I can’t take the risk so I have to dip it in rice later.

Lazy Bones: �������

Bad Baby: What’s wrong?

Nerd: U OK?

Lazy Bones: She did it again

Lazy Bones: Megan did it again

Bad Baby: What?!

Nerd: Megan did what?

Bad Baby: Be Right There

Lazy Bones: You don’t have to come here if you don’t want to

I hit send but I see that they are both offline. With a deep sigh, I throw my phone away and rool on the bed. After staying still for a while, I take the telephone from beside my bed and dial the kitchen.

Every room in the house has an intercom to call the kitchen. It had numbers of each room so from one room you can call the other, but that is not allowed. According to Ace and Livia, communicating face to face is way better than with the intercom so it’s better to walk. Calling the kitchen is also not allowed at times. It can only be used in case of emergency.

I know my situation is not an emergency but I can’t go down stairs, it’s too much work “Hello?”

“Hello, Uncle P?“, I ask.

“Kelly! How may I help you? Are you ok?” He asks in a cheerful voice.

Uncle P’s real name is Paul but I call him Uncle P because he’s like an uncle to me. He’s in his early 40s and probably the coolest person I’ve met. He’s the chef of the house and cooks for everyone and is my favorite, followed by Cherry. She’s very cherry.

“Uncle P, I’m feeling very sick, you have anything for me?“, I asked in a low and soft voice.

“Sure, how about lemonade?“, he asks.

“Uncle P! How many times do I have to say I’m allergic to lemon!“, I groaned.

“Right! Sorry sorry” He chuckled“How about... Fruits Salad? It’ll give you some energy”, He says.

I nod, but then remember that we’re on the phone, “Yeah! And can you send Cherry with a bowl of uncooked rice and first aid kit?“, I ask.

“First Aid? Are you OK?“, He asks in a concerned tone.

“Yeah... Thank You!“, I say then cut the call when I hear him say Welcome.

I lay my head on the bed and close my eyes. The moment I hear a knock on the door, I get up and opened it for Cherry to enter. She hands me the fruit salad and places a bowl of rice and first aid on the nighstand.

“Where did you get hurt?” She immediately asks, opening the first aid kit.

“Calm down Cher, you don’t have to. I will do it my-” I say, but she cuts me off by making me sit on the bed.

“Paul told me to make sure I treat your wound myself,” She says, trying to check my hand. She starts rolling the sleeves of my shirt but I stop her.

She can’t see anything.

“It’s on my leg,” I say and place my leg on the bed and roll up the pants.

“O my God Kelly, how did this happen?“, She asks.

“I was trying to fix some things with my hot glue, then I burnt myself,” I lie.

“You have to be more careful. You’re very careless,” She chides me and starts treating it. It hurts the moment she presses the iodine.

Cherry is like an older sister to me. She is in her early 20s and takes care of everyone in the house like her own. She’s been working with them for a year now and apparently, they’re helping her pay for her child’s education. Sometimes I sit with her while she’s working and we have a chat.

After she is done, she puts my phone in the rice and heads out, leaving me to my salad.I start eating but get interrupted by the doorbell. I am not in the mood to socialize right now, so,I continue eating.

I hear footsteps out in the hallway but choose to ignore them.

“Told you she’s here,” I hear Olivia’s voice.

I take one large bite of the salad and wait for them.The door opens, and Olivia comes in, with Julian trailing behind her“Hey,” Olivia says and sits beside me

“Hi,” I mutter back in a low voice.

“Hey,” Julian says in a high-pitched voice. I just nod at him.

He doesn’t call me baby girl anymore.

I know Olivia is looking at me but I don’t meet her gaze and try to chew my food without making a sound. The images of what happened come back flashing into my eyes and cause me to tear up “What’s wrong?” Olivia asks. I shake my head tears welling up in my eyes. “Kelly, what’s wrong? What did Megan do?” She asks again and puts her hands on my shoulder making me face her.

The moment I look into her eyes, I break down. She pulls me into a hug, which was all I needed. I sobbed in her arms.

“Kelly? What happened?“, Julian asks, stroking my back.

“Shh, it’s going to be okay,” Olivia says.Olivia keeps holding me until I finally stop crying.

They let me calm down for a few more minutes and Julian finally pops the question again.

“What happened? Why were you crying?“, Julian asks.

Instead of putting it into words, I just remove the plaster that Cherry put on for me“This has gone beyond the limits, Kels,” Olivia says, “We have to do something, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, you’re right, Megan has gone totally out of control,” Julian adds while texting on his phone.

“What was it this time?” Olivia asks inspecting my leg.

“She... She burnt me with the hot glue gun when it was very hot, then threw my phone in the water and... And she burnt all my... My drawing,” I stutter out a reply, then get off of the bed and show her the empty cover of the artbook tears forming once again.

I always loved looking at my drawings again and again but by doing this, she ruined everything for me. I won’t be able to refer to my old drawings and improve from my mistakes because of her. It was mom’s gift to me. I don’t even know what to do.

If I ever have the chance, I will karate chop her head off. She deserves it.

“Oh god! Your Mom gifted you this,” Olivia says and I nod. We both hug again and she tries to take my mind off things and starts talking about her cousin who visited her. I listen to her but I can’t focus with all these stuff in my head. I think Olivia notices it because she goes silent. I feel terrible.

“It’s good to know that you’re ready to step into this house for me,” I say to Olivia trying to cheer up the moment.

“I will do anything for you... Except share my food of course,” She says playfully.

“Yeah... Me too,” Julian butts in, then turns his gaze back to his phone.

Julian has been out of it today. He has been focused on his phone, talking to someone else. I try to look over his shoulder, but I get pushed away by him whenever I try.

“I still can’t believe I’m here,” Olivia says as I turn to her and notice her looking around at the room.

“Me too!“, I reply.

We then decided to ignore Julian and let him do whatever he wants to do while we teach TV. I hate the way he’s acting, it’s like he doesn’t care about me anymore. It hurts to watch him behave that way, so distant. Did I do something? Is he mad at me?

“Alright... We also have another problem,” I say, remembering Alex, “Alex found out,” I say.

“What?!” Julian says, getting up from his position on the bed and walking to my side, “What do you mean he knows?”

“He came in when Megan was torturing me and found out but I told him to leave me alone,” I answer.

“This is not good,” He mumbles.

“What do you mean it’s bad? It’s a good thing. He could help us,” Olivia says furrowing her eyebrows at him.

“Whatever,” He rolls his eyes, “We have to leave. Aunt is looking for us”

He starts pulling Olivia along with him, not listening to her protest. She tells him to let her go so that she can pick her bag, then she hugs and I accompany them downstairs.

“See you at school tomorrow,” She says and pecks my cheek while I do the same.

As I walk back up, I bump into Alex. This is not my day obviously. I step to the side and try to walk away from him but he stops me by grabbing my hand.

“Kelly, you can’t keep running away from me forever,” He says, then started pulling me all the way to my room.. I didn’t bother protesting because I wasn’t in the mode to fight with him, or anyone else. He shuts the door to my room and makes me sit on the bed.

“Are you crazy?“, I snap at him, then try standing up but he pulls me back down.

“I need you to tell me everything, or you are not leaving,” He states firmly.

I just sigh and give up. We sat quietly for sometime and he didn’t speak as he waited for me to talk. When I release and other sigh, he sits beside me, waiting for me to speak.

“OK... Megan has been bullying me since the 6th grade...” I start.

I tell him everything from the beginning to the very end, not leaving out any details and showing him a few of the bruises she gave me. Told him about when it started and how.

“And you never told anyone?“, He asks in a worried tone.

“I told you, she has control over me,” I sigh and look away from him.

“What type of control does she have over you to go to this extent?“, He asks.

“My mom. My mom has diabetes and the hospital provides her medication but the hospital is also owned by Megan’s dad. If I don’t do as she says, she could easily swap the medication or make her dad stop providing my mom with medication,” I explain.

“What? She can’t do that, neither can her dad. That could affect his license and get him in trouble” He says looking at me like I have just said the stupidest thing ever.

“How can you be so sure?“, I ask.

“Because I’m sure, I’m studying law for a reason” He says and grabs my hand, “Look Kelly, we can go and tell all about this to uncle and he will make sure to sue both Megan and her father. Your Mom can start her medication in my dad’s new hospital,” He says.

“No! I can’t take any risk... Please,” I say, as tears start forming in my eyes.

I seem to cry easily nowadays. Especially today. Everything that happens leaves me in tears. I don’t want him to see me in tears again.

“No, no, no! I’m sorry if I pressurized you but please don’t cry. It makes me feel bad,” He says wiping my tears and hugs me.

Being in his arms feels so warm and soft. It’s weird but comforting. He placed his chin on my head and tried to run his fingers through my hair but it’s too curly for him to do that, so he pulls out of the hug, but leaves an arm wrapped around my shoulder.

“You know Kelly,” He says, making me turn to him.

Our faces are so close. I couldn’t help but notice how hazle his eyes are. They shine and different color due to the warm white led lights in my room. His eyes dart to my lips for a few seconds, then back to my eyes. Now it has become uncomfortable.

“You’re so beautiful inside out. So, don’t let what others say bring you down,” He says and before I could even process or do anything, his hands are holding both my cheeks and he kisses the tip of my nose before he gets up and goes to the door.

I get off of the bed and run into the bathroom and wash my face. Unable to stop thinking about the kiss on my nose. What was he thinking?

“Kelly! Jayden! Alex! Come down for dinner,” Livia calls out from downstairs.

When I walk back into my room, I change into a loose top and put some deodorant before heading to the dinning room where everyone is already seated.

“Alex, you can eat dinner with us before you go home,” Livia says noticing Alex walking towards the door.

Alex walks past me and takes the seat beside Jay. I take my usual seat beside Jayden and start eating.Usually, Jayden talks to me but today he’s not even looking at me, I thought we were past the embarrassment stage.

“Kelly, we heard that you used the kitchen line, instead of walking to the kitchen,” Livia says, looking me right in the eye.

“You know that it’s a rule in the house that no one can use the line unless it’s an emergency,” Ace adds.

I sink lower in my seat, not wanting to face anyone. Why do they have to know everything? They could just let it slide and pretended that they didn’t know.

“It was an emergency,” I mutter.

“What type of emergency?“, Ace asks and I just shrug, “Kelly, this rule applies for everyone, including you which is why you get a punishment.”

“You’re on lockdown for a day,” Livia completes.

It’s funny how they complete each other’s sentences.

“Lockdown? Dun, Dun, Dun,” Alex trolls.

I send him a death glare but don’t say anything.

“After dinner, you’re giving me your phone and computer. No TV for you and no one can talk to you. You can only go to school, come back and stay in your room. You will get your food there” Livia says.

I take a deep breath and pouted, but kept quiet and continue eating. Before going to bed, Livia takes both my phones and removes the cable to my TV. Talk about strict, no wonder their children are well behaved.

This is the first time I’m going on lockdown and it’s also gonna be the worst because I don’t even have my art book. I can’t go out even.

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